Trading Places is Stockhead’s weekly recap of substantial holder transactions among ASX small caps.

Substantial shareholders are shareholders holding 5 per cent or more of a company’s shares and these can be directors, individual investors or institutional investors.

Shareholders are required to announce to the exchange when they cross above or below the 5 per cent threshold and any change in their holdings while they remain above 5 per cent.



Company Code Market Cap Holder Stake Status
McPherson's MCP $219.0M Pie Funds Management 6.35% Increasing
NSX NSX $37.0M Probanx Holdings 12.94% Becoming
Spectrum Metals SPX $196.8M Rameulis Resources 25.51% Increasing
Windlab WND $65.6M Squadron Energy 18.72% Becoming
Simavita SVA $12.4M Chevron Corp 14.08% Increasing
Simavita SVA $12.4M Daniel Hegglin 6.37% Becoming
Antipa Minerals AZY $36.9M Newcrest Mining 9.90% Becoming
Alchemy Resources ALY $6.1M Stephen Nordstrom 6.18% Increasing
Clover Corp CLV $432.4M Challenger 5.08% Becoming
Audinate Group AD8 $442.0M Smallco Investment Manager 9.20% Increasing
AHAlife AHA $2.0M Bombora Investment Management 14.10% Increasing
Aura Energy AEE $8.0M Asean Deep Value Fund 19.49% Increasing
IncentiaPay INP $14.4M Suzerain Investment Holdings 69.99% Increasing
Cyrosite CTE $3.2M Andrew Kroger 38.81% Increasing
AHAlife AHL $2.0M Arnaud Massenet 6.52% Increasing
Primero Group PGX $40.5M Salvador Consulting 5.32% Increasing
Ovato OVT $20.0M Grieg & Harrison 5.13% Becoming
Skyfii SKF $49.8M Jencay Capital 5.03% Becoming
Vulcan Energy Resources VUL $9.0M Francis Wedin 20.16% Increasing
Vulcan Energy Resources VUL $9.0M Gavin Rezos 6.80% Becoming
Australian Finance Group AFG $480.7M Challenger 5.05% Becoming
Murray River Organics MRG $24.3M Regal Funds Management 19.78% Becoming
Creso Pharma CPH $16.2M L1 Capital Global Opportunities Fund 5.48% Becoming
Karoon Energy KAR $436.9M L1 Capital 5.65% Becoming
BTC Health BTC $24.2M Naos Asset Management 22.66% Increasing
GTN GTN $156.2M Perennial Value Management 10.00% Increasing
EnviroSuite EVS $147.6M Perennial Value Management 7.90% Increasing
Murray River Organics MRG $24.3M Thorney Opportunities 42.65% Increasing
AHAlife AHL $2.0M Early Force (Alex Waislitz 10.15% Increasing
Tyro Payments TYR $1.9B Fidelity 5.12% Becoming
Matsa Resources MAT $23.8M Delphi 5.12% Becoming
G8 Education GEM $572.9M Allan Gray 5.82% Becoming
Limeade LME $423.5M Perennial Value Management 7.15% Increasing
GTN GTN $146.2M Perennial Value Management 11.20% Increasing
Apollo Consolidated AOP $53.8M 1832 Asset Management 6.37% Increasing
Zenith Energy ZEN $114.2M Elemental Infrastructure 16.91% Becoming
BlueChiip BCT $48.0M One Funds Management 6.74% Increasing
Wisr WZR $120.7M Alceon Liquid Strategies 5.16% Becoming
Capitol Health CAJ $205.5M Challenger 11.60% Increasing
Oklo Resources OKU $99.2M Ruffer 9.78% Increasing
Altura Mining AJM $111.5M Maxwell Terry Smith 12.04% Increasing
Retail Food Group RFG $121.8M Regal Funds Management 14.51% Increasing
Tinybeans TNY $44.4M John McBain 7.80% Increasing
Duxton Broadacre Farms DBF $47.7M Richard Magides 20.57% Increasing
Zenith Energy ZEN $114.2M Microequities Asset Management 8.66% Increasing
Enero Group EGG $105.9M Lumyna Investments 6.30% Becoming
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The tie up between NSX (ASX:NSX) and iSignthis (ASX:ISX) has been one of the peculiar stories on the ASX in recent months.

The latter company, listed on the ASX but suspended for several months and at loggerheads with the bourse, last month bought a stake in the NSX seeking to develop a delivery versus payment (DvP) platform.

Last week Probanx, bought a 13 per cent stake in Australia’s secondary market. Probanx is a banking software company that was acquired by iSignthis back in September 2018 but continues to operate independently.

Among fund managers, Challenger bought just over 5 per cent of dairy company Clover Corp (ASX:CLV) and financial advisory Australian Financial Group (ASX:AFG).

In the same week billionaire investor Alex Waislitz said he was continuing to look long-term, his company topped up its holdings in organic dried fruit maker Murray River Organics (ASX:MRG) to over 40 per cent as part of a $25m rescue package.

The deal took place last month but the deal was only implemented last Thursday, and the stock — having been suspended for several weeks while this was undertaken — fell 76 per cent accordingly.

Also buying into Murray River Organics was Regal Funds Management, which now owns 19.78 per cent. It also bought more of fast food franchisee Retail Food Group (ASX:RFG).

Perennial Value Management increased its holdings in Seattle-headquartered employee wellness company Limeade (ASX:LME) and broadcast advertising platform Global Traffic Network (ASX:GTN).



Company Code Market Cap Holder Current Stake Status
Ovato OVT $20.5M Allan Gray 10.74% Decreasing
Academies Australasia AKG $491.M Andrew Low 12.00% Decreasing
McPherson's MCP $219.0M Dimensional Entities 4.90% Ceasing
Pact Group Holdings PGH $701.8M Investors Mutual 10.15% Decreasing
European Metals Holdings EMH $36.4M Cadence Minerals 16.70% Decreasing
Aura Energy AEE $6.4M Asean Deep Value Fund 17.44% Decreasing
Ovato OVT $21.2M Allan Gray 9.65% Decreasing
People Infrastructure PPE $219.5M IDISInvest 9.84% Decreasing
Galileo Mining GAL $16.3M David Bailey 0.00% Ceasing
Titomic TTT $102.1M Presco 5.15% Decreasing
Gage Roads Brewing GRB $67.7M Spheria Asset Management 6.50% Decreasing
MG Unit Trust MGC $93.3M Nordlys Investments 20.44% Decreasing
Oklo Resources OKU $99.2M 1832 Asset Management 5.88% Decreasing
Race Oncology RAC $38.8M William James Garner 12.75% Decreasing
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Spheria Asset Management reduced its stake in Gage Roads Brewing (ASX:GRB) to just 6.5 per cent.

Race Oncology (ASX:RAC) director sold just over $1m in stock, reportedly to a strategic investor.