The ASX is home to over 2,000 stocks, many of which have made gains in 2021, but the NSX has a handful of winners too.

The NSX (ASX:NSX) – National Stock Exchange – may not match the ASX for liquidity or number of companies but the situation has been improving in recent months.

Nevertheless, it is an exchange that is reported on very little so Stockhead has opted to step in and recap the top five stocks in 2021 (according to IRESS).

Here are the top NSX stocks in 2021…

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OliveX (NSX:OLX)

This company has been listed on the NSX for less than a year but is a subsidary of former ASX-listed game-maker Animoca Brands.

Hong Kong-based OliveX makes fitness apps, such as 22 Pushups and Lympo Squat which allows users to earn cryptocurrency by doing squats.

This year, among other developments, it signed an MoU with Hong Kong telco HKBN to purchase its KARA Smart Fitness Mirrors as well as acquiring fitness company Six to Start.

It recently returned to investors again to fund that purchase. It raised $8.89 million at $1 per share earlier this month – with plenty of existing investors chipping in, including Animoca.


PYX Resources (NSX:PYX)

PYX is a zircon play with deposits in the Indonesian region of Kalimantan.

It is feeding off heavy demand in China as well as the consequential rise in zircon prices and reaping the rewards in respect to its order book and share price.

In the first quarter PYX sold 1,700 tonnes and produced 1,827 tonnes representing over 50 per cent year on year growth in both.


Asset Revolution (NSX:ASS)

Asset Revolution is an investment manager that is focused on the private debt and fixed income space.

It has had few announcements in 2021 although it made a profit of $5.6 million in 2020, thanks to investment distributions.

Last month the NSX stock announced it was investing $2 million in the African Lions Fund which invests in companies based in Sub Saharan Africa – a region the company said it “believes there to be significant growth potential at attractive valuations”.


Bendigo Telco (NSX:BCT)

Bendigo Telco is a regional B2B telco based in regional Victoria – the same region that gave birth to ASX high flier Aussie Broadband (ASX:ABB).

It was formed back in 2000 by a group of regional businesses that wanted to form a locally owned and focused organisation with a view regional people would get a better deal.

The company made a net profit after tax for the first half of FY21 of $666,803 representing earnings per share of 8.6 cents – and it ultimately distributed a dividend of 6 cents per share.


Kaizen (NSX:KGI)

Kaizen is another financial entity – specifically it is a LIC (Listed Investment Company) on the NSX and it has been since 2015.

2021 has been a good year for the NSX-listed company.

The main news out of this company has been its monthly update on its Net Tangible Asset (NTA) backing which was $1.1745 per share in December but in April had risen to $1.2533.

Little information is available about its investments but it invests with a long-term horizon (3-5 years) and targets companies (both listed and non-listed) with thematic tailwinds.