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Welcome to Stockhead.

If you’re interested in big discoveries, medical breakthroughs and revolutionary technologies you’re in the right place.

Or maybe you’ve made your own discovery or breakthrough and you’re trying to share your story.

Welcome to you, too.

We know it’s tough for investors to find out about emerging ASX-listed companies.

Lately, with big media companies retrenching hundreds of journalists there’s been even less coverage of listed companies – and almost none outside the ASX200.

Which is a great pity.

Because we think Australia’s best, untold stories lie with the other 2000 ASX-listed companies that barely get a mention.

These are the companies driving the next wave of innovation, economic growth, societal progress and shareholder wealth.

Each day they create the stories that will define progress for decades to come.

Best of all, these are stories everyone can be part of. 

Australia’s love affair with stockmarket investing continues to grow rapidly.

The proportion of young people between 18 and 24 holding investments has doubled in the past five years, according to the ASX’s 2017 Australian Investor Study.

The same study found 37 per cent of Australian adults, or 6.9 million people, held investments on a financial exchange.

All of which is why we created Stockhead: a free news site dedicated to covering the stories of emerging, ASX-listed companies.

Stockhead operates a team of highly experienced, full-time reporters and contributors who produce independent journalism covering what we like to call the ASX2000.

Our highly respected columnists such as Barry FitzGerald, Tim Treadgold and Tim Boreham bring a combined experience of almost 100 years business reporting.

We focus on resources, healthcare and technology – but we cover emerging companies in any sector as long as they have an interesting story to tell.

All our content is free to access.

If you operate an ASX-listed company that has a story to tell, you are welcome to contact us at [email protected].

We love a chat.

Happy investing,

David Higgins

Stockhead CEO and Editor

[email protected]