Mustard and ice cream. They are good but best kept separate.

But French’s and Coolhaus are combining the two for National Mustard Day, on Saturday.

What do the companies have to say for themselves?

“August 3rd is National Mustard Day, and after 115 years of using mustard to add something bold and unique to standard fare, we thought, ‘What about ice cream?'”

While it will only be available in New York and Los Angeles, you could have a go at making it yourself – the recipe is right here.

Delish Magazine noted it didn’t taste like mustard – rather like ordinary vanilla and smelt like cotton candy and bubblegum. Food colouring anyone?

Speaking of fixing something that ain’t broke, the US Federal Reserve killed the mood of investors anticipating further rate cuts. Despite doing so, it said this was not a new cycle of rate cutting.

This sent US markets down more than 1 per cent overnight. Our markets have followed them, the ASX Small Ords is down 0.49 per cent to 2,947 and the ASX 200 fell 0.22 per cent to 6,798.

Going up

Two of today’s gainers were betting stocks. PointsBet (ASX: PBH) gained 17 per cent after it announced a rollout in 5 US states, and Betmakers (ASX: TBH) jumped 26 per cent after launching a new product.

P2P Transport (ASX: P2P) jumped 45 per cent after its quarterly and full year earnings forecast. It estimates $5.63 million in full year earnings on the back of $78 million in underlying revenue.

Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks at lunchtime, Thursday August 1:

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Code Name Price % Chg Volume
SUR Sun Resources NL 0.003 +50.00% 1.1M
P2P P2P Transport Ltd 0.16 +45.45% 327.5k
ARE Argonaut Resources NL 0.007 +40.00% 1.9M
AO1 AssetOwl Ltd 0.011 +37.50% 3.5M
COY Coppermoly Ltd 0.01 +33.33% 944.6k
MLS Metals Australia Ltd 0.004 +33.33% 2.0M
TSC Twenty Seven Co Ltd 0.004 +33.33% 946.0k
GCR Golden Cross Resources Ltd 0.03 +31.58% 8.5k
BET Betmakers Technology Group Ltd 0.07 +25.86% 1.1M
NHL Novita Healthcare Ltd 0.015 +25.00% 1.1M
DTM Dart Mining NL 0.005 +25.00% 235.0k
SRN Surefire Resources NL 0.005 +25.00% 1.4M
BLY Boart Longyear Ltd 0.006 +20.00% 8.5M
CTO Citigold Corp Ltd 0.006 +20.00% 1.2M
MRQ MRG Metals Ltd 0.006 +20.00% 1.4M
QFY Quantify Technology Holdings Ltd 0.006 +20.00% 873.6k
SMD Syndicated Metals Ltd 0.006 +20.00% 163.0k
SYT Syntonic Ltd 0.003 +20.00% 733.3k
CAE Cannindah Resources Ltd 0.013 +18.18% 287.7k
WNB Wellness and Beauty Solutions 0.013 +18.18% 824.0k
PBH PointsBet Holdings Pty Ltd 3.39 +16.90% 1.1M
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Going down

Adherium (ASX: ADH) lost 17 per cent after releasing a quarterly last night which showed it burnt through nearly twice as much cash as it made – making $1.3 million but with a net outflow of $1.1 million.

Here are the worst performing ASX small cap stocks at lunchtime, Thursday August 1:

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Code Name Price % Chg Volume
LKO Lakes Oil NL 0.001 -33.33% 16.0k
RD1 Registry Direct Ltd 0.012 -29.41% 15.6k
JHL Jayex Healthcare Ltd 0.05 -25.71% 277.5k
VIC Victory Mines Ltd 0.0015 -25.00% 850.0k
AGE Alligator Energy Ltd 0.003 -25.00% 376.7k
VAL Valor Resources Ltd 0.004 -20.00% 200.0k
DRE Dreadnought Resources Ltd 0.004 -20.00% 7.6M
AYR Alloy Resources Ltd 0.002 -20.00% 90.0k
ADR Adherium Ltd 0.02 -17.24% 244.1k
OEX Oilex Ltd 0.0025 -16.67% 760.8k
CCJ County International Ltd 0.005 -16.67% 380.0k
IXU IXUP Ltd 0.1 -16.67% 8.0k
CLA Celsius Resources Ltd 0.02 -16.00% 5.0M
ARV Artemis Resources Ltd 0.03 -14.29% 6.3M
RAG Ragnar Metals Ltd 0.006 -14.29% 23.8k
PNN PepinNini Lithium Ltd 0.003 -14.29% 10.0k
FGO Flamingo AI Ltd 0.006 -14.29% 696.0k
AUT Auteco Minerals Ltd 0.006 -14.29% 30.0k
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Something completely different:

It’s impossible to resist a good jetpack video. Here’s British nutjob Richard Browning, getting even better at using those Iron Man attachments he’s been developing for several years now: