Sparc’s graphene-based additives have delivered improvements of up to 40% in the anti-corrosive performance of atmospheric epoxy coatings during extended testing.

Notably, the six months of comprehensive testing to ISO standards employed within the Protective & Marine coatings market — which simulate performance in severe offshore environments — were carried out using epoxy coatings that are commercially available from leading coatings manufacturers.

The latest update adds to previous successful test results, confirming Sparc Technologies’ (ASX:SPN) research capabilities to develop graphene additives.

It also positions the company to pursue commercial agreements in a sector that is estimated to be worth US$44bn by 2025.

Managing director Mike Bartels noted that while much has been made about graphene’s properties, the company is one of the few with the data that is recognised by the global coatings industry to back up its product claims.

“After completing this comprehensive testing program we are uniquely placed to advance discussions with coatings companies,” he added.

“Importantly our additives are ‘drop-in’, meaning that our products can be readily incorporated into existing products without any significant modification to existing formulations; we’ve done the hard work for the Coatings Industry in evaluating and formulating graphene based additives. Our products are ready for market adoption.”

Graphene is a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a horizontal lattice that is considered to be a wonder material with numerous uses due to its heat and electrical conductivity, hardiness and flexibility.

Targeted additives

Sparc noted that its graphene additives are specifically formulated with the aim of delivering an intended performance outcome, and include the screening and selection of specific grades of graphene for targeted end use.

It adds that improving anti-corrosion performance translates directly into an extension in the life of a costing, extending the ‘time to first maintenance’.

This not only lowers the lifetime cost of a coatings system, it also delivers measurable benefits in terms of environmental and sustainability outcomes.

To support commercialisation of its graphene-based additives, the company’s products for the P&M Coatings market will carry the “ecosparc Graphene Enhanced” branding.




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