Coming up on Stockhead today, a VC tells us three things you should and shouldn’t do when pitching your idea, beer made from cannabis actually tastes like p..s, and the federal politician who thinks copper is a “rare earth” resource. Ha.

But first, here’s what you need to know right now:


The day ahead in data

Today the Reserve Bank of Australia releases a bulletin on economic developments today, while the ever-busy Australian Bureau of Statistics drops a range of employment figures.


Company news

No shares coming out of escrow today, but one company may come out of a trading halt today. Cynata (ASX:CYP) has got investors in a lather by mentioning Japanese technology giant Fujifilm in its trading halt announcement. Fujifilm is Cynata’s biggest shareholder.



Gold: $USD1313.83 ($1,844.43) +0.60%

Silver: $USD15.51 +0.93%

Oil (Brent): $USD68.24 +1.15%

Oil (WTI): $USD60.19 +1.78%

Coal: $USD90 -0.24%

Iron ore 62% fe: $USD86.23%

AUD/USD: $USD0.7127


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What got you talking yesterday

Takeover news was of interest on the Stockhead Facebook chat forum. The lawyers at intellectual property companies IPH (ASX:IPH) and Xenith (ASX:XIP) are still duelling, with the former now “disappointed” the latter still doesn’t think its now-formal takeover bid is good enough, while MacMillan Shakespeare (ASX:MMS) has called off a merger with Eclipx (ASX:ECX) after the latter said profit was down another 42.4 per cent since January, compared to the first five months of fiscal 2018.

These were the five most-discussed stocks on trading gossip forum HotCopper at close on Wednesday:



Yesterday’s winners

Coal miner Paringa Resources (ASX:PNL) was up 23 per cent to 16c after securing a $US56 million loan to accelerate production at its Poplar grove mine in Kentucky.

Jaxsta (ASX:JXT) shares rose 46 per cent to 35c on no news, but the company has been riding a wave of momentum of late as it secures some big names on its music accreditation platform.

Earlier this month it signed Warner Music and Universal Music as data partners, alongside Sony, meaning it now has all three major labels, covering about 80 per cent of the industry.

Lepidico (ASX:LPD) shares closed up 19 per cent to 3c after it told investors it was on budget and on schedule to build its pilot plant in Perth.

It reckons construction is 91 per cent complete.

ASX code Company Name Price Percentage Change Market Cap Volume
CLZ Classic Minerals Ltd 0.002 100% $4,500,000 1.5M
BAS Bass Oil Ltd 0.003 50% $7,800,000 7.6M
MLS Metals Australia Ltd 0.003 50% $7,000,000 5.0M
NWE Norwest Energy NL 0.003 50% $10,100,000 625.0k
JXT Jaxsta Ltd 0.35 46% $76,300,000 1.2M
POW Protean Energy Ltd 0.014 40% $4,400,000 3.0M
GOO Gooroo Ventures Ltd 0.07 36% $7,500,000 568.1k
MTB Mount Burgess Mining NL 0.004 33% $1,800,000 20.0k
FFG Fatfish Blockchain Ltd 0.015 33% $11,300,000 3.7M
FRX Flexiroam Ltd 0.05 25% $11,100,000 6.0k
MHC Manhattan Corp Ltd 0.005 25% $3,700,000 359.5k
ROG Red Sky Energy Ltd 0.003 25% $2,500,000 1.5M
PAB Patrys Ltd 0.03 24% $27,900,000 21.2M
PNL Paringa Resources Ltd 0.16 23% $75,600,000 3.2M
ADX ADX Energy Ltd 0.006 20% $7,200,000 200.0k
DTM Dart Mining NL 0.006 20% $5,600,000 2.0M
EPM Eclipse Uranium Ltd 0.003 20% $3,400,000 162.7k
SYT Syntonic Ltd 0.006 20% $35,800,000 7.1M
TYX Tyranna Resources Ltd 0.012 20% $5,700,000 50.0k
WCN White Cliff Minerals Ltd 0.005 20% $2,400,000 1.1M
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Yesterday’s losers

Eclipx was the biggest loser on the aforementioned news, down 56 per cent to close at 83c.

Workplace facilitators Konekt (ASX:KKT) shares fell 17 per cent to 19c on media speculation about Jobactive going digital.

“Konekt has not assessed the impact of this speculation and will provide ongoing updates as firm information is published,” it said.

ASX code Company Name Price Percentage Change Market Cap Volume
ECX Eclipx Group Ltd 0.83 -56% $265,300,000 35.1M
SRO Shareroot Ltd 0.001 -33% $1,600,000 52.0k
APG Austpac Resources NL 0.001 -33% $2,100,000 5.7M
SL1 Symbol Mining Ltd 0.013 -32% $7,600,000 3.0M
HOR Horseshoe Metals Ltd 0.012 -25% $2,300,000 254.0k
EN1 engage:BDR Ltd 0.03 -24% $12,200,000 246.4M
1ST 1st Group Ltd 0.05 -20% $12,300,000 953.0k
ARM Aurora Minerals Ltd 0.012 -20% $1,500,000 278.5k
SXX Southern Cross Exploration NL 0.004 -20% $4,300,000 1.7M
SRN Surefire Resources NL 0.004 -20% $1,800,000 396.6k
QGL Quantum Graphite Ltd 0.002 -20% $15,100,000 168.0k
OEX Oilex Ltd 0.004 -20% $10,300,000 317.5k
ICG Inca Minerals Ltd 0.004 -20% $12,100,000 625.5k
CIO Connected IO Ltd 0.002 -20% $3,600,000 19.0k
ANL Amani Gold Ltd 0.002 -20% $7,400,000 4.8k
EUR European Lithium Ltd 0.14 -19% $83,100,000 4.3M
GIB Gibb River Diamonds Ltd 0.044 -19% $7,900,000 152.8k
ODM Odin Metals Ltd 0.12 -18% $17,700,000 360.0k
KKT Konekt Ltd 0.19 -17% $20,100,000 42.7k
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That’s all you need to know. Go go go!