On Stockhead today, why ag stocks are looking so attractive right now, some sage words for gold investors and how blockchain can prove useful in aiding the COVID-19 recovery.

But first…


The day ahead

In economic data, there’s ANZ-Roy Morgan’s weekly consumer confidence index due for release at 9.30am. Also keep your eye out for private sector credit figures for February.

The following companies are in trading halts and are expected to exit in the next two trading days:


Legend Mining (ASX:LEG) – exploration results
G Medical Innovations (ASX:GMV) – registration status
Swift Media (ASX:SW1) – capital raising


Benitec Bioharma (ASX:BLT) – FIRB decision meaning
P2P Transport (ASX:P2P) – COVID-19 trading update
Change Financial (ASX:CCA) – capital raising
Windlab (ASX:WND) – execution of loan facility agreement
PYC Therapeutics (ASX:PYC) – lead drug program results
GBM Resources (ASX:GBZ) – capital raising and farm in agreement
Galan Lithium (ASX:GLN) – capital raising
EML Payments (ASX:EML) – acquisition update



Gold: $US1,622.15 ($2,630.52) (-0.07%)

Silver: $US14.06 (-2.37%)

Oil (WTI): $US20.14 (-6.37%)

Oil (Brent): $US22.54 (-9.59%)

Coal: $US69.00 (-2.38%)

Iron 62pc Fe: $US88.49 (-0.12%)

AUD/USD: $US0.6165 (-0.05%)

Bitcoin: $US6,405.27 (+8.02%)


What got you talking yesterday

On Twitter it was all about how it is still possible to raise capital. At least if you’re a gold miner.

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These were the most tipped stocks (weekly) on Stocks in Play:

Yesterday’s winners

Code Company Price % Change Market Cap Volume
CDY Cellmid 0.31 213.13% $30.0M 18.90M
KAS Kasbah Resources 0.037 85.00% $5.0M 48.78K
GNX Genex Power Ltd 0.15 70.45% $60.3M 4.39M
MYQ MyFiziq Ltd 0.12 53.85% $13.0M 51.10K
MRR Minrex Resources 0.009 50.00% $1.8M 613.71K
RAP Resapp Health 0.205 46.43% $148.8M 29.29M
ADJ Adslot 0.01 42.86% $18.4M 5.85M
MEB Medibio Ltd 0.007 40.00% $7.0M 9.73M
NXE New Energy Minerals 0.007 40.00% $1.2M 223.00K
MEY Marenica Energy Ltd 0.054 35.00% $6.3M 81.24K
DCL Domacom Australia 0.027 35.00% $6.6M 933.89K
HMD HeraMED 0.16 33.33% $16.6M 1.09M
MDC Medlab Clinical Ltd 0.18 33.33% $42.0M 213.57K
AON Apollo Minerals Ltd 0.016 33.33% $5.4M 30.00K
AFR African Energy Resources 0.017 30.77% $10.6M 4.61K
PPY Papyrus Australia Ltd 0.013 30.00% $3.6M 44.81K
RMP Red Emperor Resources 0.009 28.57% $4.7M 1.46M
BUD Buddy Platform 0.009 28.57% $21.4M 10.53M
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Yesterday’s losers

Code Company Price % Change Market Cap Volume
DCG Decmil Group 0.125 -69.51% $98.1M 45.40M
TKL Traka Resources Ltd 0.002 -50.00% $801K 300.00K
IQ3 iQ3Corp Ltd 0.11 -38.89% $11.4M 10.00K
FXL Flexiroam Ltd 0.015 -37.50% $226.8M 350.00K
GRV Greenvale Energy 0.011 -35.29% $1.2M 31.45K
IPT Impact Minerals Ltd 0.004 -33.33% $6.2M 2.62M
CL8 Collaborate Corporation Ltd 0.007 -30.00% $8.1M 7.90K
MNS Magnis Resources Ltd 0.053 -25.35% $33.4M 3.52M
HCD Hydrocarbon Dynamics 0.015 -25.00% $4.2M 486.81K
CWX Carawine Resources 0.15 -25.00% $11.6M 529.07K
DAV Davenport Resources 0.03 -25.00% $5.0M 5.37K
LCT Living Cell Technologies 0.009 -25.00% $5.1M 1.05M
TGO Trimantium Growthops 0.06 -24.05% $12.0M 2.30K
JXT Jaxsta 0.013 -23.53% $4.2M 2.44M
TYM Tymlez Group 0.01 -23.08% $1.9M 32.78K
BXN Bioxyne Ltd 0.007 -22.22% $5.8M 883.06K
CM8 Crowd Mobile 0.011 -21.43% $4.1M 4.25M
WPP WPP Aunz 0.21 -20.75% $225.8M 1.59M
EMN Euro Manganese 0.1 -20.00% $22.0M 5.00K
EAX Energy Action 0.1 -20.00% $3.2M 6.15K
SRZ Stellar Resources Ltd 0.008 -20.00% $4.4M 256.44K
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