In 2021 many COVID beneficiary stocks actually dropped following their financial results, as investors questioned the sustainability of their rapid growth rates. But that wasn’t the case with this morning’s cohort:


Dropsuite (ASX:DSE)

Dropsuite’s expertise is in global cloud backup and archiving software – critical amidst people working from home and the increased vulnerability of cyber attacks.

The company reported Annual Recurring Revenue of $13.1 million, up 14% from the last quarter and 81% from the same period last year.

It also reported 11% user growth to 575,000, and its first quarter of sustainable positive operational cash flow.

Dropsuite (ASX:DSE) share price chart


Whispir (ASX:WSP)

Whispir is another COVID beneficiary stock. It is a player in the cloud computing space, specialising in communications.

After a nuanced debut in 2019, Whispir shares began to take-off in the early months of the pandemic when it won a Victorian government contract.

The company reported $56.8 million in Annualised Recurring Revenue which was 31.8% up in 12 months and it on-boarded 33 new customers, taking its total to 834.

Whispir (ASX:WSP) share price chart


Adairs (ASX:ADH)

Adairs meanwhile is an ecommerce homewares company. While its year to date sales are 8.5% lower than FY21, they are 14.6% higher than FY20 and its online sales still grew.

It anticipates the hit from store closures in Victoria, NSW, the ACT and New Zealand to be somewhere between $28 and $32 million net of the estimated sales captured online.

But with lockdowns behind it the company expressed confidence of a strong Christmas trading season.

Adairs (ASX:ADH) share price chart


Cellmid (ASX:CDY)

Cellmid (ASX:CDY) was able to make the most of COVID-19 in entering the test kit market, which excited investors. But the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s examination of them didn’t go to plan.

Nevertheless its traditional business of anti-aging cosmetics is in positive shape. It netted $2.23 million in customer receipts and completed the acquisition of BLC.

While the company was affected by hair and beauty salons being closed due to lockdowns it tipped pent-up demand to be unleashed during this quarter.

Cellmid (ASX:CDY) share price chart


Aussie Broadband (ASX:ABB)

Aussie Broadband is not just another COVID beneficiary stock but one of last year’s hottest IPOs, listing at $1 twelve months ago and now sitting at just over $5.

The telco increased its connections to 445,780, up 11% quarter on quarter and up 44% year on year.

It’s revenues for the first quarter also grew 11.3% and it is tipping another 53-60,000 net broadband additions during the quarter.

Aussie Broadband (ASX:ABB) share price chart