ASX Small Cap Winners Mar 9-16

It was a big week for producers of hotter-than-hot tech metal Vanadium.

King River Copper (ASX:KRC) continued its stellar run, gaining 84 per cent for the week to close at 12.5c.

The shares are up more than 400 per cent in the last month and more than 1800 per cent for the past year.

The hugely popular stock is largely riding on its potential for vanadium which Stockhead columnist Tim Treadgold covered in detail a few weeks back.

Queried by the ASX this week, King River took the opportunity to remind investors it was achieving 99.48 per cent pure Vanadium, 99.5 per cent pure Titanium and a new  resource of 27.2 million tonnes of Fluorspar.

“An initial concept/scoping study should be available early in April.”

King River recently raised $1.2 million and had $780,000 in the bank at the end of December.

Is King River Copper the stockmarket's prettiest share price graph?
Is King River Copper the stockmarket’s prettiest share price graph?

Meanwhile, Mount Burgess Mining (ASX:MTB) uncovered shallow vanadium in Botswana, where it has been looking for zinc, lead and silver.

The news got investors very excited. The shares  doubled to 1.4c on Friday morning, before closing at 1.2c — up 71 per cent for the week.

Vanadium is gaining traction with investors for its potential as a long-term energy storage solution.

The commodity is mainly used to produce high-strength steel, but future demand stems from its role in vanadium redox flow batteries, which can store more power and discharge over a longer period than lithium-ion batteries.

Mount Burgess has been aware for some time that it had vanadium — but only now has it been able to confirm “significant intersections and zones of vanadium mineralisation” at its Botswana project.

“Hearables” device maker Nuheara (ASX:NUH) put on 52 per cent for the week after its earbuds were added to a list of government-approved devices eligible for subsidies for the hard-of-hearing.

Nuheara makes high-tech wireless earbuds that allow users to alter noise levels and amplify conversations while reducing background sounds. They’re designed for general listening and can assist people with mild-to-moderate hearing loss.

Nuheara won approval as a supplier to the federal government’s Hearing Services Program (HSP) — a $539 million health care program.

Investors loved the announcement, pushing the stock to a 52-week high of 13.7c on Friday, before it closed at 13.5c.

Work has begun at the Amsterdam site of Integrated Green Energy Solutions’ (ASX:IGE) plastic-to-fuel plant and investors are excited.

The stock surged 58 per cent this week to close at 39.5c.

It builds on momentum from earlier announcements including a 100 per cent future sales agreement for all road-ready fuel from the site.

Data analyst platform 9 Spokes International (ASX:9SP) continued to gain attention this week after signing a deal to white-label its technology to Bank of New Zealand customers.

The shares gained 46 per cent to 6c for the week.

It’s the first agreement by the Kiwi company in its home country — following contracts with UK business bank lender Barclays and the Bank of Canada.

9 Spokes makes a digital dashboard that provides insights for businesses in areas such as accounting, inventory management, payroll and web traffic.

We don’t usually mention the Gina Rinehart-backed Lakes Oil (ASX:LKO) in this weekly report because it typically bounces between 0.1c and 0.2c each week.

But the stock was in the news this week after taking Victoria to court in a bid to overturn the State’s ban on gas exploration.

The hearing took place this week in the Victorian Supreme Court — but it could take several months before we know an outcome.

Lakes Oil tripled to 0.3c on thin trading this week — a height it hasn’t reached since October. It closed at 0.2c.

Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks for Mar 9-16:

Scroll to reveal the full table. Best viewed on a laptop or desktop:

ASX Code Name One-week price change Price Mar 16 Price Mar 9 52Wk High 52Wk Low Market Cap
CUL CULLEN RESOURCES 1 0.002 0.001 0.003 0.001 5197120.5
JVG JV GLOBAL 1 0.002 0.001 0.002 0.0009 2506445.25
LKO LAKES OIL 1 0.002 0.001 0.003 0.001 55236028
KRC KING RIVER COPPER 0.838235294118 0.125 0.068 0.14 0.004 140457472
MTB MOUNT BURGESS MINING 0.714285714286 0.012 0.007 0.015 0.004 2867452
E2E EON NRG 0.666666666667 0.015 0.009 0.0317 0.008 3657502.5
NSE NEW STANDARD ENERGY 0.6 0.008 0.005 0.01 0.002 6447762
PCH PROPERTY CONNECT HOLDINGS 0.6 0.004 0.0025 0.018 0.0015 3004839.25
IGE INTEGRATED GREEN ENERGY SOLUTIONS 0.58 0.395 0.25 0.41 0.125 133023304
KEY KEY PETROLEUM 0.571428571429 0.011 0.007 0.013 0.004 12473584
NUH NUHEARA 0.516853932584 0.135 0.089 0.135 0.052 79973768
FYI FYI RESOURCES 0.5 0.15 0.1 0.15 0.02 22219528
9SP 9 SPOKES INTERNATIONAL 0.463414634146 0.06 0.041 0.19 0.039 29716272
ECG ECARGO HOLDINGS 0.461538461538 0.19 0.13 0.33 0.04 123050000
ABU ABM RESOURCES 0.455696202532 0.115 0.079 0.155 0.066 50094152
PPY PAPYRUS AUSTRALIA 0.4375 0.023 0.016 0.05 0.004 5086439
TNT TESSERENT 0.436170212766 0.135 0.094 0.14 0.051 15219698
NAG NAGAMBIE RESOURCES 0.416666666667 0.17 0.12 0.195 0.023 74728144
SPX SPECTRUM RARE EARTHS 0.4 0.014 0.01 0.02 0.005 7754701.5
COB COBALT BLUE 0.383561643836 1.01 0.73 1.01 0.14 108238880
MRC MINERAL COMMODITIES 0.379310344828 0.2 0.145 0.2 0.105 60166528
NZC NZURI COPPER 0.375 0.385 0.28 0.48 0.14 86460104
ACB A-CAP RESOURCES 0.369565217391 0.063 0.046 0.068 0.031 52313092
GBR GREAT BOULDER RESOURCES 0.369565217391 0.315 0.23 0.71 0.096 22239270
AS1 ANGEL SEAFOOD 0.357142857143 0.19 0.14 0.22 0.13 23859800
NVA NOVA MINERALS 0.333333333333 0.04 0.03 0.064 0.005 27051888
AJC ACACIA COAL 0.333333333333 0.002 0.0015 0.007 0.001 3161401.75
MNB MINBOS RESOURCES 0.333333333333 0.004 0.003 0.008 0.002 7375517
RNL RISION 0.333333333333 0.004 0.003 0.011 0.003 5530184
SHK STONE RESOURCES AUSTRALIA 0.333333333333 0.004 0.003 0.006 0.002 3211508.75
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ASX Small Cap Losers Mar 9-16

Anson Resources (ASX:ASN) is hoping to produce its first lithium carbonate next month — but first it has to go back to the lab to re-test its brines.

“The techniques used by the laboratories were ineffective and the assay [test] results could not be confirmed,” Anson told investors on Wednesday.

That did not please shareholders.

The shares fell 40 per cent for the week to close at 10.5c.

Re-testing will take 10 days.

Here are the worst performing ASX small cap stocks for Mar 9-16:

Scroll to reveal the full table. Best viewed on a laptop or desktop:

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