Coming up on Stockhead today, what you need to know about the state of renewables in Australia right now, why the International Space Station is getting lithium-ion batteries, and how all the dots point to commodity prices rising.

But first, here’s what you need to know right now:


The day ahead in data

Not much data today: just the ANZ Roy Morgan weekly consumer confidence figures.


Company news

Just one company has shares coming out of escrow today: Lepidico (ASX:LPD), with 3.6 million. You can view our recent wrap of companies releasing escrowed shares here.

The following six companies may appear from a trading halt today:

  • Vivid Technology (ASX:VIV), capital raise
  • The Data Exchange (ASX:DXN), capital raise
  • Orinoco Gold (ASX:OGX), capital raise. (Its new chairman Adrian Byass spoke with StockheadRead that here. resources editor Angie East yesterday. )
  • Consolidated Zinc (ASX:CZL), related to the company’s ore toll treatment and offtake agreement
  • Element 25 (ASX:E25), funding arrangements
  • Animoca Brands (ASX:AB1), a major partnership
  • Fremont Petroleum (ASX:FPL), capital raise



Gold: $USD1320.02 ($1,857.80) +0.65%

Silver: $USD15.56 +0.76%

Oil (Brent): $USD67.20 +0.36%

Oil (WTI): $USD59.02 -0.12%

Coal: $USD88.22 -0.63%

Iron ore 62% fe: $USD85.89 +0.28%

AUD/USD: $USD0.7105


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What got you talking yesterday

The troubles of tech company Tikforce (ASX:TKF) were outlined on the Stockhead Facebook chat forum.

These were the five most-discussed stocks on trading gossip forum HotCopper at close on Monday:

Emerge Gaming (ASX:EM1) was still generating plenty of discussion thanks to its tie-up with iCandy (ASX:ICI), while Nuheara (ASX:NUH) revealed that the UK’s NHS has reclassified its IQBuds Boost as “niche technology” hearables.

They’ll no longer be considered hearing aids, a category Nuheara has been targeting for some time.



Yesterday’s winners

Alaska-focused Zinc miner White Rock Minerals (ASX:WRM) got a boost yesterday, following news that the $1.1 billion Sandfire Resources (ASX:SFR) could inject up to $30 million in the company, in return for a 70 per cent stake.

Shares in the minnow jumped 27 per cent to 0.7 cents.

ApplyDirect (ASX:AD1) rose 46 per cent to 2c on Monday after announcing late on Friday that it had completed an acquisition of a software company, as well as raising $990,000 from a placement to an institutional investors.

ASX code Company Name Price Percentage Change Market Cap Volume
CGM Cougar Metals NL 0.002 100% $2,100,000 1.0M
DDD 3D Resources Ltd 0.002 50% $3,300,000 128.4k
DTR Dateline Resources Ltd 0.003 50% $22,900,000 733.7k
GPP Greenpower Energy Ltd 0.003 50% $4,700,000 1.7M
AD1 ApplyDirect Ltd 0.02 46% $8,100,000 734.3k
CHZ Chesser Resources Ltd 0.05 39% $11,900,000 3.0M
ADV Ardiden Ltd 0.004 33% $6,700,000 375.0k
FSG Field Solutions Holdings Ltd 0.02 31% $9,000,000 45.0k
LI3 Lithium Consolidated Ltd 0.06 30% $5,400,000 370.5k
QFY Quantify Technology Holdings L 0.009 29% $8,800,000 12.4M
HOR Horseshoe Metals Ltd 0.014 27% $2,700,000 31.8k
WRM White Rock Minerals Ltd 0.007 27% $11,500,000 29.5M
UNL United Networks Ltd 0.015 25% $1,900,000 10.4k
MNC Metminco Ltd 0.003 25% $3,000,000 1.0M
PSM Peninsula Mines Ltd 0.005 25% $4,300,000 100.0k
QGL Quantum Graphite Ltd 0.003 25% $18,900,000 250.0k
THD Thred Ltd 0.003 25% $4,500,000 1.0M
OOK Ookami Ltd 0.02 23% $7,200,000 3.1M
LNY Laneway Resources Ltd 0.008 23% $27,600,000 24.7M
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Yesterday’s losers

As much as $90 million was wiped from the market cap of OncoSil Medical (ASX:OSL) as it slumped by 87 per cent after getting some bad news from UK medical authorities.

The biotech aims to treat liver and pancreatic cancer by implanting a tiny device directly into tumours with a needle to irradiate them.

However, the British Standards Institute concluded that “insufficient clinical benefit has been demonstrated to recommend approval” for Oncosil’s treatment.

ASX code Company Name Price Percentage Change Market Cap Volume
OSL OncoSil Medical Ltd 0.05 -70% $31,500,000 58.2M
NWE Norwest Energy NL 0.002 -33% $6,800,000 780.5k
CLZ Classic Minerals Ltd 0.001 -33% $3,000,000 10.8M
NAE New Age Exploration Ltd 0.005 -29% $4,400,000 352.6k
TV2 TV2U International Ltd 0.006 -25% $15,100,000 24.8M
SI6 Six Sigma Metals Ltd 0.003 -25% $1,400,000 835.0k
IVO Invigor Group Ltd 0.003 -25% $7,800,000 100.0k
DHR Dark Horse Resources Ltd 0.003 -25% $5,900,000 100.0k
TZL TZ Ltd 0.18 -25% $12,700,000 15.9k
AGJ Agricultural Land Trust 0.03 -23% $3,000,000 25.3k
PSA Petsec Energy Ltd 0.08 -21% $29,100,000 704.4k
SUD Suda Pharmaceuticals Ltd 0.004 -20% $10,300,000 1.5M
MTB Mount Burgess Mining NL 0.004 -20% $1,800,000 35.7k
KMT Kopore Metals Ltd 0.013 -19% $7,100,000 1.2M
ARN Aldoro Resources Ltd 0.13 -19% $4,600,000 10.0k
CZR Coziron Resources Ltd 0.009 -18% $19,600,000 14.1k
SES SECOS Group Ltd 0.04 -18% $11,500,000 42.2k
JPR Jupiter Energy Ltd 0.04 -18% $5,700,000 67.0k
9SP 9 Spokes International Ltd 0.03 -29% $12,400,000 16.3M
CYP Cynata Therapeutics Ltd 1.25 -29% $127,300,000 3.1M
GCR Golden Cross Resources Ltd 0.03 -30% $2,800,000 52.5k
DDD 3D Resources Ltd 0.002 -33% $2,200,000 503.3k
BLK Blackham Resources Ltd 0.02 -33% $24,800,000 40.7M
CLZ Classic Minerals Ltd 0.001 -50% $3,000,000 5.5M
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That’s all you need to know. Go go go!