Suvo has just nabbed a three-year supply contract extension with Norske Skog Boyer until December 2024 for its hydrous kaolin product.

It covers the supply of up to and above 25,500t of product over the term from the company’s Victorian Pittong hydrous kaolin operations – the only producing hydrous kaolin plant in Australia.

Despite a fair bit of pestering from Stockhead, Suvo Strategic Minerals (ASX:SUV) executive chairman Robert Martin is staying very mum on the exact numbers although he did say the extension is in line with increasing global pricing.

“We welcome the contract extension with Norske Skog at Boyer which shows not only Suvo’s ability to supply large quantities of quality product but also our ability to compete in what is effectively a global marketplace,” he said.

Trawalla feedstock potential

The contract extension comes just weeks after the company reported drilling at both Pittong and Trawalla returned refined clay samples with significant concentrations of up to 32.4% halloysite recorded.

This is in line with previous results showing concentrations of up to 38.9% and 45.4% halloysite.

…and they’re used for pretty much everything

It’s an extremely promising development, given that halloysite – an aluminosilicate clay mineral in the kaolin group that occurs as very small, hollow tubes which are 100% inorganic and biocompatible – is used in the existing ceramic, pharmaceutical, cosmetic markets and in the battery and nanotechnology sectors.

Trawalla, which is just 23km from the Pittong plant, has a current Indicated and Inferred resource of 12.7 million tonnes of kaolinized granite.

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