Here are the key ASX small cap winners and losers at lunch Thursday Nov 1:

The ASX Small ords index was up 0.9 per cent or 24 points to 2609.6 at 1pm AEST


Cancer biotech Race Oncology (ASX:RAC) more than doubled today after starting the hunt for a “sale, licence, partnership, collaborative venture or other arrangement” for its drug Bisantrene.

Race’s shares shot up 123 per cent to an intraday high of 23.5c.

That’s good news for shareholders who’ve watched the share price steadily decline from around 50c at the start of the year

Race has signed up New York-based Biosynergy Partners, owned by one of Race’s directors, to look for deals for the drug.

Bisantrene is a chemotherapy drug that was tested in more than 40 clinical studies before it was “lost” in a series of pharmaceutical mergers in the 1990s.

Musgrave Minerals ASX:MGV) continued to make ground after reporting high-grade gold discoveries at its flagship project in Western Australia last week.

The stock hit a 12-month high of 10c today — alnost doubling its price in little more than two weeks (see graph below).

Last week Musgrave boss Rob Waugh said the company’s Lake Austin North project was “is proving to be a large, well-mineralised system and the current diamond drilling program will aim to further outline the size and grade of this new and exciting gold discovery”.

Musgrave Minerals shares (ASX:MGV) over the past three months
Musgrave Minerals shares (ASX:MGV) over the past three months

Pancontinental Oil and Gas (ASX: PCL) gained 50 per cent to 0.3c after Raven Energy (ASX: REL) signed a binding deal to buy its Bombora Natural Energy subsidiary.

Bombora in particular holds a 10 per cent interest in the Dempsey gas project in California’s Sacramento Basin.

CFOAM (ASX:CFO) moved ahead after telling investors yesterday that “promising sales momentum over the latter part of the September quarter has continued into October”.

The stock was up 21 per cent to 17c in early Thursday trade.

“The company is on track to achieve a new record of quarterly cash receipts in the December quarter,” the company said.

CFOAM makes super-strength, fire-resistant carbon foam products for the aerospace, energy and defence sectors.

Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks at 12.30pm Thursday, Nov 1: 

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ASX code Company Price change today (12.30pm) Price (12.30pm) Volume Market Cap
APG AUSTPAC RES 1 0.002 13M 2.0M
RAC RACE ONCOLOGY 0.904761904762 0.2 2M 8.1M
THD THRED 0.5 0.003 4M 4.5M
XST XSTATE RESOURCES 0.333333333333 0.004 189k 2.7M
MLS METALS AUSTRALIA 0.333333333333 0.004 235k 7.0M
LNY LANEWAY RESOURCE 0.333333333333 0.004 710k 10.6M
GLA GLADIATOR RESOUR 0.333333333333 0.004 52M 3.0M
CIO CONNECTED IO 0.333333333333 0.004 560k 5.2M
VEC VECTOR RESOURCES 0.294117647059 0.022 14M 24.0M
SBR SABRE RES 0.25 0.01 2M 3.3M
KNM KNEOMEDIA 0.25 0.02 507k 10.2M
ICG INCA MINERALS 0.25 0.005 21M 11.2M
ENB ENEABBA GAS 0.25 0.005 500k 2.6M
CFO CFOAM 0.214285714286 0.17 165k 16.3M
SPB SOUTH PACIFIC RE 0.2 0.006 2M 827.6k
SGQ ST GEORGE MINING 0.192307692308 0.155 433k 38.8M
RES RESOURCE GENERAT 0.181818181818 0.065 384k 32.0M
MGV MUSGRAVE MINERAL 0.166666666667 0.091 1M 25.5M
KLH KALIA 0.166666666667 0.007 7M 15.1M
GTE GREAT WESTERN EX 0.166666666667 0.007 991k 5.5M
SE1 SENSERA 0.157894736842 0.11 1M 23.2M
VML VITAL METALS 0.142857142857 0.008 102k 12.2M
CTO CITIGOLD CORP 0.142857142857 0.008 700k 15.0M
CTM CENTAURUS METALS 0.142857142857 0.008 1M 16.1M
BCB BOWEN COKING COA 0.142857142857 0.016 167k 8.0M
ADT ADRIATIC MET-CDI 0.140186915888 0.61 528k 70.0M
NES NELSON RESOURCES 0.133333333333 0.17 637k 6.9M
MGT MAGNETITE MINES 0.125 0.009 925k 5.9M
KAS KASBAH RESOURCES 0.125 0.009 365k 8.4M
GMR GOLDEN RIM RESOU 0.125 0.018 2M 7.2M
BID BIDENERGY 0.122448979592 0.11 695k 72.6M
CPH CRESO PHARMA 0.120481927711 0.465 156k 48.1M
TOM TOMIZONE 0.111111111111 0.01 200k 3.8M
88E 88 ENERGY 0.111111111111 0.02 3M 104.0M
TFL TASFOODS 0.111111111111 0.15 76k 27.9M
AC8 AUSCANN GROUP HO 0.1 0.77 646k 216.4M
ECT ENVIRONMENTAL CL 0.1 0.011 962k 48.0M
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3D mapper Pointerra fell back after surging 120 per cent yesterday on the back of several new customer signings.

Pointerra makes cloud-based technology that manages the huge amounts of data contained in 3D files such as maps. It provides super-detailed mapping datasets without the need for high-performance computing.

One of the unnamed clients was described as “one of North America’s leading mobile mapping companies, which provides production mapping software for the Autonomous Driving industry”.

The stock reached 8.1c yesterday but fell 30 per cent to 5.9c on Thursday morning.

Here are the worst performing ASX small cap stocks at 12.30pm Thursday, Nov 1: 

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ASX code Company Price change today (12.30pm) Price (12.30pm) Volume Market Cap
AXT ARGO EXPLORATION -0.5 0.011 320 4.0M
AJC ACACIA COAL -0.5 0.001 1M 6.1M
CHPDD CHAPMANS -0.4 0.006 120k 2.7M
3DP POINTERRA -0.297619047619 0.059 54M 41.5M
FHS FREEHILL MINING -0.25 0.015 175k 9.2M
MNC METMINCO -0.25 0.003 827k 3.7M
GPP GREENPOWER ENERG -0.25 0.003 4M 6.3M
LVE LOVE GROUP GLOBA -0.206896551724 0.115 118k 6.0M
MIL MILLENNIUM SERVI -0.2 0.42 45k 24.1M
SI6 SIX SIGMA METALS -0.2 0.004 10M 2.3M
MSR MANAS RESOURCES -0.2 0.004 250k 13.2M
LRS LATIN RESOURCES -0.2 0.004 3M 14.1M
GBZ GBM RESOURCES -0.2 0.004 1M 5.5M
PUR PURSUIT MINERALS -0.183673469388 0.04 40k 4.0M
SUD SUDA PHARMACEUTI -0.166666666667 0.005 8M 15.5M
PWN PARKWAY MINERALS -0.166666666667 0.005 155k 3.6M
ALT ANALYTICA -0.166666666667 0.005 4M 20.0M
CRO CIRRALTO -0.157894736842 0.016 25k 7.4M
AVC AUCTUS ALTERNATI -0.121212121212 0.029 68k 8.6M
MYQ MYFIZIQ -0.12 0.33 4k 31.0M
RMG RMG -0.117647058824 0.015 36k 10.2M
MSG MCS SERVICES -0.117647058824 0.015 35k 3.2M
CCE CARNEGIE CLEAN E -0.111111111111 0.008 764k 24.5M
RGS REGENEUS -0.108108108108 0.165 7k 38.6M
SDV SCIDEV -0.1 0.009 714k 6.4M
PIL PEPPERMINT INNOV -0.1 0.018 25k 19.7M
CI1 CREDIT INTELLIGE -0.1 0.018 610k 16.4M
RVA REVA MEDICAL-CDI -0.1 0.225 60k 103.7M
NUH NUHEARA -0.0967741935484 0.056 7M 55.3M
SIL SMILES INCLUSIVE -0.0963855421687 0.75 93k 48.1M
CP1 CANNPAL ANIMAL -0.0909090909091 0.15 3k 15.4M
BSA BSA -0.0909090909091 0.25 80k 116.5M
WWI WEST WITS MINING -0.0909090909091 0.01 3M 7.9M
ICN ICON ENERGY -0.0909090909091 0.02 1M 13.1M
DN8 DREAMSCAPE NETWO -0.0869565217391 0.105 40k 44.7M
BXN BIOXYNE -0.0833333333333 0.033 220k 23.0M
GMV G MEDICAL INNHOL -0.08 0.345 4M 134.0M
MBK METAL BANK -0.0769230769231 0.012 250k 11.5M
IVX INVION -0.0740740740741 0.025 480k 148.3M
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