There’s more than a little exuberance around the outlook for uranium equities in 2021.

Uranium bulls are convinced tightness in the market and the emergence of Sprott’s new yellowcake buying public trust will see prices for the nuclear fuel finally take off.

The folk at Morgan Stanley are bullish as well, so bullish it ranks alongside aluminium and met coal as its most attractive asset class.

While Morgan Stanley is cold on iron ore, the uranium outlook is hot, hot, hot.

It’s worth noting the commodities are coming from very different places.

Iron ore touched all time highs of US$230/t in May before it reversed to around US$160/t on lower Chinese demand.

Uranium, meanwhile, fell to lows of US$18/lb on the spot market a few years ago but is back above US$30/lb.

Producers and developers are bullish about both recovering demand and the belief nuclear energy will be part of global decarbonisation.