The ASX’s first crypto ETF has attracted substantial investor attention but the ASX’s semiconductor ETF has been easily a better performer.

Betashares’ Crypto Innovators ETF (ASX:CRYP) – an investor in listed companies in the crypto economy – was the first of its kind to list on the ASX. When it did, it broke the record for the most debut inflows.

While a week on, it is only marginally higher than its debut price, the ETFS Semiconductor (ASX:SEMI) ETF gained 16% in the past month. It invests in the top semiconductor companies in Taiwan and Korea.

Many of the world’s biggest semiconductor companies have gained in recent weeks as the global chip shortage has accelerated and this has been reflected in many companies’ latest earnings.

However the top ETF in the last month is BetaShares’ Geared US Equities (ASX:GGUS), up 19% in that period and also up 83% in the last 12 months.

This ETF tracks the S&P 500 and is “internally geared” – by combining equity investors’ money with that of debt investors.

Other top ETFs in the last month that have made solid gains this month include ETFS Robotics and Automation ETF (ASX:ROBO), BetaShares Global Gold Miners (ASX:MNRS) and BetaShares Global Cybersecurity (ASX:HACK). 

While most of the top ETFs in the past month have had good years, the Gold Miners ETF has been an exception, losing 20%.

Gold ETFs generally were solid in 2020 but retreated in 2021 as the gold price stagnated. But, recent weeks have seen a rebound in the spot gold price over inflation fears and stagnation in US treasury yields.

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Top ETFs in the last year

Prior to the ASX’s Semiconductor ETF launching back in August, one of the more exciting tech ETFs was ETFS Battery Tech & Lithium (ASX:ACDC).

While it performed modestly in the last month it is still up 47% in the last year as demand for electric vehicles and lithium has taken off.

One new entrant to the top 10 list was BetaShares Global Agriculture (ASX:FOOD).

This ETF invests in some of the world’s largest agriculture and agtech companies including crop nutrient provider Nutrien, crop tech company Corteva and meat exporter Tyson Foods.

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