Blue Star will soon have a better idea of the helium potential at its Enterprise prospect, with the Enterprise 16-1 well having been successfully cased, cemented, and perforated in the upper part of the Lyons gas column.

Encouragingly, the well exhibited pressure build-up and flow on several occasions during swabbing operations which have since been completed while the water level has stabilised above the perforations.

Gas samples have been taken and sent to the laboratory for compositional analysis, with the results expected to be received in the next two weeks.

Blue Star Helium (ASX:BNL) will determine the final completion configuration of the well once further wells are drilled to the southeast where re-mapping shows the structural high to lie.

Follow-up wells are set to target this structural high where significantly larger gas columns are expected.

Success in these wells could add further to the company’s helium resources given that the Hill#2 well and Enterprise 16-1 had already shown a potential 78 foot (23.8m) structural gas column.

This structural high is expected to be tested first by an exploratory water well before being followed up with helium wells capable of production.

Serenity set to take off

Meanwhile, drilling of the maiden well at the Serenity Area of Mutual Interest – Sammons 315310C – is expected to begin within the next seven days.

Sammons 315310C well is one of four approved wells in the AMI (Blue Star 50%) and will target the Lyons Formation updip of a historical well that intersected gas in the formation.

The top Lyons formation at the Sammons 315310C well location is expected to be similar to recent wells drilled at Galactica and Pegasus to the north.

Success could add significantly to the company’s helium resource as it is not included in the current 13.4 billion cubic feet unrisked prospective helium estimate within the Las Animas area.



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