Here’s a novel way to save on gas or electricity: cook your pork roast in your car.

These insanely hot +40-degree days have to be good for something right?

And that’s exactly what one curious individual did — cooked 1.5 kilos of roast pork on a 39 degree day.

Meanwhile, the Aussie markets definitely were not sizzling hot today, with the ASX Small Ords down 0.25 per cent to 2,910 points and the ASX 200 down 0.26 per cent to 6,816 points.

But you may remember the last Friday before Christmas last year was the bottom out of a four-month rut for equities. But this year, the ASX Small Ords and ASX 200 indices have gained 22 per cent and 24 per cent, respectively.

Investors are probably a lot happier this Christmas.


Today’s biggest winner was Grand Gulf Energy (ASX:GGE) after it completed a share consolidation.

intelliHR (ASX:IHR) gained ground after locking in a capital raising at a hefty premium to its current share price. And Cogstate (ASX:CGS) told shareholders it made its best half year result ever recorded.

Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks at 12pm Friday December 20:

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Code Name Price % Chg Market Cap Volume
GGE Grand Gulf Energy Ltd 0.007 +75.00% $2.7M 4.9M
LRS Latin Resources Ltd 0.008 +33.33% $3.3M 569.9k
IHR intelliHR Ltd 0.08 +31.15% $14.3M 926.3k
CGS Cogstate Ltd 0.38 +28.33% $65.6M 241.5k
BAS Bass Oil Ltd 0.0025 +25.00% $8.4M 1.5M
MGT Magnetite Mines Ltd 0.005 +25.00% $4.8M 50.9k
ROG Red Sky Energy Ltd 0.0025 +25.00% $4.1M 1.4M
SER Strategic Energy Resources Ltd 0.005 +25.00% $4.8M 850.0k
SRN Surefire Resources NL 0.0025 +25.00% $1.6M 1.8M
FTT Factor Therapeutics Ltd 0.003 +20.00% $3.1M 200.0k
KEY Key Petroleum Ltd 0.006 +20.00% $10.3M 266.7k
XCD XCD Energy Ltd 0.012 +20.00% $8.4M 4.9M
IVZ Invictus Energy Ltd 0.03 +18.52% $14.4M 7.0M
4CE Force Commodities Ltd 0.013 +18.18% $7.2M 780.6k
TEG Triangle Energy Global Ltd 0.06 +18.18% $22.7M 1.1M
SXA Strata-X Energy Ltd 0.08 +16.92% $7.6M 748.5k
BNL Big Star Energy Ltd 0.007 +16.67% $4.1M 2.3M
KMT Kopore Metals Ltd 0.0035 +16.67% $2.2M 500.0k
AZV Azure Healthcare Ltd 0.08 +15.38% $19.8M 1.2M
ATH Alterity Therapeutics ltd 0.02 +15.00% $20.1M 300.0k
CE1 Calima Energy Ltd 0.008 +14.29% $17.2M 3.9M
EXP Experience Co Ltd 0.25 +13.64% $139.0M 69.9k
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Regis Healthcare (ASX:REG) delivered an update, but it was not so rosy (a $10m cut in profit after tax) and the stock fell 17 per cent.

Code Name Price % Chg Market Cap Volume
ANW Aus Tin Mining Ltd 0.001 -33.33% $2.6M 4.0M
AER Aeeris Ltd 0.1 -19.23% $6.3M 75.0k
1AD Adalta Ltd 0.1 -19.23% $17.2M 168.8k
OPL Opyl Ltd 0.14 -18.18% $4.0M 25.0k
RFN Reffind Ltd 0.0025 -16.67% $1.6M 2.1M
REG Regis Healthcare Ltd 2.65 -16.67% $800.0M 899.7k
PGM Platina Resources Ltd 0.02 -15.79% $5.2M 3.9M
AMA AMA Group Ltd 0.94 -14.32% $691.6M 18.9M
PUR Pursuit Minerals Ltd 0.006 -14.29% $2.0M 1.4M
OEX Oilex Ltd 0.003 -14.29% $9.9M 40.0k
NWE Norwest Energy NL 0.006 -14.29% $24.3M 17.0M
LNY Laneway Resources Ltd 0.006 -14.29% $22.3M 200.0k
FHS Freehill Mining Ltd 0.012 -14.29% $14.3M 115.1k
HE8 Helios Energy Ltd 0.16 -13.51% $240.6M 1.8M
BSR Bassari Resources Ltd 0.013 -13.33% $30.5M 308.1k
JIN Jumbo Interactive Ltd 16 -13.09% $998.2M 888.1k
LI3 Lithium Consolidated Ltd 0.03 -12.90% $3.9M 149.3k
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Here are the worst performing ASX small cap stocks at 12pm Friday December 20:

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