On Stockhead today, if you thought gold was hot you weren’t watching these three other commodities that are miles ahead in 2019, The Secret Broker offers his tips on how to deal with the impending influx of ASX quarterlies (with plenty of references to The Simpsons), and one of our experts lists off his top stock picks.

But first:

The day ahead

It’s all quiet on the data front in Australia, and there’s not much activity of note overseas either.

China will report its June trade balance figures, where the US numbers usually get some attention amid the ongoing trade war. The US will have PPI data for June where upward pressure on prices is expected to remain “non-existent”.

Company news

The following companies are scheduled to come out of a trading halt or voluntary suspension over the next 48 hours:

Peel Mining (ASX:PEX) – clarification of announcement

Graphex Mining (ASX:GPX) – capital raise
Strike Resources (ASX:SRK) – maiden resource estimate
EVE Investments (ASX:EVE) – capital raise
HomeStay Care (ASX:HSC) – distribution agreement


Gold: $US1,403.84 ($2,012.53) -1.29%

Silver: $US15.12 -0.01%

Oil (Brent): $US66.81 +0.06%

Oil (WTI): $US60.44 +0.02%

Coal: $US76.43

Iron ore 62pc fe: $US119.25 -1.6%

AUD/USD: $US0.6976 +0.05%

What got you talking yesterday

Over on Stockhead’s Facebook group chat (apply to join here), group members had plenty to discuss.

Continuing to get plenty of attention yesterday was Reuben Adams’ post on the looming shortfall in global supply for high purity alumina (HPA) — and what that means for ASX-listed small caps in the sector.

These were the five most-discussed stocks on trading gossip forum HotCopper at close on Thursday, July 11:

Yesterday’s winners

The story of the day was the IPO of fintech company QuickFee (ASX:QFE), which listed at 20c and immediately rocketed higher.

The share price steadily climbed throughout afternoon trade to close at 50c – a gain of 150 per cent.

Investors were evidently keen to get on board with the payments platform, which provides an online portal to assist accounting and law firms manage their client debtor bills.

Also closing strongly was Kyckr (ASX:KYK), which jumped out of the gate after announcing it had signed an agreement with global data platform DemystData.

Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks for Thursday, July 11:

Ticker Name Price % Chg Volume Market Cap
QFE QuickFee Ltd 0.5 +150.00% 51.7M $70.3M
GPP Greenpower Energy Ltd 0.002 +100.00% 1.8M $3.9M
LKO Lakes Oil NL 0.0015 +50.00% 9.5M $50.0M
SPB South Pacific Resources Ltd 0.003 +50.00% 1.0M $497K
SYT Syntonic Ltd 0.003 +50.00% 6.8M $10.0M
KYK Kyckr Ltd 0.1 +43.48% 2.9M $14.9M
EDE Eden Innovations Ltd 0.06 +40.48% 36.9M $98.3M
AOU Auroch Minerals Ltd 0.07 +36.00% 237.8k $6.8M
VRX VRX Silica Ltd 0.16 +34.78% 9.2M $62.7M
MHC Manhattan Corp Ltd 0.004 +33.33% 1.9M $3.0M
MLS Metals Australia Ltd 0.002 +33.33% 925.0k $5.9M
ODA Orcoda Ltd 0.18 +28.57% 67.1k $18.4M
HIP Hipo Resources Ltd 0.009 +28.57% 850.0k $3.5M
MAG Magmatic Resources Ltd 0.02 +28.57% 66.7k $2.1M
PRX Prodigy Gold NL 0.13 +25.00% 1.5M $60.1M
TPP Tempo Australia Ltd 0.07 +25.00% 484.8k $16.9M
ALT Analytica Ltd 0.005 +25.00% 2.3M $17.6M
EMP Emperor Energy Ltd 0.0025 +25.00% 9.7M $2.8M
MRV Moreton Resources Ltd 0.005 +25.00% 1.1M $15.5M
TYX Tyranna Resources Ltd 0.005 +25.00% 132.2k $4.7M
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Yesterday’s losers

There were no major falls in the laggards section — perhaps not surprising as the broader ASX Small Ords comfortably outperformed the ASX200 yesterday to post a gain of 0.94 per cent.

The usual round of resources minnows ticked lower, with various penny stocks losing between a quarter and a third of their value.

And one day after appearing on the winner’s list following its victory in a long-running Singapore court battle, White Energy (ASX:WEC) gave back some gains to post an intra-day fall of 14.71 per cent.

Here are the worst performing ASX small cap stocks for Thursday, July 11:

Ticker Company Price ($) % Chg Volume Market Cap
XST XState Resources Ltd 0.002 -33.33% 180.0k $2.3M
XPE Xped Ltd 0.002 -33.33% 2.1M $3.0M
CAD Caeneus Minerals Ltd 0.001 -33.33% 20.1M $2.1M
AJC Acacia Coal Ltd 0.001 -33.33% 3.8M $4.1M
ICG Inca Minerals Ltd 0.003 -25.00% 1.3M $9.3M
FTT Factor Therapeutics Ltd 0.003 -25.00% 50.5M $3.1M
DHR Dark Horse Resources Ltd 0.003 -25.00% 2.4M $6.1M
RDS Redstone Resources Ltd 0.011 -21.43% 66.7k $5.2M
TSC Twenty Seven Co Ltd 0.002 -20.00% 2.6k $2.0M
TPD Talon Petroleum Ltd 0.002 -20.00% 125.0k $3.6M
DTM Dart Mining NL 0.004 -20.00% 500.0k $4.0M
AAU Adcorp Australia Ltd 0.008 -20.00% 5.0k $3.6M
CCG CommsChoice Group Ltd 0.05 -19.12% 137.1k $7.7M
BBX BBX Minerals Ltd 0.22 -16.98% 180.9k $88.9M
UTR Ultracharge Ltd 0.0025 -16.67% 217.0k $2.7M
PCH Property Connect Holdings Ltd 0.0025 -16.67% 100.0k $1.7M
GMC Gulf Manganese Corp Ltd 0.005 -16.67% 1.3M $24.6M
EXO Ennox Group Ltd 0.0025 -16.67% 1.9M $4.4M
CZN Corazon Mining Ltd 0.0025 -16.67% 4.3M $4.1M
WEC White Energy Co Ltd 0.14 -14.71% 729.6k $74.9M
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