The best ASX stocks since COVID-19 have completely outperformed their peers with the top 10 up over 2000 per cent.

A year since COVID-19 began life has changed for most ASX companies, but the best 10 have done particularly well.

Stockhead has recapped the group of 10 of which four are in tech, three are in resources and one each in property, health and consumer discretionary goods.

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The Best ASX stock since COVID is…

…property developer Ultima United (ASX:UUL), having risen from under 2 cents to 50 cents by Christmas last year and has surged even further, currently sitting at $1.10.

This is despite the company’s most recent half yearly report noting there were few significant events in the new year.

The company has projects in Australia and Japan is looking at developing special disability accommodation under the National Disability Insurance Scheme – aiming to raise $20.19 million for the latter.

The second best ASX stock since COVID-19 is digital payments and BNPL company IOUpay (ASX:IOU).

Unlike most other BNPL stocks it focuses on the South East Asian region and recently raised $50 million for its expansion endeavours.

Last month, IOU reported that iPay88 processed over 360 million transactions across its payment gateway in 2020, with a total transaction value of around $10 billion.

The third best ASX stock since COVID-19 is gold junior Brightstar Resources (ASX:BTR) which was known as Stone Resources only a year ago.

It is up 4,700 per cent since this time last year. Since then the company sold its Ben Hur gold project to Regis Resources (ASX:RRL) in a deal that reaped $10m up front plus a 1 per cent net smelter royalty in gold produced from the project.

It is now looking to its Brightstar project near Laverton in WA and last month began the process to pick up another exploration licence from private exploration company Mining Equities.


The tech winners

Two other winners are like IOUpay in the payments space in FatFish Group (ASX:FFG) and Cirralto (ASX:CRO).

Fatfish is a venture capital firm which among other companies owns Singapore-based BNPL provider Smartfunding. Investors have rallied behind the stock off the back of Smartfunding’s launch.

As for Cirralto it is a payments platform which sees modest revenue but has excited investors with its partnerships and acquisitions.

The other big tech stock winner is geospatial analytics service provider Pointerra (ASX:3DP) which hasn’t stopped rallying since tech entreprenuer Bevan Slattery invested in the company.

But it has also been making solid revenues. Last November its Annual Contract Value (ACV) was US$5.82m, having almost doubled since June 30 and having grown over three times since the beginning of FY20.


Resources winners

Two other stocks are resources stocks – one being lithium pivoter Vulcan Resources (ASX:VUL) which has benefited from hype in the lithium sector as well as from positive projections for its lithium project in Germany which is ideally located to serve European electric vehicle providers.

A recent study found that Phase 1 of its Zero Carbon lithium project in Germany will cost about $1.09 billion to build.

This will pay for itself in just five years, as Phase 1 is expected to have the low operating costs of ~$US3,816.30/t of lithium hydroxide. And later phases are even better.

The other is Chalice (ASX:CHN) which nearly a year ago today stumbled across the Julimar nickel-copper-PGE deposit in Western Australia which the company claims is Australia’s first palladium discovery.

Ever since, it has continued to expand its discovery at Julimar and is hoping to define a maiden resource in the middle of this year. Yet in a recent presentation it eyed ahead to the days where it could be a major mine, noting the world has had a substantial deficit of platinum group metals for nearly a decade.

Rounding out the list is Rhythm Biosciences (ASX:RHY) which has developing a cancer test and has edged closed to a long promised clinical trial to validate its product.

And then there’s Canberra casino operator Aquis Entertainment (ASX:AQS), which has mysteriously grown in the past few weeks despite having no news.

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