Anyone know a Karen?

We’re not quite sure how everyone universally settled on any difficult person being a ‘Karen’, (sorry to all the nice Karens out there) but here are some doozies featuring — you got it — Karen:

a little less BS than an actual karen
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And then there’s Mila – who has firsthand experience with a junior ‘Karen’…


Now here’s what you might have missed on Stockhead this week, but everyone else didn’t, and liked the most.


1. TechTalk: What to buy in e-commerce, the hottest sector of the global economy

Stockhead’s latest video series, TechTalk, has proven just as popular as our RockTalk and StockTalk video instalments.

To kick off the series, technology analyst and host Tim Knapton takes a closer look at the booming e-commerce sector.

Populating the TechTalk expert panel this week is Rolf Weber, MD and co-founder of Marley Spoon Aus (ASX:MMM), Domm Holland, founder and CEO of Fast, and Justin Rosenberg, executive director of Gleneagle Securities.

The group discuss a range of topics, including the sector’s key stocks, emerging risks, the most important growth indicators and where we’re currently located in the valuation cycle for e-commerce stocks.

Tune in if you weren’t lucky enough to catch it first time around.


2. Stockhead V-Con: Gold Out West – The Explorers Part 2

This topic was so hot we had to do a second instalment.

This one was particularly well timed with the gold price this week touching near-seven-year highs and still going strong.

Part 2 continues to focus on the West Australian gold sector, which is on a tear. The experts give us their insights on whether the good times in gold are set to continue and are joined by companies that are leading the way in the state’s established goldfields.


3. RockTalk: Uranium’s renaissance or another false dawn?

It’s all about the vids this week.

Uranium is also proving to be a hot topic, with prices heading north and supply under pressure.

In this edition, host Peter Strachan looks at the uranium market, why the commodity has had a renaissance in 2020 and if the boom looks set to continue.

Tune in to hear all about uranium’s potential renaissance.


4. ‘Tug of war’: 3 small caps poised for further growth, as bulls & bears square off in a post-COVID world

For small cap stock investors, the COVID-19 risk outlook is at an interesting juncture heading into June reporting season.

At current levels, the ASX Small Ords Index has bounced by an impressive 40 per cent from its March 23 low of 1,825 points (that still leaves it around 17 per cent below February highs above 3,000 points).

The catalyst for that rebound was a wave of stimulus from both central banks and governments. From here though, major economies globally are now grappling with the problem of how to reopen in a safe manner without sacrificing productivity.

One expert describes this as a “tug of war”. Find out what else he has to say.


5. The Great American Dream? Some US-based ASX small caps are finding it tough to make it Down Under

The ASX has a bit of a dilemma: The bourse wants American companies, but restrictions placed on US investors can make it difficult for them to gain traction Down Under.

In the last 12 months the average US-based small cap has lost over 40 per cent.

Obviously some of those losses will be COVID-19-related, but others we seeing a drop-off before the pandemic.

Nick Sundich delves into just what is happening when it comes to US-headquartered stocks trying to make a go of it in Oz.


6. Trading Places: The latest small explorer Tolga Kumova has sunk his teeth into

Stockheads always take an interest in what well-known mining investor Tolga Kumova is buying into.

Most recently the former managing director of graphite play Syrah Resources (ASX:SYR) got behind gold hopeful Riversgold (ASX:RGL).

Kumova has bought himself a tidy 5.29 per cent stake in this Western Australia, South Australia and Alaska-focused explorer.

Read on to find out what other big name investors are buying into or getting out of.


7. Professional investors buy into the McDonald’s of health care: day hospitals

Day hospitals are kind of like a McDonald’s drive-through for patients. And investors are seeing value in the sector.

Public and private property funds have been sinking money mainly into day hospitals, a section of the health industry promoted by insurers as a quicker, cheaper way to do elective surgeries.

A whole range of funds have invested in this sector over the last six months, and it’s been increasingly popular for several years

Rachel Williamson has all the details.


8. Youanmi and Sandstone: Overlooked plays are back in the spotlight

Everyone loves a good ‘nearology’ story.

And these two long overlooked beauties have finally come into the spotlight following big finds from juniors like Spectrum Metals’ (ASX:SPX) in the Youanmi and Middle Island Resources’ (ASX:MDI) in the Sandstone Region.

Bevis Yeo has the rundown on which juniors are on the hunt in these two regions.


9. China blacklists Aussie barley but demands more US rare earths

Things are getting a bit dicey between Australia and China.

Australia has clearly pushed China just a tad too far, what with banning Huawei from building a 5G network here and now the country’s very loud public calls for an investigation into the origin of COVID-19.

So China has decided to slap an 80 per cent tariff on Australian barley imports.

But while Australia is now the one trying to scramble its way out of China’s bad books, the US appears to be back in favour with China scrapping its 25 per cent tariff on rare earths from the US and demanding more of the commodity.

Read more on this interesting saga.


10. Barry FitzGerald: $US3,000/oz gold not looking so far-fetched after all

With so many numbers being thrown around in response to where the gold price could potentially go, it can get a little confusing.

But ‘Garimpeiro’ columnist Barry FitzGerald, who has covered the resources industry for three decades, reckons $US3,000/oz gold is not looking so far-fetched after all.

Find out his rationale and what this means for Aussie gold producers.


Have a good weekend!