The roll-out of electric vehicles have not been without its challenges that even manufacturers cannot hide from.

Below-freezing weather is one of these problems. Last month a study by the American Automobile Association found that freezing temperatures decrease the vehicle’s driving range and fuel economy compared to normal temperatures.

This is because the process of soaking up lithium ions in the battery (which occurs during charging) is slower. As a result, the ions are less efficiently captured and capacity and cycle efficiency of the battery falls.

Tesla has even told owners of their Model S:” In cold weather, some of the stored energy in the battery may not be available on your drive because the battery is too cold.”

Today, Talga Resources (ASX: TLG) announced it had produced lithium-ion batteries which have shown 100% capacity and 100% cycle efficiency at freezing conditions (0°C).

This mining company, whose deposits are in Sweden, does not only extract the materials but manufacture and test batteries. Its flagship product is Talnode-C and these were the successful batteries in this latest test.

The company intends to commercialise Talnode-C in the near term although in the short term will continue testing. While lithium prices are currently falling due to intense competition between manufacturers, it is highly likely that these batteries will attract a premium if competitors do not catch up.

Shares were only up 2.5% in early trading but they have nearly doubled since late January.

Talga Resources (ASX: TLG) share price over the past three months.

If you want to hear from Talga’s managing director Mark Thompson, you’re in luck – he gave Stockhead 90 seconds of his valuable time earlier this week: