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We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response from investors and emerging ASX-listed companies since we started Stockhead in August.

Hundreds of thousands of investors have visited in just our first three months.

We created Stockhead because we think Australia’s best, untold stories lie with the “other” 2000 ASX-listed companies that barely rate a mention in the mainstream press.

From battery metals to Pilbara gold, cryptocurrencies to the cloud, medical cannabis to China-bound infant formula — emerging ASX-listed companies are driving the next wave of innovation, economic growth, societal progress and shareholder wealth.

And they’re a lot more interesting — and rewarding — than boring old ASX-200 stocks.

The ranks of ASX small caps produced at least eight 10-baggers this year and even a 20-bagger — body shape app Myfiziq (up around 2200 per cent as we write this).

MYQ shares in the past year. Source:

Battery metals were undoubtedly the theme of the year. Five of the year’s top-ten best performing small caps offered exposure to minerals like cobalt and lithium.

We have no crystal ball, but you don’t need to be Nostradamus to predict cannabis stocks (driven by further deregulation) and blockchain/cryptocurrency (legitimised as the big players give in) to be major themes early next year.

Stockhead has big plans for 2018 too — and we can’t wait to share.

We look forward to writing thousands more stories about Australia’s most fascinating and fast-moving companies.

We’re taking a short break over the Christmas period — but we’ll resume publishing from January 2.

Merry Christmas, happy new year and thank you!

— Angela, David, Gigi, Jordan, Melissa, Rachel and Winston.