Here are the key ASX small cap winners and losers at lunchtime Friday July 13.

The ASX Small Ords was down 0.5 points or 0.02 per cent to 2842 at 12.30pm AEST.

Antipa Minerals (ASX:AZY) was Friday morning’s most traded small cap stock. More than 25 million shares changed hands by 11.45am AEST, worth close to $380,000.

The share price gained 15 per cent for the morning to an intraday high of 1.5c.

The company announced to the ASX the addition of 6.4 million shares after a placement to Sprott was approved by shareholders at a general meeting on July 4.


Castillo Copper (ASX: CCZ) gained 25 per cent this morning to an intraday high of 2.5c after confirming phase two drilling was starting at its Cangai copper mine.

Its the next step in preparation to re-open the site, with this phase of drilling designed to “ultimately expand the resource size”.

Alchemy Resources (ASX:ALY) also had drilling news, telling investors it had started work on the West Lynn Nickel-Cobalt exploration site.

The share price jumped 20 per cent to a morning high of 1.9c.

Hardey Resources (ASX:HDY) also gained 25 per cent to an intraday high of 0.5c with the company deciding the Nelly vanadium mine in Argentina was such a good value proposition that it’s fast-tracking due diligence.

Meanwhile, cannabis play MGC Pharma (ASX:MXC) gained 13 per cent to 7.1c after announcing it had secured certification for its European medical cannabis production facility.

Petrel Energy (ASX:PRL) was up 50 per cent to 0.3c on no news.

Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks at 12.15pm AEST, July 13:

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ASX code Company Today's price change (12.20pm) Price (12.20pm) Volume Market Cap
WCN WHITE CLIFF MINE 0.5 0.003 547k 7.7M
PRL PETREL ENERGY 0.5 0.003 3M 3.9M
PCH PROPERTY CONNECT 0.5 0.003 600k 3.0M
LKO LAKES OIL NL 0.5 0.003 14M 57.6M
EER EAST ENERGY RESO 0.5 0.006 5k 12.8M
AKN AUKING MINING 0.5 0.003 66k 2.3M
OEX OILEX 0.333333333333 0.004 46k 6.0M
IBN IBUYNEW GROUP 0.333333333333 0.004 281k 6.5M
HIP HIPO RESOURCES L 0.333333333333 0.028 450k 8.0M
SCU STEMCELL UNITED 0.28 0.032 35M 12.8M
SER STRATEGIC ENERGY 0.25 0.005 500k 3.4M
IAU INTREPID MINES L 0.25 1 6k 11.0M
N27 NORTHERN COBALT 0.233333333333 0.185 114k 7.6M
CCZ CASTILLO COPPER 0.208333333333 0.029 411k 13.9M
ARX ARC EXPLORATION 0.206896551724 0.35 3k 7.3M
PCL PANCONTINENTAL 0.2 0.006 44M 28.9M
MLS METALS AUSTRALIA 0.2 0.006 235k 11.7M
CXZ CONNEXION MEDIA 0.2 0.006 206k 3.7M
ALY ALCHEMY RESOURCE 0.2 0.018 490k 5.3M
JHL JAYEX HEALTHCARE 0.178571428571 0.066 29k 9.1M
AKM ASPIRE MINING 0.157894736842 0.022 4M 48.1M
AZY ANTIPA MINERALS 0.153846153846 0.015 18M 23.5M
SLX SILEX SYSTEMS 0.146341463415 0.235 5k 34.9M
MXC MGC PHARMACEUTIC 0.126984126984 0.071 14M 75.8M
THC HYDROPONICS 0.0810810810811 0.6 23k 69.2M
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Integrated Research (ASX:IRI) finished off the week with a share plunge after the company released an update to investors on Thursday night that full-year revenue growth will be flat and profit growth will be lower.

The company, which makes software to keep critical systems like payments running, saw its share price drop from $3.02 at Thursday’s close to $2.12 by 11.30am, a drop of 29 per cent.

The company told investors it expected to report profit growth of between 1 per cent to 5 per cent compared with last year. In 2017, this growth figure was 16 per cent.

The business said the change was because of “cyclical downswing in infrastructure and an underperforming European operation”.

Here are the worst performing ASX small cap stocks at 12.15pm AEST, July 13:

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ASX Company Today's price change (12.20pm) Price (12.20pm) Volume Market Cap
CMC CHINA MAGNESIUM -0.285714285714 0.015 25k 6.6M
S3R SERPENTINE TECHN -0.25 0.003 60k 2.9M
OVL ORO VERDE -0.25 0.003 1M 3.4M
ACB A-CAP RESOURCES -0.203703703704 0.043 197k 50.7M
ELT ELEMENTOS -0.166666666667 0.005 87k 8.0M
VAL VALOR RESOURCES -0.133333333333 0.013 5M 22.1M
AEV AVENIRA -0.133333333333 0.026 91k 27.5M
1AD ADALTA -0.128571428571 0.305 14k 35.6M
NVO NVOI -0.125 0.007 2M 3.3M
PMY PACIFICO MINERAL -0.111111111111 0.008 506k 8.0M
QFY QUANTIFY TECHNOL -0.103448275862 0.026 199k 15.9M
USA URANIUMSA -0.1 0.009 850k 4.1M
SVH SILVER HERITAGE -0.1 0.045 33k 29.3M
LTR LIONTOWN RESOURC -0.1 0.027 2M 33.1M
RVA REVA MEDICAL -0.0909090909091 0.2 29k 91.2M
IBG IRONBARK ZINC -0.0869565217391 0.042 40k 29.4M
MGP MANAGED ACCOUNTS -0.0851063829787 0.215 206k 70.9M
WEL WINCHESTER ENERG -0.0833333333333 0.022 100k 6.8M
RIM RIMFIRE PAC -0.0833333333333 0.011 42k 11.3M
FPL FREMONT PETROLEU -0.0833333333333 0.011 2M 8.3M
AAJ ARUMA RESOURCES -0.0833333333333 0.011 805k 6.2M
RNE RENU ENERGY -0.0769230769231 0.012 24k 12.0M
SKF SKYFII -0.0740740740741 0.125 145k 36.8M
VXR VENTUREX RESOURC -0.0714285714286 0.013 12M 50.4M
MAY MELBANA ENERGY -0.0714285714286 0.013 290k 23.4M
ASN ANSON RESOURCES -0.0606060606061 0.155 16M 69.8M
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