Tests show that Talga Resources’ lithium-ion battery anode product outperforms the “commercial benchmark”, and enables ultra-fast battery charging, the company claims.

Advanced materials tech company Talga (ASX:TLG) said that “in general terms” its anode products enable a lithium-ion battery to fully charge in 3 minutes without losing its capacity.

The anode is the electrode that positive current flows into from the outside.

The new tests, done at an independent European battery testing facility, benchmarked Talga’s product against a “global leading commercial anode product”.

The results showed Talga’s anode product significantly outperformed the competition across a range of charge rates.

Managing director Mark Thompson said ultra-fast charging was a key goal of lithium-ion battery developers and highly valued by customers.

“The target for the next generation of electric vehicles is to charge in the same time it takes to currently fill a tank with fuel,” Mr Thompson said.

“Based on these test results, Talga’s new anode material moves battery products closer to this goal.”

At the moment, faster charging rates in lithium-ion batteries has drawbacks — loss of battery life, internal overheating, and the risk of a short circuit, which leads to potential catastrophic failure.

Talga said commercial enquiries had accelerated since it first unveiled its breakthrough test results in May this year.

The company is continuing testing across multiple facilities in Europe and at a “leading independent battery development institute” in Asia.

Non-disclosure and sample transfer agreements have also been signed with a range of European, Japanese and Korean automotive, electrical goods and lithium-ion battery manufacturers to support continued technical and commercial discussions, Talga said.

The Talga Resources (ASX:TLG) share price over the past year.
The Talga Resources (ASX:TLG) share price over the past year.

The Talga share price currently trades at 44.5c. It has traded between 42.5c and 92c over the past year.

The company had just under $12m in cash and cash equivalents at the end of June.