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Good morning everyone, and welcome to 28 May, 2024 – an important day in the history of gender politics.

That’s because it was on this day in 1482 that Joan of Arc turned up in public dressed like a dude, in clear breach of her parole conditions.

Despite Joan pointing out that she was getting about the place in men’s kit in order to avoid being raped – a pretty solid argument at the time – the English seized the opportunity to point out that she was being (in their eyes) an enormous pain in England’s arse  because of her cross-dressing.

A huge call from a bunch of dudes who dressed a bit like ladies, with all their fancy robes and such.

That’s why Joan was re-arrested, hastily tried and promptly barbecued just three days later – a total travesty of justice, as proven by the fact that just 25 years after her murder, a re-trial was held.

Joan didn’t attend, but had she been able to turn up, she would no doubt be pretty unhappy that the retrial found her innocent, and the charges of heresy that led to her death were overturned.

And not by just a little bit, either – her conviction was overturned to such an extent than in 1920, the Catholic Church went the whole hog and canonised her into sainthood, where she is now the patron saint of France, soldiers, prisoners, those in need of courage, those ridiculed for their faith, youth, and looking fab-u-lous in a pair of jeans.

Luckily for you, however, we’re (mostly) a far more tolerant society these days, so you won’t need to be burnt at the stake for your chance to dress up however you want – and you won’t be tried for heresy if you go looking for any news that could help you with your plays on the market today.

Our top stories for the morning include Earlybird Eddy’s dive into what Argonaut thinks is on the horizon for the ASX, and as always, I’ve pulled together all the bits and bobs and data and digits below, so you can look super-duper-smart in front of your mates when the market opens this morning.



Gold: US$2,343.21(+0.38%)

Silver: US$30.84 (+1.58%)

Nickel (3mth): US$19,.954/t (-0.73%)

Copper (3mth): US$10,129/t (-0.73%)

Zinc: US$2,999.40/t (-0.21%)

Oil (WTI): US$78.03 (+0.42%)

Oil (Brent): US$82.17 (+0.06%)

Iron 62pc Fe: US$117.60/t (+0.01%)

AUD/USD: 0.634 (+0.15%)

Bitcoin: US$68,517.40 (+0.07%)



Eddy’s been busy trying to explain stuff to everyone again, and this time it’s about selling too soon, or holding too long. Here’s why you’re doing it, and how you can stop.




Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks:

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Yesterday’s Small Cap Winners included:

Explorer DY6 Metals (ASX:DY6) was soaring on Monday morning, after revealing that the company has taken a closer look at historic drill samples from the Tundulu project in southern Malawi, and found that the project is – apparently – absolutely riddled with Rare Earths.

Drilling intercepts including 101m @ 1.02% TREO from surface, 109m @ 1.06% TREO from 53m and 97m @ 1.35% TREO from surface tell the story – there’s probably a lot of valuable stuff there, close to the surface – which DY6 says compares favourably to Lynas’ (ASX:LYC) Mt Weld deposit.

Also doing well was Armada Metals (ASX:AMM), on news that a binding agreement has been signed to acquire 100% of the issued capital of Midwest Lithium, an Australian company that currently holds, or has the right to acquire, a 100% interest in 1,098 unpatented lode mining claims covering approximately 93km2, located in the Black Hills of South Dakota, USA. On completion, Midwest shareholders will hold 50% of the enlarged post capital raising, issued share capital of Armada. The transaction is subject to various conditions, of course, “including execution of long form agreements and the completion of satisfactory legal, financial, tax and technical due diligence by Armada”

Hydrix (ASX:HYD) was also moving well on Monday morning, on news that its wholly-owned subsidiary Hydrix Services has entered into a $2.3m contract with leading European medical company Paul Hartmann, to provide a second round of services to assist with product development.

And Australasian Metals (ASX:A8G) was on the rise, after it announced it has entered into an Option Agreement with Verdant Minerals regarding the Dingo Hole high pure quartz project in the Northern Territory and Queensland.  That operation is known as the Dingo Hole high pure quartz project and A8G has entered an agreement with Verdant Minerals regarding it.

High Pure Quartz HPQ is a rapidly growing minerals sector, and that’s largely due to the material’s high industrial usage in the tech and electronics industry (yes, AI), including for semiconductors, solar panels, optical glass, optical fibres and more.



Here are the worst performing ASX small cap stocks:

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Sierra Nevada Gold (ASX:SNX) – pending an announcement to the market in relation to a capital raising.

Kincora Copper (ASX:KCC) – pending  an announcement in relation to a proposed joint venture agreement.

Gateway Mining (ASX:GML) – pending an announcement in relation to a capital raising.

Emu (ASX:EMU) – pending the release of an announcement regarding an equity raise.

Winsome Resources (ASX:WR1) – pending the release of the details of an upgraded Mineral Resource Estimate.

Western Gold Resources (ASX:WGR) – pending an announcement to the market in relation to a capital raising.

Desoto Resources (ASX:DES) – pending an announcement regarding a strategic acquisition.

OD6 Metals (ASX:OD6) – pending an announcement of a Mineral Resource Estimate Upgrade at the Splinter Rock Project

Adriatic Metals (ASX:ADT) – pending an announcement concerning a capital raising.