Here are the key ASX small cap winners and losers at lunch Tuesday October 16:

The ASX Small Ords was up 0.4 per cent or 11 points to 2,680 by 1pm AEST.


There were extraordinary scenes today as HIV fighter Biotron took investors on a wild rollercoaster ride — soaring 70 per cent to 44.5c before plummeting back to 22.5c — below yesterday’s close of 26c.

More than $32 million worth of shares changed hands this morning — though trade was very volatile and the stock rose and fell sharply.

The shares hit 44.5c just before 10.30am AEST — up more than 2000 per cent since closing at 1.9c on September 27.

But an hour later they had dropped back to around 27c amid extremely volatile trading. By 12.40pm the stock was in the red at 22.5c as investors rushed for the exit.

The Sydney-based small cap has experienced one of the year’s most extraordinary runs after two weeks ago announcing positive trial results for its HIV treatment.

Elsewhere pot stock eSense Labs (ASX:ESE) jumped 75 per cent to 6.5c in early Tuesday trade as it gained a UK customer — while also admitting two other deals faced trouble.

Today eSense Labs said a UK company — which it won’t name — has been testing its synthetic cannabis food additives for the last six months and has ordered seven litres of a lemon strain for a food additive pilot.

The UK deal is exactly the relief investors were looking for after a challenging year including boardroom stoushes.

The shares jumped 73 per cent to 6.5c early Tuesday before going into a trading halt. That’s well down from a one-year high of 44.5c.

Israel-based eSense makes cannabis “terpene” formulations. Terpenes are fragrant oils found in plants that carry flavour and aroma.

Fellow cannabis play MGC Pharma (ASX:MXC) has carried on its merry way after last Thursday’s announcement that its CannEpil treatment for drug-resistant epilepsy can now be prescribed in Australia.

The stock jumped from 5.1c to 6.7c after the announcement — and today was up another 17 per cent to 7.4c.

CannEpil has undergone years of testing and now has approval from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) which will make the product available in Australia through specialist prescribers.

Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks at 12.30pm Tuesday Oct 16:

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ASX code Company Price change today (12.30pm) Price (12.30pm) Volume Market Cap
ESE ESENSE-LAB 0.756756756757 0.065 75k 3.0M
ANP ANTISENSE THERAP 0.647058823529 0.028 128k 6.3M
XPE XPED 0.5 0.003 1M 3.8M
ROG RED SKY ENERGY L 0.5 0.003 420k 2.1M
QGL QUANTUM GRAPHITE 0.5 0.003 10M 18.7M
NIU NIUMINCO GROUP L 0.5 0.003 10M 6.8M
MRD MOUNT RIDLEY MIN 0.5 0.003 700k 3.8M
MOX MONAX MINING 0.5 0.003 2M 1.8M
MNC METMINCO 0.333333333333 0.004 250k 3.1M
DEV DEVEX RESOURCES 0.333333333333 0.004 6M 3.3M
DDD 3D RESOURCES 0.333333333333 0.004 33k 2.7M
ABV ADVANCED BRAKING 0.333333333333 0.004 4M 8.9M
AQX ALICE QUEEN 0.285714285714 0.018 13k 7.2M
NCR NUCOAL RESOURCES 0.266666666667 0.019 1M 11.5M
TOM TOMIZONE 0.25 0.01 2M 3.4M
SUD SUDA PHARMACEUTI 0.25 0.005 7M 10.3M
BLY BOART LONGYEAR L 0.25 0.005 1M 118.3M
CMD CASSIUS MINING L 0.208333333333 0.029 44k 6.3M
SPX SPECTRUM METALS 0.2 0.006 501k 4.3M
IVO INVIGOR GROUP 0.2 0.006 7M 8.2M
ALT ANALYTICA 0.2 0.006 100k 18.4M
DGR DGR GLOBAL 0.2 0.15 17k 76.6M
SEI SPECIALITY METAL 0.181818181818 0.013 4M 6.1M
GOO GOOROO VENTURES 0.175438596491 0.067 41k 4.9M
SVL SILVER MINES 0.166666666667 0.035 8M 19.0M
ESR ESTRELLA RESOURC 0.166666666667 0.021 80k 8.9M
RD1 REGISTRY DIRECT 0.166666666667 0.028 32k 3.1M
FPL FREMONT PETROLEU 0.166666666667 0.007 791k 5.2M
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White Cliff Minerals (ASX:WCN) fell 30 per cent to 1.7c after announcing a shareholder rights issue to raise up to $2.3 milion.

The offer is priced at 1.5c — a discount of 40 per cent to the previous closing price of 2.5c.

The money will go towards developing a gold deposit and defining a cobalt and nickel resource.

Here are the worst performing ASX small cap stocks at 12.30pm Tuesday October 16:

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ASX code Company Price change today (12.30pm) Price (12.30pm) Volume Market Cap
BPH BPH ENERGY -0.5 0.001 1M 1.6M
BDI BLINA MINERALS N -0.5 0.001 4M 6.5M
BUY BOUNTY OIL & GAS -0.333333333333 0.004 500k 5.7M
SPB SOUTH PACIFIC RE -0.285714285714 0.005 300k 1.2M
WCN WHITE CLIFF MINE -0.25 0.018 423k 1.8M
LCY LEGACY IRON ORE -0.25 0.003 2M 5.9M
GME GME RESOURCES -0.2 0.092 14k 55.4M
ZMI ZINC OF IRELAND -0.2 0.004 3M 9.7M
EER EAST ENERGY RESO -0.2 0.004 278k 16.0M
SBR SABRE RES -0.181818181818 0.009 320k 4.5M
RLC REEDY LAGOON -0.181818181818 0.009 1M 4.4M
GED GOLDEN DEEPS -0.175 0.033 465k 6.9M
EDE EDEN INNOVATIONS -0.175 0.099 56M 182.6M
PMY PACIFICO MINERAL -0.166666666667 0.005 731k 7.6M
3DP POINTERRA -0.142857142857 0.03 271k 17.3M
HAW HAWTHORN RESOURC -0.142857142857 0.042 152k 15.7M
ADN ANDROMEDA METALS -0.142857142857 0.006 994k 7.6M
TAS TASMAN RESOURCES -0.141414141414 0.085 8M 48.9M
NWF NEWFIELD RESOURC -0.133333333333 0.13 109k 87.2M
TV2 TV2U INTERNATION -0.125 0.007 2M 16.3M
THX THUNDELARRA -0.125 0.014 225k 10.2M
PNN PEPINNINI LITHIU -0.125 0.007 3M 5.1M
ZIP ZIPTEL -0.117647058824 0.015 393k 2.5M
OOK OOKAMI -0.117647058824 0.015 451k 5.6M
DN8 DREAMSCAPE NETWO -0.115384615385 0.115 36k 50.6M
ENA ENSURANCE -0.114285714286 0.031 176k 12.1M
ARS ALT RESOURCES -0.114285714286 0.031 440k 6.9M
MKG MAKO GOLD -0.111111111111 0.12 3k 8.5M
TPS THREAT PROTECT A -0.111111111111 0.16 75k 22.7M
OXX OCTANEX -0.111111111111 0.008 150k 2.5M
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