On Stockhead today, rumour has it Independence Group (ASX:IGO) — along with junior partner Rumble Resources (ASX:RTR) — may be onto another Tropicana in the Fraser Range, Venus Metals boss Matt Hogan has some hot tips from Mark Creasy, and US betting is where the action is and these are the hot stocks in the sector.

But first:

The week ahead

Markets will open this morning following another ceasefire in the US-China trade war, as President Trump agreed to suspend further tariffs during talks with China’s Xi Jinping at the G20 summit over the weekend.

There’s a strong lineup of key data and events in Australia this week to kick off a new month, headlined by Tuesday’s interest rate announcement from the RBA (2:30pm AEST).

The market is now expecting the central bank to cut rates for the second time in two months, bringing the official cash rate to 1 per cent.

Before that though on Monday morning, CoreLogic will release its June home price index. It’s the first full monthly reading of national housing values since the election, and follows RBA data on Friday which showed growth in housing credit just slowed to an all-time low.

On Wednesday the ABS has two May releases — building approvals data (which has been tanking) and trade figures, with the recent rally in iron ore prices expected to support a “fresh record high” surplus, Westpac says.

And capping off the week on Thursday the ABS has retail sales figures — a key measure of economic health — with growth expected to remain soft in May.

Looking abroad, US markets will return from the July 4 holiday on Thursday with all-important June employment numbers on Friday night after Asian markets close.

Company news

The following companies are scheduled to come out of a trading halt or voluntary suspension over the next 48 hours:


Ausmex Mining (ASX:AMG) – exploration results
Titan Minerals (ASX:TTM) – acquisition
Atomos (ASX:AMS) – capital raising
Invictus Energy (ASX:IVZ) – update to resource estimate
Moho Resources (ASX:MOH) – results
Calima Energy (ASX:CE1) – capital raising
Adacel Technologies (ASX:ADA) – trading update
Onevue Holdings (ASX:OVH) – sale of Trustee Services.


Speciality Minerals (ASX:SEI) – acquisition
Smart Marine Systems (ASX:SM8) – capital raising
Collaborate Corp (ASX:CL8) – capital raising
Hot Chili (ASX:HCH) – capital raising
Lifespot Health (ASX:LSH) – product development & distribution heads of agreement
Carnavale Resources (ASX:CAV) – clarification of announcements.


Gold: $US1,409.50 ($2,006.83) -0.25%

Silver: $US15.32 +0.39%

Oil (Brent): $US64.39 -1.95%

Oil (WTI): $US58.20 -2.87%

Coal: $US68.83 +0.23%

Iron ore 62pc fe: $US118.02 +0.3%

AUD/USD: $US0.7021 +).19%

What got you talking last week

Over on Stockhead’s Facebook chat group, there were plenty of interesting narratives that caught the attention of group members from Tesla vs the traditional car manufacturers to the latest crypto update, and everything in between.

These were the five most-discussed stocks on trading gossip forum HotCopper at close on Friday, June 28:

Last week’s winners

Moves in the share price of last week’s winner, Hylea Metals (ASX:HCO), shows that markets are still on the lookout for the next big uranium opportunity.

The battery metals company announced it was buying Paladin Energy’s (ASX:PDN) stake in the Kayelekera uranium mine in Malawi for $10m, and its share price closed the week more than 360 per cent higher.

Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks for June 24-28:

TickerNamePrice last FridayPrice this Friday% changeMarket Cap
HCO HYLEA METALS LTD0.0130.058346 $5,808,074
AJC ACACIA COAL LTD0.0010.002100 $8,135,304
DAF DISCOVERY AFRICA LTD0.0070.014100 $2,551,286
KGM KALNORTH GOLD MINES LTD0.0030.006100 $5,365,441
KGD KULA GOLD LTD0.0230.04183 $2,364,372
OKR OKAPI RESOURCES LTD0.110.16565 $5,666,573
PNX PNX METALS LTD0.0060.00760 $19,482,306
OXX OCTANEX LTD0.0060.00860 $2,181,704
MOY MILLENNIUM MINERALS LTD0.0820.11559 $93,574,584
OAU ORA GOLD LTD0.010.01456 $9,045,342
ORM ORION METALS LTD0.010.01550 $7,171,462
PSM PENINSULA MINES LTD0.0030.00350 $3,038,616
NSE NEW STANDARD ENERGY LTD0.0040.00650 $4,932,493
VAR VARISCAN MINES LTD0.0010.00250 $1,906,610
PCH PROPERTY CONNECT HOLDINGS0.0020.00350 $2,057,590
CAV CARNAVALE RESOURCES LTD0.0030.00350 $2,228,999
XST XSTATE RESOURCES LTD0.0020.00250 $3,421,473
BUY BOUNTY OIL & GAS NL0.0030.00350 $2,860,203
ADN ANDROMEDA METALS LTD0.0130.01645 $21,687,988
FNT FRONTIER RESOURCES LTD0.0140.01442 $8,314,733
EDE EDEN INNOVATIONS LTD0.0280.03841 $63,110,468
DNA DONACO INTL LTD0.1050.14040 $115,302,992
QEM QEM LTD0.10.14040 $14,000,000
MGL MAGONTEC LTD0.0240.02537 $37,622,424
RDG RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT GROUP L0.0160.01936 $12,008,552
MOD MOD RESOURCES LTD0.3050.41035 $127,679,600
RTR RUMBLE RESOURCES LTD0.050.06435 $25,076,418
POD PODIUM MINERALS LTD0.0670.09235 $8,801,177

Last week’s losers

Internet domain company Arq Group (ASX:ARQ) remains under pressure, losing more than 40 per cent over the course of last week.

The falls followed another earnings downgrade for its larger enterprise division, with forecast core earnings of between $12m and $14.5m this year — well down from previous estimates of more than $20m — as the potential loss of a major customer continues to hang over the company.

Here are the lost performing ASX small cap stocks for June 24-28:

TickerNamePrice last FridayPrice this Friday% changeMarket Cap
RPG RAPTIS GROUP LTD0.0490.070-30 $7,489,279
EWC ENERGY WORLD CORP LTD0.0600.077-31 $104,146,640
ADV ARDIDEN LTD0.0020.003-33 $3,362,761
RIM RIMFIRE PACIFIC MINING NL0.0020.003-33 $2,139,236
MTB MOUNT BURGESS MINING NL0.0020.003-33 $970,259
PCL PANCONTINENTAL OIL & GAS NL0.0010.002-33 $5,406,716
OEX OILEX LTD0.0020.003-33 $5,174,636
DDD 3D RESOURCES LTD0.0010.002-33 $1,107,221
CAD CAENEUS MINERALS LTD0.0020.002-33 $2,141,260
SAN SAGALIO ENERGY LTD0.0020.003-33 $409,320
MMR MEC RESOURCES LTD0.0040.005-33 $2,072,892
CZN CORAZON MINING LTD0.0020.004-33 $2,761,377
QGL QUANTUM GRAPHITE LTD0.0020.003-33 $15,321,162
UNL UNITED NETWORKS LTD0.0090.011-33 $1,006,600
LMW LANDMARK WHITE LTD0.1800.270-33 $15,324,140
SUP SUPERIOR LAKE RESOURCES LTD0.0190.026-34 $16,443,597
PUR PURSUIT MINERALS LTD0.0110.017-35 $1,963,801
RES RESOURCE GENERATION LTD0.1250.175-38 $72,672,544
ZEU ZEUS RESOURCES LTD0.0080.013-38 $1,441,200
CMC CHINA MAGNESIUM CORP LTD0.0110.018-39 $5,086,824
RMG RMG LTD0.0090.015-40 $5,542,784
BNO BIONOMICS LTD0.0340.056-40 $18,519,320
NGY NUENERGY GAS LTD0.0070.012-42 $10,366,688
TRM TRUSCOTT MINING CORP LTD0.0080.015-47 $942,732
ARQ ARQ GROUP LTD0.7001.400-50 $87,934,408
GPP GREENPOWER ENERGY LTD0.0010.002-50 $1,943,207
RXH REWARDLE HOLDINGS LTD0.0040.004-50 $1,578,965
HT8 HARRIS TECHNOLOGY GROUP LTD0.0120.027-56 $2,220,022
AEV AVENIRA LTD0.0060.013-57 $6,351,770