The ASX got off to a solid start today but the rally eased following the release of inflation data.

Core inflation rose at the fastest pace since 2015 leading to speculation that the tightening of monetary policy could come sooner than 2024, which had been the RBA’s persistent promise based on the assumption that that is how long it’d take for inflation to get back within its target range.

And on the day we hit 72% of the over 16 population fully vaccinated, the TGA has approved booster shots. These are to be taken six months after the second dose and it is set to be Pfizer regardless of what vaccine you had at first dose.

After rallying as much as 0.4%, the ASX 200 closed just 0.07% up at 7,448 points. Resources and consumer staples fell by 1.2% and 1.94% respectively though telcos rose 1.9% and health rose 1.18%.



(Stocks highlighted in yellow rose after making announcements during the trading day).

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YPB (ASX:YPB) signed a three year take or pay supply contract that would see it supply anti-counterfeit tech to Shenzhen-based e-cigarette company Kingtons.

Sparc Technologies (ASX:SPN) rose after entering into a joint venture to develop green hydrogen technology.

Investment company HGL (ASX:HNG) climbed off the back of its quarterly results.



(Stocks highlighted in yellow rose after making announcements during the trading day).

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Tesoro Resources (ASX:TSO) dropped due to a capital raising.

A2 Milk (ASX:A2M) dropped after unveiling its growth plans.



Vection (ASX:VR1) announced it would be participating in the Webex One conference later this week. It partnered with event organisers allowing event participants to collaborate around 3D content.

Toys R Us (ASX:TOY) – the company formerly known as Funtastic that changed its name after acquiring the Toys R US brand rights – is bringing the brand back to the UK. The company signed an exclusive license for rights to the the digital and physical retail commerce outlets of the brand in the Old Dart.

BNPL stock Openpay (ASX:OPY) launched its OpyPay consumer solution in the US market. It allows longer payment terms – up to 24 months – and will start in the healthcare market.

8common (ASX:8CO) signed a $542,000 contract with the Australian government as part of the government’s GovERP program. Its Expense8 solution was selected as GovERP’s exclusive travel and expanses management solution.

Rhinomed (ASX:RNO) received ethics approval for a new post market trial with St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne for its Rhinoswab COVID-19 test. This trial will compare the sensitivity, specificity and other measures of PCR test performance of Rhinoswab compared to the traditional swab and saliva tests.




Centrex Metals (ASX:CXM) – capital raising
BIR Financial (ASX:BIR) – corporate transaction
Gold Road Resources (ASX:GOR) – ore reserve increase
Toys”R”Us (ASX:TOY) – new contract
Auroch Minerals (ASX:AOU) – capital raising
West African Resources (ASX:WAF) – acquisition and capital raising


Bioxyne (ASX:BXN) – potential acquisition
Vulcan (ASX:VUL) – short seller response
Mighty Craft (ASX:MCL) – capital raising
Gascoyne Resources (ASX:GCY) – takeover offer update
ECS Botanics (ASX:ECS) – capital raising
Sky Metals (ASX:SKY) – capital raising
Pacific Nickel Mines (ASX:PNM) – capital raising
Prospect Resources (ASX:PSC) – capital raising
Korab Resources (ASX:KOR) – capital raising