Apollo Minerals’ Kroussou Project in Gabon hosts an outrageously large 80km of strike length prospective for near-surface zinc and lead mineralisation.

Apollo (ASX:AON) has defined about 18 prospects which executive director Neil Inwood often each have a trend of between 4-10km.

“We talk about 80km of strike length but it’s probably closer to 100km – it’s quite a large prospective area,” he said.

“We’ve already defined 18 targets and we have confirmed drilling of up to 21 metres of 4% zinc and lead and rock chip samples of up to 25% zinc and lead, so we are seeing some good early indications.

“The mineralisation is extremely shallow, averaging around 15m so we think we could be looking at potentially open-pittable mineralisation.

“And early metallurgical test work is indicating strong recoveries of 90+%.”

Apollo has already drilled 2 of the 18 prospects and plans to drill all of them over the next 12 months.

Dikaki and Niamabimbou prospects looking promising

“We’ve just doing the phase 1 drilling of 46 diamond holes at the Dikaki prospect and we’re now drilling at the Niamabimbou prospect where there’s been no drilling previously and we hope to provide an update on that in the near future,” Inwood said.

“Going forwards, we’re mapping, we’re drilling and we’re also looking at soils and rock chip samples, and some geophysics too.”

“We’re just starting on that journey now, and from that we’re developing firmer targets which we hope to drill next year.”

Zinc and lead are future focused commodities

Inwood said the company reckons the project stands out because it hosts future focused commodities.

“We think zinc and lead are future focused commodities,” he said.

“Zinc is used to improve steel products – to galvanize steel to stop it from rusting”.

“There’s a burgeoning battery metals story there too with zinc, and with electric vehicles actually having a lead-based battery which is the backup battery for the car.

“We think there’s a strong future in both of those aspects and a strong future for both metals.”

Gabon a mining friendly jurisdiction

Added to the stability of the metals, Gabon is also the fourth wealthiest country in Africa by GDP, with a strong and stable government.

“It’s got a stable government. It’s got a very experienced and educated workforce, and it’s got very good infrastructure so that ticks a lot of boxes,” Inwood said.

“We’ve got strong support from the local community in villages as well, I think because we have a strong focus on environmental and social responsibility and to date, we’re receiving very positive feedback from both the government and community.”




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