Fila is an iconic brand. It began in Italy in 1911 and had its heydays in the 1990s. It spent the 2000s struggling, but in recent months it is staging a comeback.

Its shares, listed in Korea, are up 400 per cent in 18 months. Celebrities from Rihanna to Kendall Jenner are wearing Fila products.

And while it’s targeting younger consumers, Fila’s bringing back the older products that made it successful two decades ago. Some of them are colloquially referred to as ‘dad shoes’. They are typically chunky and have exaggerated features.

Who’s behind Fila’s comeback? Korean business magnate Yoon Yoon-soo. He has called the brand “more like a baby I had at the age of 45”.

He did not literally have a baby though; that’s the age Yoon was when he first joined in 1991 as head of South Korea business. Then in 2007 he led a buyout of the global firm and listed it in South Korea in 2010. He has made a fortune worth several hundred million dollars off Fila.

The ASX Small Ords has not had a good start to the week down 0.68 per cent to 2872 or by 20 points. This came despite a US-Iran war seeming unlikely and a further rate cut seeming as little as a week away.

Curiously though, today is the third anniversary of the date we found out the result of the Brexit referendum. Today, we are just as clear on when they’re leaving and in what form as we were then. Judging by that, as well as the stocks on today’s list of winners and losers, uncertainty hurts.

Going up

One stock rose over 300 per cent today. Uranium miner Hylea Metals (ASX: HCO) announced it was buying Paladin Energy’s (ASX: PDN) stake in the Kayelekera uranium mine.

In the opening minutes of trade it surged 130 per cent, and at 12pm it’s up 430 per cent to 6.9 cents! An impressive rise, but it is nowhere near an all-time record.

Also among the risers today were Chilean focused gold miner EMU (ASX: EMU) which announced a three-year extension on its options to purchase concessions at its Vidalita project. Arafura Resources (ASX: ARU) announced positive laboratory assay results of recently mined tungsten.

Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks at lunchtime, Monday June 24:

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CodeNamePrice% ChgMarket CapVolume
HCOHylea Metals Ltd0.069430%$6.3M5.1M
ALYAlchemy Resources Ltd0.0127%$6.2M1.1M
IPTImpact Minerals Ltd0.00525%$6.6M142.8k
LCYLegacy Iron Ore Ltd0.00525%$7.3M3.7M
SVDScandiVanadium Ltd0.0125%$3.5M1.2M
EQEEquus Mining Ltd0.01324%$11.7M1.1M
TNRTorian Resources Ltd0.01122%$2.8M223.8k
TBHBetmakers Holdings Ltd/The0.0522%$19.0M127.4k
CWZCashwerkz Ltd0.2920%$47.2M2.0k
ARDArgent Minerals Ltd0.01220%$6.5M1.3M
GMRGolden Rim Resources Ltd0.01220%$7.8M2.5M
EMUEmu NL0.0519%$7.9M20.0k
KZAKazia Therapeutics Ltd0.3819%$23.6M163.7k
MEIMeteoric Resources NL0.0218%$18.7M4.8M
MOYMillennium Minerals Ltd0.118%$89.1M7.2M
RHYResonance Health Ltd0.1118%$16.6M1.3M
MQRMarquee Resources Ltd0.1117%$4.7M320.9k
SPQSuperior Resources Ltd0.00717%$4.8M121.4k
ARUArafura Resources Ltd0.1317%$97.7M11.3M
ADHAdairs Ltd1.4516%$245.5M3.3M


Going down

How Mount Burgess Mines (ASX: MTB) will power its project in Botswana is no more clearer this morning and shares are down 33 per cent. Despite being advised upgrades would be completed by the end of the year, it has had to submit a proposal to the government and might need to seek money from them.

Here are the worst performing ASX small cap stocks at lunchtime, Monday June 24:

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CodeNamePrice% ChgMarket CapVolume
NGYNuEnergy Gas Ltd0.005-58.33%$7.4M7.9k
SYTSyntonic Ltd0.002-33.33%$6.6M3.6M
OEXOilex Ltd0.002-33.33%$5.2M193.5k
MTBMount Burgess Mining NL0.002-33.33%$970K200.0k
CLZClassic Minerals Ltd0.001-33.33%$3.0M2.0M
MLSMetals Australia Ltd0.0015-25.00%$4.4M1.6M
KEYKey Petroleum Ltd0.003-25.00%$4.6M147.6k
EFEEastern Iron Ltd0.003-25.00%$1.2M25.0k
ORMOrion Metals Ltd0.015-25.00%$7.2M149.8k
SYASayona Mining Ltd0.008-20.00%$13.8M12.6M
NEWNorwest Energy NL0.004-20.00%$8.5M7.4M
MMRMEC Resources Ltd0.004-20.00%$1.7M200.0k
MDIMiddle Island Resources Ltd0.004-20.00%$4.2M1.5M
FTTFactor Therapeutics Ltd0.004-20.00%$4.2M380.0k
DTRDateline Resources Ltd0.002-20.00%$15.9M7.0M
DLCDelecta Ltd0.004-20.00%$2.8M20.0k
CTOCitigold Corp Ltd0.004-20.00%$8.6M289.0k
RNXRenegade Exploration Ltd0.005-16.67%$1.8M3.4M
PNXPNX METALS Ltd0.0025-16.67%$12.2M1.1M
MRQMRG Metals Ltd0.005-16.67%$3.3M443.2k
EMPEmperor Energy Ltd0.0025-16.67%$2.5M1.7M
BLYBoart Longyear Ltd0.005-16.67%$131.5M3.2M


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