Top performers from today’s list companies releasing annual results included Swoop (ASX:SWP), Australian Clinical Labs (ASX:ACL) and Fineos (ASX:FCL).


Australian Clinical Labs (ASX:ACL)

This company is a pathology stock and like industry peer Sonic Healthcare (ASX:SHL) has boomed in the last 12 months.

It’s revenue came in at $674.4 million and its profit was $88.7 million. While the former was only up 29% from FY120, the latter was up 659%.

The company only gave guidance for the first 6 months of FY22 but tipped revenue between $362 million and $375 million and a profit between $48 million and $53 million which were healthy upgrades to its prospectus.

Australian Clinical Labs (ASX:ACL) share price chart


Swoop (ASX:SWP)

The telco is also another recent ASX listee, having joined at the end of May. It’s revenue came in at $30.9 million, up 104% year on year and its earnings were $4.9 million, up 165%.

The company tips both figures to surge in FY22 to $40 million and $10 million respectively.

Swoop CEO Alex West said he was thrilled with the growth achieved and the opportunities that existed for further acquisitions.

Swoop (ASX:SWP) share price chart


Fineos (ASX:FCL)

Fineos is an insurance software company, headquartered in Ireland but ASX listed for just over 2 years.

The company’s revenue was €108.3 million and its gross profit was €72 million both up 23% in FY20 although it made a net loss after tax of €12.5 million.

Fineos (ASX:FCL) share price chart


Ardent Leisure (ASX:ALG)

This company is an unlikely candidate for investors to get excited about in FY21, owning Australian theme parks and American bowling centres.

The company’s net loss was lower than last year, $86.9 million compared to $136.1 million and it made revenue of $390.7 million.

Ardent still flagged positive earnings before tax and depreciation of $67.3 million, including specific items (including non-cash impairment of lease assets) – up 165% – or $30.6 million excluding specific items – up 434.7%.

The company said it was buoyed by the strong performance in the US thanks to vaccinations and it anticipated a similar rebound in Australia.

Ardent Leisure (ASX:ALG) share price chart


City Chic Collective (ASX:CCX)

City Chic Collective has experienced phenomenal growth over the last few years and FY21 was no exemption.

Sales revenue was $258.5 million, up 32.9%, and its profit was $21.6 million, up 135%.

The company boasted that its sales outside Australia-New Zealand were 44.1% of group revenue and its online penetration reached 73%.

City Chic Collective (ASX:CCX) share price chart


Appen (ASX:APX)

If you were hoping for a climb like WiseTech (ASX:WTC) for this fellow tech stock you were left disappointed. While it is still up over 230% in 5 years it is just over a quarter of its peak at this time last year.

The company’s revenue fell 2% to $196.6 million and its earnings fell 14% to $27.7 million – blaming higher costs relating to growth investments.

Appen also unveiled its latest acquisition, in location data provider Quadrant which will cost it US$25 million upfront with further payments possible subject to revenue milestones.

Appen (ASX:APX) share price chart


A2 Milk (ASX:A2M)

A2 Milk is another company that has seen its share price fall sharply in recent months.

The company’s core revenue channel is from dairy products, particularly infant formula in China, but growth has slowed and the daigou channel has dried up.

The company’s profit after tax was still $80.7 million, but that was down 79%.

A2M said the outlook for FY22 was uncertain and it’d take time to recover, but it was confident in the underlying fundamentals of the business and the broader growth opportunities.

A2 Milk (ASX:A2M) share price chart