Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen a number of speeding tickets issued by the ASX because there have been more than a couple of frankly eye-popping bolters among the Small Caps.

We’re not going to name’n’shame anyone here – well, we are, but not any of our market movers, because they, as far as we can tell, did nuffin’ wrong.

They just made huge piles of money in the space of a few hours for no particular reason, which is fine. Obviously.

Someone who we will name and shame, though, is this stunning example of lumbering hypocrisy: Ms Caroline Henry, the police and crime commissioner for Nottinghamshire Police, who is in more hot water than a tub-full of swingers on a sweaty Saturday night.

Ms Henry, you see, is something of a lead-foot. A hoon. A menace to society. She’s been done for speeding – which, on its own, wouldn’t be much of a story. Who among us hasn’t occasionally shattered the speed limit through Sydney by more than 200km/h on board a borrowed Ducati Desmosedici RR worth more than $200,000.

Any suggestion I have is total lies.

Sadly for Ms Henry, she’s not been done for speeding just the once – she’s been nicked well past the 50km/h local speed limit five times in just 12 weeks. Five times!

Ordinarily, you’d reckon that someone whose freakin’ job is to uphold the law of the land would be queuing for a dole cheque within minutes of pleading guilty to a string of offences like this.

But nooo… this paragon of the British crime-fighting community is refusing to budge from her $135,000 a year job, despite having to eat a $4,500 fine and promise not to get behind the wheel for six months.



The ASX has hit a few potholes this morning, dipping sharply a couple of times, but recovering to head towards Sandwich O’Clock still flatter than a ham and cheese toastie.

For once, however, it’s not Materials dragging everyone down (it’s hovering around a 0.2% gain). This morning’s villains are Health Care (-1.4%) and InfoTech (-1.5%), falling hard enough to offset some much glossier results from Energy (+2.74%) and Utilities (+1.3%).

With no major Big Ticket winners worth mentioning this morning, it’s the Premium Seats losers that are making the news.

Biggest loser this morning has been HUB24 (ASX:HUB), after investors took one look at its Q4 Market Update, shouted “Boo! You Suck!” and formed a disorderly line at the exit, slicing better than 5.0% off the price as they went.

Suncorp (ASX:SUN) gave up a 4.7% slab of yesterday’s gains as investors realised their money was now parked at the spiritual home of Queensland Rugby League, Wisetech Global (ASX:WTC) coughed up 3.8% for no apparent reason and Genesis Energy (ASX:GNE) missed this morning’s memo about how today was meant to be a good one for Energy stocks, browning out to the tune of 4.1%.

That’s about as much local loss porn as we can handle for the moment – so let’s look overseas and see what’s been happening there.



Overnight, Wall Street posted a slab of dour results, with all three major indices – the S&P 500, Dow Jones and Nasdaq – finishing around 1% lower.

Not helping at all were bank stocks, which faltered on news from Bank of America that its net income had dropped by 13% to US$6.1 billion in Q2. If only they’d put some money in Celsius…

Tech stocks also dragged down Nasdaq overnight after Apple became the latest Big Tech to signal that ‘Laying Everybody Off’ has taken up the mantle of being ‘The New Black’, and is joining the likes of Netflix, Coinbase and Tesla in talking about job cuts.

Asian markets are once again a total mixed bag, with Japan’s Nikkei adding 0.92%, Hong Kong dropping 0.83% and Shanghai again stubbornly refusing to move, no matter how much we tap on the front of the guage to make sure the needle isn’t stuck.

Aside from a minor dip and correction on 14 July, Shanghai has basically zombied its way through the past week, and has moved just 0.06% so far today.

In commodities, oil prices jumped overnight before flatlining this morning, down 0.15%. Natural gas also fell, losing 0.36%. Gold, silver and copper also lost a few bob, down 0.32%, 1.59% and 1.75% respectively.



Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks for July 19 [intraday]:

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Minerals explorer Element 25 (ASX:E25) has shot up faster than the price of E10 petrol before a long weekend, climbing 27.0% – again, on no news that we can immediately see.

And RUBIX (ASX:RB6) is up 20% this morning, possibly because someone has finally realised you can just peel the stickers off to make it look like you’ve figured out the puzzle.

Harmoney (ASX:HMY) has added 19% on news that it’s hit profitability in FY22 on proforma Cash NPAT, which it says is all down to its consumer-direct business model, and the market looks like it’s getting behind new kids on the block Oceana Lithium (ASX:OCN), which is up 29.0% so far today.

Leading the losers is coal miner Allegiance (ASX:AHQ), which issued two reports this morning that don’t paint a pretty picture, sending the company into a deep, black funk, down a horrifying 67%.



Here are the not-the-best performing ASX small cap stocks for July 19 [intraday]:

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