Here are the key ASX small cap winners and losers at lunchtime Monday July 23:

The ASX Small Ords was down 23 points or 0.8 per cent to 2,835 at 12.30pm AEST.


Waste water business Calix (ASX:CXL) kicked off its second day on the market by building on Friday’s gains — up as much as 30 per cent this morning to an intraday high of 82c.

Calix spiked 36 per cent in its ASX debut on Friday after raising $8 million in an initial public offering priced at 53c.

The stock was trading at 80c at 11.30am today — 51 per cent higher than the issue price. 

Minerals explorer Buxton Resources (ASX:BUX) launched its week with share price gains of 30 per cent, hitting an intraday high of 21.5c after the company released drilling results for its Double Magic project above Broome.

Drilling found “massive sulphide intersections” with Pentlandite, Chalcopyrite and Pyrrhotite visible throughout the samples, the company said.

Meanwhile, Hardey Resources (ASX:HDY) gained 20 per cent and was sitting at 0.6c at 12.30pm AEST. The vanadium miner released a strategy presentation for investors on Friday.

Suda Pharma (ASX:SUD) started Monday up 25 per cent, seeing an intraday high of 0.5c. The company had no news out this morning, with the last update an investor presentation released last week.

BlackEarth Minerals (ASX:BEM) also gained 21 per cent, to 2.5c, off no news.

Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks at 12.15pm Monday, July 23:

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ASX code Company Today's price change (12.15pm) Price (12.15pm) Volume Market Cap
VMG VDM GROUP 0.5 0.003 485k 11.8M
NWE NORWEST ENERGY 0.5 0.003 3M 8.5M
IOT IOT GROUP 0.5 0.003 557k 2.6M
CXL CALIX 0.380952380952 0.87 274k 77.3M
BEM BLACKEARTH MINER 0.304347826087 0.15 8k 7.0M
CAG CAPE RANGE 0.269841269841 0.8 65k 52.7M
SUD SUDA PHARMA 0.25 0.005 4M 6.1M
PCL PANCONTINENTAL 0.2 0.006 781k 28.9M
BKP BARAKA ENERGY 0.2 0.006 130k 13.5M
AUL AUSTAR GOLD 0.2 0.006 101k 9.5M
TIE TIETTO MINERALS 0.197916666667 0.115 131k 20.9M
FHS FREEHILL MINING 0.19512195122 0.049 20k 16.5M
RNE RENU ENERGY 0.181818181818 0.013 79k 9.8M
BUX BUXTON RESOURCES 0.181818181818 0.195 1M 18.3M
SMD SYNDICATED METAL 0.166666666667 0.007 66k 3.8M
NCR NUCOAL RESOURCES 0.166666666667 0.014 250k 9.2M
BRC BRAIN RESOURCE 0.166666666667 0.056 297k 25.5M
DMI DEMPSEY MINERALS 0.151515151515 0.38 397k 31.4M
LRS LATIN RESOURCES 0.142857142857 0.008 450k 19.5M
CTM CENTAURUS METALS 0.142857142857 0.008 23M 16.1M
CI1 CREDIT INTELLI 0.142857142857 0.008 58k 5.7M
AYR ALLOY RESOURCES 0.142857142857 0.008 2M 10.2M
MSE METALSEARCH 0.133333333333 0.017 513k 6.9M
HNR HANNANS 0.133333333333 0.017 2M 29.7M
WMC WONHE MULTIMEDIA 0.129032258065 0.035 75k 4.7M
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Marketing play Adslot (ASX:ADJ) dropped by as much as 16 per cent on Friday’s closing price, to an intraday low of 2.7c.

The last news from the company came in the form of a contract update on its contract revenue revealing revenue for the licensing of its Symphony workflow platform to ad business Group M would increase by 39 per cent next year.

Here are the worst performing ASX small cap stocks at 12.15pm Monday, July 23:

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ASX code Company Today's price change (12.15pm) Price (12.15pm) Volume Market Cap
WGL WANGLE TECH -0.25 0.003 246k 5.4M
ROG RED SKY ENERGY -0.2 0.004 200k 3.8M
LCY LEGACY IRON ORE -0.2 0.004 270k 7.3M
GLA GLADIATOR RES -0.2 0.004 1M 4.3M
LMG LATROBE MAGNESIUM -0.181818181818 0.009 212k 13.8M
RNY RNY PROPERTY -0.166666666667 0.005 40k 1.6M
BUY BOUNTY OIL & GAS -0.166666666667 0.005 1M 5.7M
AZI ALTA ZINC -0.166666666667 0.005 445k 8.2M
GLH GLOBAL HEALTH -0.133333333333 0.195 6k 7.5M
SXX SOUTHERN CROSS -0.125 0.007 314k 8.6M
PPY PAPYRUS AUST -0.125 0.007 25k 1.8M
ADN ANDROMEDA METALS -0.125 0.007 200k 7.2M
ADJ ADSLOT -0.125 0.028 1M 41.2M
NTI NEUROTECH -0.117647058824 0.15 21k 18.5M
AWV ANOVA METALS -0.114285714286 0.031 10k 21.9M
ZYB ZYBER -0.111111111111 0.008 2M 5.9M
SPX SPECTRUM RARE EARTHS -0.111111111111 0.008 923k 6.4M
KEY KEY PETROLEUM -0.111111111111 0.008 948k 12.1M
DTM DART MINING -0.111111111111 0.008 1M 7.5M
AOA AUSMON RESOURCES -0.111111111111 0.008 308k 4.7M
EHX EHR RESOURCES -0.101265822785 0.071 286k 10.0M
TSN TRANSACTION SOL -0.1 0.009 2M 21.7M
TV2 TV2U -0.0909090909091 0.01 5M 22.0M
TKM TREK METALS -0.0909090909091 0.02 40k 6.9M
IVR INVESTIGATOR RES -0.0909090909091 0.01 160k 8.1M
IEC INTRA ENERGY -0.0909090909091 0.01 150k 4.3M
3DP POINTERRA -0.0869565217391 0.042 56k 22.7M
DTZ DOTZ NANO -0.0857142857143 0.096 385k 15.8M
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