Results from the recent versatile time domain electromagnetic (VTEM) survey undertaken across the Hellcat Project in Western Australia’s Edmond Basin has identified multiple conductor targets coinciding with the Teano and Yarvi gravity anomalies.

The survey detected multiple EM conductor responses that may be associated with semi-massive to massive sulphide mineralisation or other conductive geological sources, with the highest priority targets now requiring drill testing.

Flight lines spaced 100m or 200m apart and at a combined total of 123 survey line kilometres were used over the Teano and Yarvi prospects.

Conductor plate modelling has been completed out on the higher priority EM conductor targets and drillholes have been planned to drill test these targets.

The EIS funded drilling planned to test the gravity target will also test the best EM conductor response.

Excitement for base and precious metals builds

Pantera (ASX:PFE) chief executive officer Matt Hansen said the results of the recent VTEM survey over the Teano and Yarvi gravity targets are encouraging for base and precious metal mineralisation.

“Having multiple geophysical and geochemical anomalies within a prospective structural and stratigraphic setting continues to build our excitement for the Hellcat Project and the significant potential for a successful discovery.

“With a proposed drill program anticipated for June 2022, we look forward to an exciting year ahead for the project.”

Field reconnaissance

Field reconnaissance to follow up preliminary VTEM conductor target areas has identified new zones of quartz veining with fresh galena mineralisation at both the Teano and Yarvi prospect areas.

Access routes to the four planned diamond drillholes have been marked out, in anticipation of the upcoming Heritage Survey.

At Teano, the main ‘Teano Vein’ has been extended a further 850m towards the gravity anomaly, increasing the total mineralised strike length to 3500m.

At Yarvi, the ‘Postcutters Trend’ of highly silicified alteration of the carbonate host with quartz-galena veining was identified for the first time.

PFE says identification of this anomalous zone along with a coincident EM conductor and gravity response has increased the prospectivity of the Yarvi target.

Next on the agenda

Over the coming six months, PFE plans to conduct airborne magnetic and radiometric surveying across E52/3896, E52/3944 and E52/4026, carry out a heritage survey to clear drill sites and access routes , and drill four diamond drillholes under EIS funding approval.




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