When storm drains overflow the result is often muddy water and some kind of council clean up, but the Waipio district on the main island of Hawaii recently ended up with…beer?

Locals reported the busted storm drain after water started gushing out of it — even though it hadn’t been raining.

In addition, the drain smelt more like a local pub.

Analysis of the spill showed the water contained traces of alcohol and sugar.

And the local Department of Transportation — owner of the pipe infrastructure — eventually ascertained that the spill came from Paradise Beverages, which owns a warehouse across the street.

The company is now working with local authorities to locate the possible source of the leak.

On markets, there were no ‘polluted water’ vibes this morning with the ASX on track to post a strong finish to the week.

After treading water for a few days, the ASX 200 rallied by 1% into midday trade. Resources was the big winner, as all of the major miners shot higher by between 3-4%.

Energy stocks also rebounded, with more moderate gains for the big banks.

In other markets, the Aussie dollar has come under downside pressure this week and is currently trading below US73c.

Bitcoin has steadied just below US$65,000 after slipping backwards in Thursday trade.


Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks for November 12 [intraday]:

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Code Name Price % Change Market Cap
PCL Pancontinental Energ 0.0015 50.0% $7,034,223
ANL Amani Gold Ltd 0.0025 25.0% $36,851,128
CCE Carnegie Cln Energy 0.0025 25.0% $29,805,147
ECT Env Clean Tech Ltd. 0.045 21.6% $46,069,644
TSN The Sust Nutri Grp 0.24 20.0% $19,421,277
SBR Sabre Resources 0.006 20.0% $8,446,568
PAB Patrys Limited 0.044 18.9% $70,460,503
BDG Black Dragon Gold 0.071 18.3% $8,169,132
BD1 Bard1 Life Sciences 1.17 18.2% $91,015,571
EME Energy Metals Ltd 0.39 18.2% $69,195,493
CXL Calix Limited 7.13 16.5% $985,392,791
KOR Korab Resources 0.057 16.3% $17,985,450
PAL Palla Pharma Ltd 0.395 16.2% $55,050,475
HMD Heramed Limited 0.26 15.6% $39,867,453
CCR Credit Clear 0.55 14.6% $76,021,426
ITM Itech Minerals Ltd 0.275 14.6% $21,239,999
AOA Ausmon Resorces 0.008 14.3% $4,974,615
AUH Austchina Holdings 0.008 14.3% $12,582,671
EMT Emetals Limited 0.016 14.3% $5,810,000
BUR Burleyminerals 0.24 14.3% $7,207,840
AEV Avenira Limited 0.024 14.0% $18,119,909
TMB Tambourahmetals 0.33 14.0% $11,745,029
ATC Altech Chem Ltd 0.125 14.0% $141,652,537
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Among stocks with news in morning trade, The Sustainable Nutrition Group (ASX:TSN) got a boost after announcing a deal with Australian Plant Proteins (APP) to develop hemp concentrate and isolates.

“APP is a premium plant-based powder processing, packaging and distribution business, with state-of-the-art facilities in Werribee and Horsham, Victoria, which has recently undergone a $50m investment from a leading global agri-food company,” TSN said.

TSN will make an investment at the start of next year to develop the products at APP’s facilities, with a commercial rollout flagged for late 2022.

Black Dragon Gold Corp (ASX:BDG) edged higher on some regulatory news, after announcing that it continues to work with authorities in the Spanish Principality of Asturias after submitting its Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in July.

BDG said the public comment period for the EIA has ended, and authorities are expected to enquire about further technical details on the project before commencing their review — a process which should take between 4-8 months, the company said.

In health, BARD1 Life Sciences (ASX:BD1) jumped sharply after announcing that US Patent No: 11137402 titled “Lung Cancer Diagnosis” was issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The patent “protects a BARD1 autoantibody test for diagnosis of lung cancer in the key US market”, the company said.


Here are the worst performing ASX small cap stocks for November 12 [intraday]:

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Code Name Price % Change Market Cap
GGG Greenland Minerals 0.093 -25.6% $168,009,668
MLS Metals Australia 0.0025 -16.7% $15,715,672
MHK Metalhawk. 0.36 -16.3% $20,345,619
SCT Scout Security Ltd 0.05 -15.3% $8,900,396
CGB Cann Global Limited 0.003 -14.3% $22,174,204
MEB Medibio Limited 0.007 -12.5% $14,360,492
MCT Metalicity Limited 0.008 -11.1% $19,293,944
XST Xstate Resources 0.004 -11.1% $14,468,317
EPM Eclipse Metals 0.053 -10.2% $112,923,455
PTR Petratherm Ltd 0.047 -9.6% $10,343,726
TOU Tlou Energy Ltd 0.066 -9.6% $43,814,530
DCX Discovex Res Ltd 0.005 -9.1% $14,127,652
HHR Hartshead Resources 0.02 -9.1% $40,694,987
XTC Xantippe Res Ltd 0.005 -9.1% $28,026,380
TYM Tymlez Group 0.031 -8.8% $33,552,952
GT1 Greentechnology 0.415 -8.8% $48,230,000
AQX Alice Queen Ltd 0.011 -8.3% $16,442,676
MDX Mindax Limited 0.046 -8.0% $95,246,789
MDR Medadvisor Limited 0.36 -7.7% $147,215,403
AR9 Archtis Limited 0.245 -7.5% $61,922,645
BOD BOD Australia 0.25 -7.4% $28,572,458
UCM Uscom Limited 0.125 -7.4% $21,139,703
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Among stocks in the red, Greenland Minerals (ASX:GGG) plummeted after regulators in Greenland said ‘no dice’ when it comes to mining mineral resources with a uranium content of 100 parts per million or more.

As Stockhead’s Bevis Yeo highlighted this morning, that puts GGG’s Kvanefjeld project and its 0.036% (360ppm) uranium oxide content squarely in the crosshairs.