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Gold. Its gold in January, and it’s continued a five-week rally to US$1,933/ounce… Our Guy is on The Rocks.

Lithium. Its not gold. But the analysts have changed their minds about it being worth any less. Human Battery, husband, lover and Ruler of the Isle of Dogs, Reuben Adams has the story.

Also, Rob Badman says: Humanoid ant-based web3 game Tiny Colony launches on ImmutableX blockchain after ditching Solana. We also think he is a spy.

So first, the day ahead…



These companies are in them, or due to come out of them: 

Cipherpoint (ASX:CPT) – capital raising

Native Mineral Resources (ASX:NMR) – capital raising

K-TIG (ASX:KTG) – a material acquisition



Gold: $US1933.10 (+0.10%)

Silver: $US23.59 (+0.62%)

Nickel (3mth): $US27,651/t (+4.40%)

Copper (3mth): $US9.342/t (+0.25%)

Lithium Carbonate, China (Benchmark Minerals Intelligence, NOV 16): $US80,150/t (+0.1% weekly, +127.6% year-to-date)

Lithium Hydroxide, China (Benchmark Minerals Intelligence, NOV 16): $US79,525/t (+0.1% weekly, +171.4% year-to-date)

Oil (WTI): $US80.22 (-1.66%)

Oil (Brent): $US86.58 (-1.82%)

Iron 62pc Fe: $US124.50 (+0.00%)

AUD/USD: 0.7042 (+0.21%)

Bitcoin: $US22,908 (-0.41%)



He might not own Twitter, but our Josh Chiat certainly owns Elon Musk.



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Here were yesterday’s best performing ASX small cap stocks:

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Once gone for all money, but suddenly ‘out of bourse purgatory’ SA graphite explorer Lincoln Minerals (ASX:LML) climbed about 65% yesterday as its M&A prince across the road, Quantum Graphite (ASX:QGL) made a third offer for Lincoln’s assets.

Emma and Gregor have been filling me in.

Banished to the Phantom Zone in September 2020 for a no mates / no cash situation, LML spent 2021 ‘doing mostly nothing’, but woke up late last year upon the sweet unsolicited takeover kiss from QGL, the fellow South Australian project developer.

The initial 2 x lowball all-share offers were rejected by the LML board but this last QGL offer (Tuesday) must really be tempting.

What’s changed?

Read up on what Emma’s got.

All I can say is that for a few pars and about 60 seconds, you get a wonderful, discombobulating, sad, disastrous, redemptive and ultimately life-un-affirming read. And we don’t even ask you guys to subscribe.

And just quickly, the possibly little bit crazy but so smart it just might work kids smartwatch developer Spacetalk (ASX:SPA) just put in another damn well half decent second quarter, with a $3.3m improvement in Q2 FY23 free cash flow as compared to Q1 FY21 – the first time Spacetalk has had a positive quarterly cashflow since Q3 FY21.

Em’s got more on that too actually. Fascinating company.



Here are the worst performing ASX small cap stocks:

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