If you want to know where famous investors and fund managers such as Perennial Value Management are putting their money, we’ve been keeping track of substantial holder buys (and sells).

Trading Places is Stockhead’s recap of the substantial holder movements among ASX small caps over the last fortnight.

Substantial shareholders are those holding 5 per cent or more of a company’s shares — these can be directors, individual investors, or institutional investors.

Shareholders are required to announce to the exchange when they cross above or below the 5 per cent threshold, as well as any change in their holdings while they remain above 5 per cent.



Company Code Market Cap Holder Stake Status
Nusantara Resources NUS $71.1M Lion Selection Group 21.77% Increasing
Urbanise UBN $64.2M Jencay Capital 6.49% Increasing
Clover Corp CLV $302.7M Perpetual 6.63% Becoming
Archtis AR9 $84.2M SG Hiscock 6.67% Increasing
TasFoods TFL $40.5M Ag Food Opportunities Fund 8.52% Becoming
Surefire Resources SRN $37.2M Vladimir Nikolaenko 16.05% Increasing
Cohiba Minerals CHK $20.0M Mordechai Benedikt 6.16% Becoming
Marley Spoon MMM $509.5M Perennial Value Management 8.49% Increasing
AML3D AL3 $64.3M Perennial Value Management 9.00% Increasing
Black Dragon Gold BDG $10.7M Delphi 7.61% Increasing
MCS Services MCS $7.1M Adam and Renee Goulding 5.95% Becoming
Sparc Technologies SPN $9.3M Jones Family Trust 5.10% Becoming
Tao Commodities TAO $22.1M Ian Middlemas 6.30% Becoming
Elementos ELT $22.7M Andrew Greig 12.07% Increasing
Senex Energy SXY $504.8M Paradice Investment Management 6.04% Increasing
Viking Mines VKA $7.5M Syracuse Capital 5.54% Increasing
Healius HLS $2.2B Yarra Funds Management 6.92% Increasing
PNX Metals PNX $20.5M Delphi 44.38% Increasing
Tao Commodities TAO $23.8M DITM Holdings - Todd Hannigan 5.30% Becoming
E2 Metals E2M $101.8M Martin Donohue 7.06% Increasing
New Age Exploration NAE $15.4M Northern Star - Adrien Wing 8.92% Increasing
New Age Exploration NAE $15.4M Bodie Investments - Stephen Layton 5.90% Becoming
Auteco Minerals AUT $156.7M 1832 Asset Management 9.95% Increasing
Hot Chili HCH $136.9M GS Group Australia 6.38% Becoming
MMA Offshore MRM $122.2M Black Crane Asia Fund 8.27% Increasing
Tao Commodities TAO $22.1M Syracuse Capital 5.54% Increasing
Greenvale Mining GRV $47.8M Gun Capital Management 12.21% Increasing
TNT Mines TIN $28.4M Alexander Hewlett 5.26% Becoming
Musgrave Minerals MGV $203.0M Invesco 5.00% Becoming
Jervois Mining JRV $308.4M AustralianSuper 13.71% Increasing
Argo Exploration AXT $2.7M James Bales and Wong Peck Ling 5.13% Becoming
Deterra Royalties DRR $2.7B Schroder 5.24% Becoming
TNT Mines TIN $28.4M Anthony Barton 5.52% Increasing
Kleos Space KSS $89.3M Stephen Silver 15.85% Increasing
MMA Offshore MRM $122.2M Halom Investments 8.14% Increasing
Virtus Health VRT $457.4M Paradice Investment Management 7.70% Increasing
Red Emperor Energy RMP $14.2M Kenneth Baker 7.26% Increasing
Huon Aquaculture HUO $293.4M AustralianSuper 12.62% Increasing
Aussie Broadband ABB $397.8M Challenger 7.03% Increasing
Terragen TGH $58.5M One Funds Management 8.74% Increasing
Dropsuite DSE $59.0M Topline Capital Partners 15.60% Increasing
Chesser Resources CHZ $94.4M 1832 Asset Management 5.34% Becoming
Vanadium Resources VR8 $12.0M Faldi Ismail 5.29% Becoming
Prophecy International PRO $42.3M Topline Capital Partners 8.10% Increasing
Auctus Investment Group AVC $36.6M Dorman Capital 10.46% Increasing
New World Resources NWX $73.0M Perennial Value Management 6.85% Increasing
Aeris Resources AIS $161.3M Paradice Investment Management 7.05% Becoming
Smartpay SMP $144.5M Moelis 5.33% Becoming
Peet PPC $546.1M 360 Capital Whiskey 5.00% Becoming
Ainsworth Game Technology AGI $160.0M Spheria Asset Management 7.35% Increasing
Boadicea Resources BOA $15.5M Ulysses Ganas 5.79% Becoming
Lefroy Exploration LEX $21.5M Noontide Investments 10.05% Increasing
Dragontail Systems DTS $35.8M Goudy Park Management 13.97% Increasing
PTB Group PTB $94.0M Asir and Nek Private 11.57% Increasing
Michael Hill MHJ $225.0M Spheria Asset Management 9.93% Increasing
Nova Eye EYE $48.1M Australian Ethical 16.40% Increasing
Sprintex SIX $11.0M Michael Wilson 21.84% Increasing
BrainChip Holdings BRN $554.2M Anil Shamro Mankar 7.17% Increasing
Karoon Energy KAR $539.7M Aviva Investors 5.37% Becoming
Pilbara Minerals PLS $2.5B Resource Capital Fund 7.19% Increasing
Bowen Coking Coal BCB $39.4M Cape Coal/Redel Resources 11.92% Increasing
IPH IPH $1.4B Invesco 6.15% Increasing
Quantify QFY $11.4M Perennial Value Management 8.32% Becoming
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This week’s most notable buy was Perennial Value Management, buying into Quantify Technology (ASX:QFY) which is the ASX’s only pure-play smart homes stock.

Perennial bought an 8.32 per cent stake in Quantify, forking out $1.25 million.

The buy in occurred only a few weeks after Quantify undertook a share consolidation and an $4.8 million acquisition of private smart home company GSM.

Quantify projects by 2025, 49 per cent of Australian houses will have some type of smart home device. It told shareholders the deal would create “Australia’s leading electrical Internet of Things provider”.

Speaking of stocks that are unique, Chicago-based hedge fund Goudy Park Management took its stake in Dragontail Systems (ASX:DTS) which is the ASX’s only “food delivery tech” stock. Australian Ethical topped up its holdings in eye care company Nova Eye Medical (ASX:EYE).

Spheria Asset Management upped its stakes in jewellery shop operator Michael Hill (ASX:MHJ) and Ainsworth Game Technology (ASX:AGI).

Challenger bought more of the ASX’s newest broadband stock Aussie Broadband (ASX:ABB) – now owning 7 per cent.

Among resources juniors, stocks that welcomed new substantial holders include copper play Aeris Resources (ASX:AIS) which welcomed Paradice Investment Management and Chesser Resources (ASX:CHZ) which welcomed 1832 Asset Management.



Company Code Market Cap Holder Current Stake Status
Acumentis Group ACU $18.7M White Valuations 5.74% Decreasing
Clean Teq Holdings CLQ $218.8M AustralianSuper 7.58% Decreasing
Tombador Iron TI1 $94.9M Regal Funds Management <5% Ceasing
Latin Resources LRS $34.3M Lind Asset Management <5% Ceasing
Boss Energy BOE $135.5M Tribeca 7% Decreasing
Fleetwood FWD $202.5M Perennial Value Management 10.72% Decreasing
Primero Group PGX $94.4M Perennial Value Management 8.21% Decreasing
Piedmont Lithium PLL $491.1M Fidelity 5.22% Decreasing
Oneview Healthcare ONE $11.7M Novatrust <5% Ceasing
Vintage Energy VEN $33.0M Regal Funds Management 10.07% Decreasing
Credit Clear CCR $158.0M Belinda Nixon <5% Ceasing
GTN GTN $99.0M Renaissance Smaller Companies <5% Ceasing
Sunshine Gold SHN $6.0M Torresan Group 13.60% Decreasing
SRG Global SRG $191.7M Wentworth Williamson Management <5% Ceasing
Alexium International AJX $43.1M Wentworth Williamson Management 7.14% Decreasing
Atomos AMS $203.2M Perennial Value Management <5% Ceasing
PWR Holdings PWH $497.9M Perennial Value Management <5% Ceasing
Fleetwood FWD $196.8M Perennial Value Management 7.75% Decreasing
Damstra Holdings DTC $257.8M Regal Funds Management 5.78% Decreasing
Chalice Mines CHN $1.4B Franklin Resources <5% Ceasing
Alligator Energy AGE $19.2M Lindsay Carthew <5% Ceasing
SRG Global SRG $191.7M Perennial Value Management 10.54% Decreasing
Candy Club CLB $37.5M Como Super Fund 5.42% Decreasing
Village Roadshow VRL $582.0M Spheria Asset Management <5% Ceasing
Lithium Power International LPI $73.6M Regal Funds Management 9.27% Decreasing
Medadvisor MDR $130.8M Regal Funds Management <5% Ceasing
Adairs ADH $576.4M Pendal <5% Ceasing
Stemcell SCU $20.8M Jimmy Thomas <5% Ceasing
Piedmont Lithium PLL $485.5M Alyeska Master Fund <5% Ceasing
4D Medical 4DX $569.2M Perennial Value Management <5% Ceasing
Synertec SOP $20.7M Kerry Abdallah 13.89% Decreasing
Elixinol EXL $51.8M Regal Funds Management 13.97% Decreasing
Alpha A4 A4N $207.7M Regal Funds Management 11.79% Decreasing
Immutep IMM $262.0M Perennial Value Management <5% Ceasing
Right Crowd RCW $76.6M Australian Ethical <5% Ceasing
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Spheria Asset Management sold its entire stake in theme park operator and takeover target Village Roadshow (ASX:VRL), netting approximately $50 million.

Regal Funds Management sold its stake in cannabis stock Elixinol Global (ASX:EXL) and high purity alumina (HPA) stock Alpha HPA (ASX:A4N).