Resources companies have completely dominated the ASX small caps space over the past 12 months — accounting for almost 70 of the 100 best performers in the 2018 financial year.

Stockhead has compiled a list (see below) of the top 100 small caps based on share price returns for the year to June 30. We used a cut-off of $300 million market cap.

It’s no surprise that battery metals stocks have brought home the most consistent share price returns.

The International Energy Agency expects a “rapid ramp-up in the demand of cobalt and lithium” amid expectations that electric vehicles on the road will number at least 125 million by 2030.

The top 100 ASX small caps list features 29 battery stocks including 13 with exposure to cobalt and another 12 focused on lithium. There are also graphite, nickel, copper and vanadium stocks which all offer exposure to the battery market.

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Gold also features heavily in the list with more than a dozen stocks — though only a couple of players from last year’s mini Pilbara gold boom — De Grey and DGO — make appearances.

The mini booms

Other mini boomlets such as cannabis and blockchain are mostly absent.

Cannabis and blockchain glowed white hot for periods of FY2018 — and likely have long-term futures — but neither produced a consistent performance over the year.

Three pot-stocks are in the list (BOD Australia, Queensland Bauxite and Botanix Pharma) and only one blockchain/crypto play (Fatfish Internet).

Four infant formula stocks made the list — Jatenergy, Clover, Bioxyne and Wattle.

Tech stocks acounted for 11 of the top 100 — though there was no single theme.

Health was the most notable no-show.

Only three health stocks — Invion, Patrys and Probiotec — make the top 100 list (six if you include cannabis stocks). Though Invion and Patrys were among the four best small caps of the year.

10 and 20-baggers

The top 100 features one 20-bagger — emerging cobalt play Wimmar Resources rocketed nearly 2300 per cent.

Investors piled into Winmar in March after the explorer raised $3.1 million to buy cobalt in the Congo and appointed the same corporate advisor as AVZ Minerals. The stock has been suspended ahead of a capital raising and joint venture and acquisition announcement due to be announced today.

Invion, King Copper and Patrys are FY18’s three 10-baggers — and each has held up pretty well since initial news-driven spikes.

On the other hand investors have cashed in big-time on a few of the top stocks including MyFiziq.

The body image app maker hit $1.65 in January and was the best performing small cap for calendar 2017 with an astounding run-up of some 2000 per cent in a matter of months.

It’s since fallen all the way back to 40c — but even at that level it’s one of FY18’s top ten performers.

Here are FY18’s top 100 ASX small caps.

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ASX codeCompanyFocusPrice change FY18Price Jun 30, 2018Price Jul 1, 2017*Market Cap
WFEWINMAR RESOURCESResources - cobalt230.0240.00158.2M
IVXINVIONHealth - cancer160.0340.002192.2M
KRCKING RIVER COPPERResources - vanadium12.85714285710.0970.007117.7M
PABPATRYSHealth - cancer10.40.0570.00555.7M
KFEKOGI IRONResources - iron ore6.391304347830.170.023114.0M
JRVJERVOIS MININGResources - nickel, cobalt5.833333333330.410.0686.1M
AUZAUSTRALIAN MINESResources - cobalt, nickel4.933333333330.0890.015262.4M
MYQMYFIZIQTech - body image app4.769230769230.3750.06530.0M
RIERIEDEL RESOURCESResources - cobalt, copper4.727272727270.0630.01126.3M
DMIDEMPSEY MINERALSResources - lithium4.520833333330.2650.04823.8M
COBCOBALT BLUE Resources - cobalt4.485714285710.960.175111.4M
FYIFYI RESOURCESResources - potash, HPA4.416666666670.130.02424.2M
BKPBARAKA ENERGYResources - oil40.0050.00116.2M
EUREUROPEAN LITHIUMResources - lithium3.772727272730.210.044120.1M
MWRMGM WIRELESSTech - wearables3.553014553012.190.48125.9M
CLLCOLLERINA COBALTResources - cobalt, nickel, HPA3.50.0990.02251.6M
EEGEMPIRE ENERGYResources - oil and gas3.50.0360.00845.5M
CLACELSIUS RESResources - cobalt, nickel3.428571428570.1550.035107.0M
LEGLEGEND MININGResources - nickel, copper3.357142857140.0610.014100.2M
DEGDE GREY MININGResources - Pilbara gold3.318181818180.190.04461.9M
JATJATENERGYInfant formula3.285714285710.060.01433.6M
TPWTEMPLE & WEBSTEROnline furniture retailer3.222222222220.760.1882.6M
VECVECTOR RESOURCESResources - gold3.20.0210.00530.5M
BIDBIDENERGYTech - Internet of Things3.076923076920.0530.01341.5M
ODMODIN METALSResources - gold3.019607843140.2050.05128.4M
VANVANGO MININGResources - gold30.240.06111.3M
ICTICOLLEGEEducation and training30.060.01526.9M
AISAERIS RESOURCESResources - copper30.160.0442.0M
TNOTANDO RESOURCES (*listed Nov 2017; adjusted for split)Resources - vanadium, copper, zinc2.953488372090.170.04329.1M
TARTARUGA MINERALSResources - cobalt, copper2.90.1950.0528.6M
GLLGALILEE ENERGYResources - oil and gas2.894230769230.4050.10485.4M
IGEINTEGRATED GREENCleanTech2.840.480.125176.8M
BYEBYRON ENERGYResources - oil and gas2.736842105260.3550.095232.9M
PDNPALADIN ENERGYResources - uranium2.723404255320.1750.047299.7M
CLVCLOVER CORPInfant formula2.693181818181.6250.44268.4M
BPLBROKEN HILL PROSPECTResources - cobalt, mineral sands2.571428571430.10.02814.8M
HZNHORIZON OILResources - oil2.571428571430.150.042195.3M
DRGDRAIG RESOURCESResources - gold2.541666666670.170.04865.8M
MYEMASTERMYNE GROUPResources - mining services2.483870967741.080.31109.2M
WBTWEEBIT NANOTech - memory chips, AI2.473684210530.0660.01992.3M
KRLKANGAROO RESResources - coal2.473684210530.0660.019237.0M
FDMFREEDOM OIL AND GASResources - oil and gas2.411764705880.290.085264.0M
DHRDARK HORSE RESResources - gold, lithium2.40.0170.00532.7M
K2FK2FLYTech - business mgt software2.397435897440.2650.07815.4M
POZPOZ MINERALSResources - diamond2.3750.0810.02414.5M
AREARGONAUT RESResources - lithium2.333333333330.020.00632.6M
NAGNAGAMBIE RESResources - gold2.297872340430.1550.04761.1M
BSMBASS METALSResources - graphite2.222222222220.0290.00968.8M
ELSELSIGHTTech - video software, military2.18750.510.1656.6M
NVANOVA MINERALSResources - gold, lithium2.111111111110.0280.00921.7M
LTRLIONTOWN RESResources - lithium2.111111111110.0280.00932.0M
HWKHAWKSTONE MININGResources - coal2.090909090910.0340.01110.7M
ECGECARGOChina-focused exporter2.090909090910.170.055104.6M
BDABOD AUSTRALIACannabis2.085714285710.540.17531.9M
QBLQUEENSLAND BAUXITECannabis2.083333333330.0370.01262.2M
LPDLEPIDICOResources - lithium2.083333333330.0370.012113.2M
AXEARCHER EXPLORATIONResources - graphite2.055555555560.110.03620.6M
ASHASHLEY SERVICESRecruitment and training2.0468750.1950.06428.1M
AGYARGOSY MINERALSResources - lithium2.037974683540.240.079220.4M
CYLCATALYST METALSResources - gold2.03030303031.50.495108.4M
GBRGREAT BOULDER RESResources - gold20.450.1535.9M
FFGFATFISH INTERNETTech - Blockchain, crypto20.0270.00913.0M
AQDAUSQUESTResources - copper, zinc, nickel20.0330.01116.3M
VMGVDM GROUPDiverse - mining, construction20.0030.00117.6M
NCRNUCOAL RESOURCESResources - coal20.0150.00511.5M
AVZAVZ MINERALSResources - lithium20.1050.035196.2M
GWRGWR GROUPResources - iron ore, gold, tungsten1.976190476190.1250.04231.6M
DGODGO GOLDResources - Pilbara gold1.942477876110.6650.22610.0M
BXNBIOXYNEInfant formula1.941176470590.050.01731.4M
AOPAPOLLO CONSOLIDATEDResources - gold1.894736842110.1650.05729.4M
LKELAKE RESOURCESResources - lithium1.8750.0920.03227.5M
SYASAYONA MININGResources - lithium, graphite1.857142857140.040.01456.9M
JCSJCURVE SOLUTIONSTech - cloud computing1.818181818180.0310.01110.5M
PILPEPPERMINT INNOVTech - payments1.777777777780.0250.00923.8M
COICOMET RIDGEResources - gas1.769230769230.360.13284.2M
4CEFORCE COMMODITIESResources - lithium1.722222222220.0490.01820.3M
ASNANSON RESOURCESResources - lithium, graphite, cobalt, nickel1.70.0540.0223.7M
GMDGENESIS MINERALSResources - gold1.68750.0430.01640.1M
PBPPROBIOTECHealth - supplements1.674418604651.150.4373.8M
FRCFORTE CONSOLIDATEDResources - gold, silver1.666666666670.0560.02113.8M
AYRALLOY RESOURCESResources - gold, cobalt1.666666666670.0080.00311.6M
GRBGAGE ROADS BREWINGBeer1.638888888890.0950.03693.9M
BOLBOOM LOGISTICSCrane rental1.637362637360.240.091114.0M
WHAWATTLE HEALTHInfant formula1.635135135141.170.444233.4M
OELOTTO ENERGYResources - oil and gas1.60.0650.02599.5M
SMRSTANMORE COALResources - coal1.597014925370.870.335217.8M
ADTADRIATIC METALS (*listed Apr 2018)Resources - lead, silver, copper, gold1.5750.5150.268.7M
SVYSTAVELY MINERALSResources - copper, gold1.571428571430.270.10540.5M
AD8AUDINATE GROUPTech - audio-visual networking1.562091503273.921.53246.8M
BOTBOTANIX PHARMACannabis, skincare1.558139534880.110.04383.3M
FGRFIRST GRAPHENEResources - graphite, graphene1.536231884060.1750.06972.7M
STMSUNSTONE METALSResources - copper, gold1.533333333330.0380.01543.4M
SHOSPORTSHEROTech - social sport app1.516129032260.0780.03123.2M
SFHSPECIALTY FASHIONRetail - fashion1.506329113920.990.395190.3M
HXGHEXAGON RESResources - graphite1.50.2150.08662.7M
HASHASTINGS TECHResources - rare earths1.50.2250.09156.5M
G88GOLDEN MILE RESResources - nickel, cobalt, gold1.50.450.1824.1M
RDHREDHILL EDUCATIONEducation and training1.53.151.2694.8M
LSRLODESTAR MINERALResources - copper, gold1.50.0250.0118.9M
BASBASS OILResources - oil1.50.0050.00210.4M