Anson Resources has confirmed the expansion potential of new claims in the Western Area of its Paradox lithium project in the US.

An assessment of the new ground has shown the continuation of favourable geological structures and high pressures associated with the project extend into the recently expanded area.

Anson Resources (ASX:ASN) says the Western Area is a ‘mirror image’ of the Eastern side of the project, and plans to kick off resource in the near future, with samples to be included in Paradox’s upcoming resource upgrade.

ASN Paradox lithium brine pressures
Pic: Pressures in the Mississippian Units across the Paradox Lithium Project area.

High-pressure a boost for brine recovery

The assessment also highlighted that the brines may flow to the surface under their own pressure, without the need for mechanised pumping.

Anson has strategically positioned the production pads in optimal locations, where the two major geological structures in the area intersect, Roberts Rupture and the Cane Creek Anticline – an area that has very high porosity, which along with the high pressures may result in artesian flow of the extracted brine.

“This unique advantageous situation will likely to reduce the extraction costs of the lithium-rich brines as fossil fuels will not be needed to power the pumps, providing ESG attributes to the project,” the company said.




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