In this week’s recap of substantial holder movements four substantial holders bought shares in Zenith Energy (ASX:ZEN), a Shanghai investor bought into Anson Resources (ASX:ASN) and Sirtex’s founder bought into Syrah Resources (ASX:SYR).

Substantial shareholders hold 5 per cent or more of a company’s shares and these can be directors, individual investors or institutional investors.

Shareholders are required to announce to the exchange when they cross above or below the 5 per cent threshold and any change in their holdings while they remain above 5 per cent.


For the week where the financial year turned, there was a large amount of buying activity. Renewable energy play Zenith Energy had four substantial holders buy into the company. Microequities Asset Management and Pendal Group bought in with stakes of 5.51 per cent and 5.58 per cent, respectively. Microequities paid $1.9m and Pendal paid $2m.

Existing holders Moelis and Westoz Fund Management topped up their stakes, tipping in $4.4m between them. They now hold 6.4 per cent and 7.29 per cent, respectively.

Zenith sells to other energy businesses rather than to consumers. Among its clients are Chevron, specifically its Barrow Island project and, according to an investor presentation earlier this year, Chevron is also Zenith’s longest standing client. Zenith also counts Dacian Gold (ASX:DCN) and Newmont Mining as clients.

Spheria Asset Management increased its stakes in NZME (ASX:NZM) and GBST (ASX:GBT). The Queensland-based fund manager holds 14.46 per cent in the latter stock and it is on the brink of being acquired.

It spent $4m last Friday and with yesterday’s price rise, Spheria Asset Management would have made an $800,000 capital gain had it sold the stock.

Regal Funds Management became substantial holders in Capitol Health (ASX:CAJ), IVE Group (ASX:IGL) and Syrah Resources (ASX:SYR) with stakes of 7.10 per cent, 5.52 per cent and 11.56 per cent, respectively. Regal spent nearly $20m across these three stocks and in the case of IVE, came back for more in the same week.

The Phillip King-run fund manager also increased its stakes in Apiam Animal Health (ASX:AHZ) and Atrum Coal (ASX:ATU).

Also buying into Syrah was Auckland-based fund manager Harbour Asset Management, which bought another $5.6m and holds 6.62 per cent. Sirtex founder Bruce Gray became a substantial holder of Syrah as well, holding 5.2 per cent. Curiously they have consistently been one of the most shorted ASX small caps in recent weeks.

Alex Waislitz’s Thorney Opportunities increased its stake in Southern Cross Exploration (ASX:SXE) while investor John McBain increased his stake in Tinybeans (ASX:TNY).

Challenger did likewise with Australia Oil and Gas (ASX:ATS) and now holds 7.71 per cent. AustralianSuper bought $2m of Aurelia Metals (ASX:AMI) shares and holds 6.31 per cent.

IOOF increased its stakes in Alliance Aviation (ASX:AVQ), Baby Bunting (ASX:BBN), and Victory Offices (ASX:VIC), and became substantial holders in Redbubble (ASX:RBL).

We also noticed Anson Resources welcomed a major substantial holder. Shanghai industrial giant Chia Tai Xingye bought a 12.27 per cent stake. Anson’s boss Bruce Richardson previously called them “a very supportive strategic partner”.

Company Code Market Cap Holder Stake Status
Anova Metals AWV $6.4M AIMS Asset Management 5.01% Becoming
Aurelia Metals AMI $433.9M AustralianSuper 6.31% Increasing
Baby Bunting BBN $263.0M IOOF 9.04% Increasing
Syrah Resources SYR $287.6M Regal Funds Management 11.56% Becoming
Select Harvests SHV $683.6M Paradice Investment Management 6.05% Increasing
Ardent Leisure ALG $482.1M Viburnum & Associates 14.71% Increasing
Black Cat Syndicate BC8 $18.2M Paul Chapman 6.04% Increasing
Straker Translations STG $82.4M SkyOne Capital 5.22% Becoming
Galena Mining GLA $134.9M Timothy Roberts 6.85% Becoming
Indiana Resources IDA $3.4M Phillip Hammond & Betty Moore 6.53% Becoming
Tinybeans TNY $37.7M John McBain 6.51% Increasing
Speciality Metals SEI $16.6M Hilux Resources 8.77% Becoming
Pacifico Minerals PMY $13.9M Paul Brosnan Trust 12.82% Increasing
Southern Cross Electrical SXE $113.5M Thorney Opportunities 15.66% Increasing
Cirralto CRO $7.9M Propex Derivatives 5.42% Becoming
Smart Marine Systems SM8 $5.7M Keiran Slee 5.23% Becoming
TV2U TV2 $24.1M Lind Asset Management 9.10% Becoming
Animoca Brands AB1 $147.8M Ponderosa Investments 5.05% Becoming
Alt Resources ALT $7.0M Keiran Slee 5.31% Becoming
Mako Gold MKG $5.6M Peter & Ann Ledwidge 10.15% Increasing
Australis Oil & Gas ATS $246.4M Challenger 7.71% Increasing
Alliance Aviation AQZ $332.6M IOOF 7.61% Increasing
GTN GTN $199.6M Viburnum Funds 19.01% Increasing
Capitol Health CAJ $161.9m Regal Funds Management 5.84% Becoming
IVE Group IGL $302.3M Regal Funds Management 5.52% Becoming
Sky Metals SKY Suspended Aurelia Metals 6.99% Becoming
IXUP IXU $10.5M Regal Funds Management 12.44% Increasing
Energy Action EAX $10.2M Duncan Macfarlane & Linda Millar 6.50% Increasing
Maximus Resources MXR $2.4M Michael Ruane 12.75% Increasing
Blackstone Minerals BSX $10.2M Delphi 13.81% Increasing
Frontier Resources FNT $6.4M Horley Pty Ltd 9.90% Becoming
Kina Petroleum KPE $21.8M Alain Vinson 7.58% Becoming
Tambla TBL $9.5M Kestrel Growth Companies 32.12% Increasing
Zenith Energy ZEN $58.6M Moelis 6.40% Increasing
Estia Health EHE $688.0M Perpetual 12.06% Increasing
Zenith Energy ZEN $58.6M Microequities Asset Management 5.51% Becoming
IVE Group IVL $302.3M Regal Funds Management 7.10% Increasing
Apiam Animal Health AHZ $55.1M Regal Funds Management 14.27% Increasing
Atrum Coal ATU $164.0M Regal Funds Management 13.49% Increasing
Getswift GSW $33.9M Clutterbuck Capital Management 7.55% Becoming
Site Group SIT $18.6M EGP Capital 12.12% Increasing
Syrah Resources SYR $287.6M Harbour Asset Management 6.62% Increasing
Frontier Resources FNT $6.4M Merchant Funds Management 5.11% Becoming
BTC Health BTC $21.0M Sigma Company 10.22% Increasing
Australis Oil & Gas ATS $246.4M Health Employees Super Trust 5.03% Becoming
Zenith Energy ZEN $58.6M Pendal Group 5.58% Becoming
Kula Gold KGD $2.4M HMS Superannuation Fund 18.20% Becoming
Zenith Energy ZEN $58.6M Westoz Funds Management 7.29% Increasing
Orecorp ORR $47.8M Westoz Funds Management 12.21% Increasing
Victory Offices VOL $90.0M IOOF 9.04% Increasing
Bathurst Resources BRL $199.8M Republic Investment Management 23.89% Increasing
Reverse Corp REF $4.0M Lane's End Dural 9.67% Increasing
Kalina Power KPO $16.0M John Byrne 7.65% Increasing
Exore Resources ERX $36.8M Yi Weng & Ning Li 7.83% Increasing
Syrah Resources SYR $287.6M Bruce Gray 5.20% Becoming
Avenira AEV $6.4M Boabab Partners 58.51% Increasing
AusMex Mining Group AMG $50.4M Matt Morgan 5.16% Increasing
8common 8CO $24.6M Lau Kok Fui 9.42% Increasing
Anson Resources ASN $26.4M Chia Tai Xingye 12.27% Becoming
Triton Minerals TON $50.1M SG Hiscock 5.11% Becoming
Calix CXL $82.3M IOOF 9.54% Increasing
Redbubble RBL $235.7M IOOF 5.05% Becoming
LogiCamms LCM $40.2M Brian O'Sullivan 38.40% Becoming
LogiCamms LCM $40.2M HSF SMSF & Horstmanns 5.34% Becoming
BTC Health BTC $21.0M Peter & Helen Jones 6.95% Increasing
NZME NZM $99.0M Spheria Asset Management 7.34% Increasing
GBST GBT $210.5M Spheria Asset Management 14.46% Increasing
iSentia Group ISD $45.0M Spheria Asset Management 14.66% Increasing
Venture Minerals VMS $12.4M Republic Investment Management 14.68% Increasing
BuildingIQ BIQ $12.3M Hareshwar Ramnath Singh 5.86% Becoming
Boom Logistics BOL $68.0M Castle Point Funds Management 6.03% Increasing
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But while these fund managers were buying, other investors took the opportunity to sell. The biggest seller was Lenark Pty Ltd, which sold its entire $12.8m shareholding in Atrum Coal. It turns out this company is directed by the wife of director James Chisholm. He now only has unlisted options.

Other sell-outs were Farjoy, the trust of barrister Timothy Robertson, which sold out of United Networks (ASX:UNL) and Acorn Capital, which sold out of Selfwealth (ASX:SWF).

Kingfisher Capital sold out of Galena Mining (ASX:G1A), having only bought in two and a half months ago.

Regal Funds Management ceased to be substantial holders in Getswift (ASX:GSW), but still holds 4.88 per cent. Regal also decreased its stake in Oncosil Medical (ASX:OSL) to 6.64 per cent.

AustralianSuper decreased its stake in gold miner Perseus Mining (ASX:PRU) to 5.07 per cent having sold $6.6m worth of shares. And finally, IOOF ceased to be holders in Dacian Gold – a $3m sale took IOOF to 4.43 per cent.

Company Code Market Cap Holder Current Stake Status
National Veterinary Care NVL $140.7M Charles Foster 5.55% Decreasing
Perseus Mining PRU $678.0M AustralianSuper 5.07% Decreasing
Sky Metals SKY Suspended Hueridge 0% Ceasing
Galena Mining G1A $134.9M Kingfisher Capital 0% Ceasing
Japara HealthCare JHC $312.7M Dimensional Entities 4.29% Ceasing
Copper Strike CSE $10.2M Aurora Funds Management 8.57% Decreasing
Imdex IMD $464.1M IOOF 10.40% Deceasing
Dacian Gold DCN $119.6M IOOF 4.43% Ceasing
United Networks UNL $491k Farjoy 0% Ceasing
Consolidated Zinc CZL $9.4M Farjoy 5.35% Decreasing
Oncosil Medical OSL $33.4M Regal Funds Management 6.64% Decreasing
Race Oncology RAC $4.4M William Garner 14.15% Decreasing
Perseus Mining PRU $678.0M Franklin Resources 8.44% Decreasing
Atrum Coal ATU $164.0M Lenark Pty Ltd 0% Ceasing
Frontier Resources FNT $6.4M Forise Investment 5% Decreasing
Getswift GSW $33.9M Regal Funds Management 4.88% Ceasing
Collection House CLH $171.6M Mizikovsky Group 7.39% Decreasing
Japara HealthCare JHC $312.7M Perpetual 4.83% Ceasing
RXP Services RXP $75.7M Regal Funds Management 4.38% Ceasing
Syrah Resources SYR $287.6M Regal Funds Management 10.11% Decreasing
Selfwealth SWF $23.9M Acorn Capital 0% Ceasing
Jayride Group JAY $25.3M Zhongyuan Lin 11.64% Decreasing
Zenith Energy ZEN $58.6M Thorney Opportunities 4.88% Ceasing
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