In the first nine months of the year 74 ASX IPOs raised $6.6 billion – more than double the $3 billion raised from 80 IPOs in the same period last year.

The September quarter was by far the busiest, with 27 IPOs raising $3.8 billion, the ASX’s general manager of listings Max Cunningham told Stockhead.

“With Viva Energy in the last quarter, we had the largest IPO since Medibank,” Mr Cunningham said.

“Our internal pipeline correlates closely with what you would read in the media regarding resources and financials IPOs between now and year-end, and we remain optimistic this will be a solid quarter.”

Security Matters (ASX:SMX) is Australia’s newest stock — listing on Monday following a $6 million oversubscribed IPO.

The brand protection, supply chain integrity and blockchain technology company has traded as high as a 7.5 per cent premium to its 20c issue price.

The year’s top performers

Here’s a list of 100-plus ASX IPOs from the past year or so, showing how they’ve performed since their debut

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ASX code Company Change since IPO Price Oct 16 (intraday) Issue price Market Cap
TTT TITOMIC 6.625 1.525 0.2 190.5M
CAG CAPE RANGE 5.65 1.33 0.2 110.8M
AU8 AUMAKE INTERNATI 2.875 0.31 0.08 86.9M
AGH ALTHEA GROUP HOL 1.6 0.52 0.2 105.7M
TNO TANDO RESOURCES 1.55813953488 0.11 0.043 20.3M
KTD KEYTONE DAIRY CO 1.275 0.455 0.2 72.0M
PPE PEOPLE INFRASTRU 1.09 2.09 1 135.8M
NWL NETWEALTH GROUP 1.07567567568 7.68 3.7 1.9B
ADT ADRIATIC MET-CDI 1 0.4 0.2 51.7M
EXL ELIXINOL GLOBAL 0.92 1.92 1 219.2M
EM2 EAGLE MOUNTAIN M 0.8 0.36 0.2 33.3M
5GN 5G NETWORKS 0.76 0.44 0.25 23.5M
MRL MAYUR RESOURCES 0.75 0.7 0.4 104.4M
CPV CLEARVUE TECHNOL 0.7 0.34 0.2 36.0M
RCL READCLOUD 0.675 0.335 0.2 29.8M
WGN WAGNERS HOLDING 0.634686346863 4.43 2.71 718.1M
PVS PIVOTAL SYS 0.505376344086 2.8 1.86 311.9M
S66 STAR COMBO PHARM 0.46 0.73 0.5 58.9M
STN SATURN METALS 0.45 0.29 0.2 16.2M
PYG PAYGROUP 0.4 0.7 0.5 36.2M
CXL CALIX 0.396226415094 0.74 0.53 89.1M
ROO ROOTS SUSTAINABLE 0.375 0.275 0.2 17.6M
KRX KOPPAR RESOURCES 0.275 0.255 0.2 7.9M
CR1 CONSTELLATION RE 0.25 0.25 0.2 8.6M
TLX TELIX PHARMA 0.2 0.78 0.65 157.1M
SP3 SPECTUR 0.2 0.24 0.2 12.6M
TMR TEMPUS RESOURCES 0.2 0.24 0.2 8.8M
HLA HEALTHIA 0.19 1.19 1 74.4M
RCW RIGHTCROWD 0.166666666667 0.35 0.3 46.7M
SCT SCOUT SECURITY L 0.15 0.23 0.2 24.9M
NTD NATIONAL TYRE 0.1 1.1 1 110.9M
CWX CARAWINE RESOURC 0.1 0.22 0.2 12.6M
TGO TRIMANTIUM GROWT 0.08 1.08 1 120.0M
SMX SECURITY MATTERS 0.05 0.21 0.2 20.0M
GAS STATE GAS 0.05 0.21 0.2 28.3M
VEN VINTAGE ENERGY L 0.025 0.205 0.2 54.8M
PFP PROPEL FUNERAL P 0.0222222222222 2.76 2.7 269.0M
BC8 BLACK CAT SYNDIC 0 0.2 0.2 11.5M
BAH BOJUN AGRICULTUR -0.0333333333333 0.29 0.3 35.2M
RMY RMA GLOBAL -0.04 0.24 0.25 88.3M
GAL GALILEO MINING L -0.05 0.19 0.2 21.7M
NEW NEW ENERGY SOLAR -0.06 1.41 1.5 498.4M
PGX PRIMERO GROUP -0.0625 0.375 0.4 56.0M
DBF DUXTON BROADACRE -0.0666666666667 1.4 1.5 60.4M
SIL SMILES INCLUSIVE -0.075 0.925 1 54.5M
SLZ SULTAN RESOURCES -0.075 0.185 0.2 5.9M
SEC SPHERIA EMERGING -0.09 1.82 2 120.7M
KWR KINGWEST RESOURC -0.125 0.175 0.2 9.4M
14D 1414 DEGREES -0.142857142857 0.3 0.35 50.8M
A1C AIC RESOURCES -0.15 0.17 0.2 12.8M
DXN DATA EXCHANGE NE -0.15 0.17 0.2 31.9M
TIN TNT MINES -0.15 0.17 0.2 5.2M
JLG JOHNS LYNG GROUP -0.15 0.85 1 188.6M
VEA VIVA ENERGY GROU -0.158 2.105 2.5 4.2B
EMN EURO MANGANE-CDI -0.192307692308 0.21 0.26 --
AR9 ARCHTIS -0.2 0.16 0.2 19.7M
IXU IXUP -0.2 0.16 0.2 25.4M
JMS JUPITER MINES -0.2 0.32 0.4 636.7M
PKD PARKD -0.2 0.16 0.2 12.0M
CRD CREDIBLE LAB-CDI -0.214876033058 0.95 1.21 258.3M
ED1 EVANS DIXON -0.22 1.95 2.5 452.3M
AS1 ANGEL SEAFOOD HO -0.225 0.155 0.2 18.9M
BDG BLACK DRAGON GOL -0.225 0.155 0.2 11.7M
JAY JAYRIDE GROUP -0.24 0.38 0.5 28.8M
WND WINDLAB -0.25 1.5 2 104.8M
ABR AMERICAN PAC -0.25 0.15 0.2 28.5M
BGT BIO-GENE TECH -0.25 0.15 0.2 19.2M
NSB NEUROSCIENTIFIC -0.25 0.15 0.2 11.0M
WOA WIDE OPEN AGRICU -0.25 0.15 0.2 10.6M
B2Y BOUNTY MINING -0.257142857143 0.26 0.35 94.7M
CP1 CANNPAL ANIMAL -0.275 0.145 0.2 14.0M
NES NELSON RESOURCES -0.275 0.145 0.2 6.6M
MMM MARLEY SPOON -0.281690140845 1.02 1.42 118M
PRZ PARAZERO -0.3 0.14 0.2 12.3M
RHY RHYTHM BIOSCIENC -0.3 0.14 0.2 13.1M
SIS SIMBLE SOLUTIONS -0.3 0.14 0.2 13.9M
BCB BOWEN COKING COA -0.304347826087 0.016 0.023 8.6M
CG1 CARBONXT GROUP -0.314285714286 0.48 0.7 36.1M
VN8 VONEX -0.35 0.13 0.2 17.7M
BEM BLACKEARTH MINER -0.375 0.125 0.2 7.9M
CM1 COOLGARDIE MINER -0.375 0.125 0.2 14.0M
TAO TAO COMMODITIES -0.375 0.125 0.2 3.8M
P2P P2P TRANSPORT -0.393939393939 0.8 1.32 70.3M
LRM LUSTRUM MINERALS -0.4 0.12 0.2 4.2M
MKG MAKO GOLD -0.4 0.12 0.2 8.5M
OGA OCEAN GROWN ABAL -0.42 0.145 0.25 24.4M
KSS KLEOS SPACE SA -0.425 0.115 0.2 12.3M
IHR INTELLIHR HOLDIN -0.433333333333 0.17 0.3 17.8M
NC6 NANOLLOSE -0.475 0.105 0.2 7.9M
BYH BRYAH RESOURCES -0.5 0.1 0.2 5.6M
N27 NORTHERN COBALT -0.5 0.1 0.2 5.3M
SWF SELFWEALTH -0.51 0.098 0.2 11.1M
AX8 ACCELERATE RESOU -0.525 0.095 0.2 4.7M
WML WOOMERA MINING L -0.525 0.095 0.2 10.7M
NUS NUSANTARA RESOUR -0.535714285714 0.195 0.42 24.0M
GO2 GO2 PEOPLE -0.545 0.091 0.2 10.7M
RGL RIVERSGOLD -0.565 0.087 0.2 7.2M
CY5 CYGNUS GOLD -0.57 0.086 0.2 5.2M
SDX SIENNA CANCER -0.57 0.086 0.2 23.0M
CCG COMMSCHOICE GROU -0.6 0.1 0.25 10.9M
RZI RAIZ INVEST -0.611111111111 0.7 1.8 45.7M
TIE TIETTO MINERALS -0.65 0.07 0.2 15.3M
POD PODIUM MINERALS -0.675 0.065 0.2 6.2M
EN1 ENGAGE:BDR -0.7 0.06 0.2 17.1M
WHK WHITEHAWK -0.77 0.046 0.2 3.3M
FDX FRONTIER DIAMOND -0.825 0.035 0.2 7.3M
RD1 REGISTRY DIRECT -0.86 0.028 0.2 3.1M
CLI CROPLOGIC -0.895 0.021 0.2 2.6M
RFR RAFAELLA RES -0.25 0.15 0.2 na
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3D printer Titomic (ASX:TTT) is the best performing IPO, gaining 623 per cent to trade at $1.53.

The company listed after a $6.5 million IPO with a vision to build the world’s biggest and fastest metal 3D printer. It launched that printer in Melbourne in May.

Pot stock Althea (ASX:AGH) has advanced 160 per cent since its debut in September.

The company raised $19.6 million in its over-subscribed IPO.

Of the resources players, base metals explorer Adriatic Metals (ASX:ADT) has done pretty well, more than doubling its share price to 40c since listing.

Eagle Mountain Mining (ASX:EM2) has added 80 per cent to trade at 36c.

The explorer hit the ASX in mid-March after completing a $12.5 million raising to fund its hunt for gold and copper in the US.

Down, down… prices are down

Kiwi soil tech business CropLogic (ASX:CLI) hasn’t had a good run, wiping off 89 per cent to become a penny stock.

Ad agency Engage:BDR (ASX:EN1) down 70 per cent since its IPO to 6c.

In September, the company said revenue targets for acquisition target AdCel were “not realistically achievable” and therefore a $US1 million cash incentive was “extremely unlikely to ever be required to be payable”.

In May, the agency said it was buying US startup AdCel for $US4.5 million ($6.3 million).

Of this sum, $US1 million was to be paid in cash and the rest in stock priced at 22c — a figure Engage:BDR’s shares last reached in January.

West African gold explorer Tietto Minerals (ASX:TIE), meanwhile, has slid 65 per cent to 7c since it listed in January.

Which IPOs are next in line to make an ASX debut

Here’s a list of more than 50 upcoming IPOs:

Swipe or scroll to reveal full table. Click headings to sort

Company ASX code IPO status Focus Fund raising Issue price
3G Coal 3GC Offer open Oct 3 to Nov 9; due to list Nov 30 Coking coal $6m 20c
AMD Resources ADM Cancelled Gold, silver $22m 50c
Andes Resources - Planning IPO this year; prospectus not yet lodged Gold $3-5m -
archTIS AR9 Delayed; was due to list Aug 27 Data security $8-10m 20c
Awati Resources AWA Postponed Gold $4.5-5.5m 20c
Biomics Biopharma BBM Delayed multiple times China-based biotech $13-16m 20c
Candy Club - In pre-IPO rounds; considering float Subscription confectionary unknown -
Canterbury Resources CBY Was due to list Oct 31 Copper, gold $7.8m 30c
Caprice Resources CRS Was due to list Sep 26 Gold, base metals $4.5m 20c
Carnaby Resources - Prospectus not yet issued Gold unknown -
Centaur Resources CR3 Offer open Oct 4-25. Listing due Nov 6 Lithium and other battery metals $15m 20c
China Track CTC Delayed; was due to list Jun 11 Bulldozer parts $32-40m 80c
Coronado Coal CRN Due to list Oct 29 Coking coal $1.4bn $4 to $4.80
Cowan Lithium COW Spin-off from Tawana. Offer extended until Oct 25; now due to list Nov 5 Lithium $6-8m 20c
EcoMag - Postponed until later in 2018 Magnesium $3-5m 20c
Eden Health ETK Was due to list Jul 11 Kiwi fruit-focused AgTech $15.6-20m 20c
Expose Resources - Raising seed capital; aiming to list this year Gold $500k 10c
Frugl Pre-IPO funding; planning listing Grocery price comparison tba -
GeoCrystal GDC Cancelled Diamonds $5-7m 20c
Golden State Mining GSM Offer closed; was due to list Oct 12 Gold $4.5-5.5m 20c
Haixi Pharma HXP Delayed multiple times China-based, pain relief biotech $25-30m 50c
Hao Xian Yang - - Beef, mutton and vegetarian meat $1-1.5m 20c
Healthia Was due to list on Sep 11 Podiatry $26.8m $1
International Cobalt Resources ICR Offer closes Oct 11; Due to list Oct 22 Cobalt, nickel, gold $5-6m 30c
Identitii ID8 Listing Oct 17 Blockchain $11m 75c
Jobstore Group JOB Offer closes Nov 13; due to list Dec 5 AI-powered recruitment $6.6-8m 20c
Kaiyun Holdings - Closing Oct 15; due to list Oct 29 on NSX China-focused copper and gold $3-4m 20c
Fiji Kava - Due to list in October Kava producer $5.2m 20c
METALS 479 ML7 Cancelled Silver $5-7m -
Moho Resources MOH Was due to list Sep 29 Gold, nickel, copper $4.5-6m 20c
Montem Resources MR1 Was due to list Sep 27 Canada-focused coking coal $15-20m 50c
Nanoveu NVU Offer closes Oct 19; Due to list Nov 1 3D image technology $4.5-6m 20c
Neuroscientific Biopharma NSB Was due to list in July Alzheimer’s $5-6m 20c
Nice-Vend Cancelled Slushy machines $7.5m 20c
Nicheliving NLH Extended to Sep 14 Residential developer $5-12m 50c
Norwest Minerals NWM Spin-off from Australian Mines (ASX:AUZ) due to list Oct 29 Gold and base metals $6.6m 20c
Ocean Guardian OCG Cancelled Shark deterrent $5m -
PINCHme PIN Offer closes Oct 5; Due to list Oct 16 Data gathering $8m 50c
Power Asia Limited P88 Offer extended Renewable energy $9m 20c
Prospa PGL Postponed small business loans $146m 3.64
QEM QEM Closes Sep 10; was due to list Sep 20 Vanadium $5m 20c
Rolek Resources RLK Backdoor listing via Shaw River (ASX:SRR) Manganese $5m 2c
Rong Yu Pharma RY8 Delayed Traditional Chinese Medicine $14-20m 20c
Secure2Go Group S2G Postponed indefinitely Cyber security $4-5m 30c
Security Matters SMX Was due to list Sep 18 Blockchain $5-6.5m 20c
Shekel Brainweigh - Offer due to close Oct 12; Due to list Oct 26 Weighing technologies $10.15m 35c
Spreedbox SBX Cancelled Cloud computing $4.2-4.9m 20c
Stealth Global SGI Due to list Sep 19 Workplace product distributor $12.5m 20c
Stirfire SFS Cancelled Video games $5-7m 20c
Straker STG Offer open until Oct 11 Translation software $21.2m $1.51
Tartana Resources - IPO suspended due to ASIC query Zinc, copper $5-6m -
Trigg Mining TMG Postponed indefinitely Potash $4-6m -
Universal Biosecurity UBL Delayed Safe pest control $5m 20c
XS Resources XS1 Due to list Nov 29 Precious, base metals $4.5m 20c
Yandal Resources YAL Gold $5m
Zaige Waste Management ZGZ Delayed China-based recycling $14-20m 0.2
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Fintech Identitii will be the first ASX blockchain float in two years when it makes its debut today.

The company will start trading at 11am AEST after raising $11 million in its IPO.

Identitii will join Kyckr (ASX:KYK) as the ASX’s only other blockchain IPO, launched back in September 2016.

Both companies follow similar strategies of making blockchain-based technology that checks the bonafides of businesses involved in financial transactions.

Blockchain first hit the spotlight a few years ago as the technology used to underpin transactions in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. But it’s increasingly seen as having broader applications such as securing online data.

Vanadium and oil shale play QEM will start trading this Friday at 10.30am AEDT after closing its $5 million IPO oversubscribed.

QEM plans to use the newly raised cash to advance exploration at its Julia Creek project in Queensland, where it is targeting vanadium and oil shale prospects in the Toolebuc Formation.

The Toolebuc Formation has been described as one of the world’s largest deposits of vanadium and shale oil.

Copper and gold explorer Canterbury Resources was aiming for an October 31 debut, but has stretched that to November 7.

The company expects to now close its $7.8 million IPO priced at 30c per share on October 26.

Meanwhile, at-home pregnancy monitoring tech start-up HeraMED has launched an IPO to raise up to $6 million at 20c per share.

HeraMED says it has developed the first medical-grade smart foetal heartbeat monitoring system that has a smartphone interface.

The company is undertaking the IPO so it can expand the distribution of its HeraBEAT product and fund the next generation of foetal heartbeat monitoring solutions.

The offer opens October 23 and closes November 16. HeraMED has penned in December 4 as its expected listing date.

Offshore listing

Battery metals explorer Metalicity (ASX:MCT) is getting closer to listing its spin-out company, Kimberley Mining, on Canada’s TSX Venture Exchange.

Kimberley Mining holds Metalicity’s zinc projects in Western Australia.

The company has completed the second tranche of its $C2 million seed raising and is aiming to list on the TSX-V in the December quarter.

Meanwhile, there have been several hold-ups of Aussie floats.

Cowan Lithium was due to light up the boards on October 8, but has extended the closing date of its $8 million IPO until October 25.

It now expects to make its debut on November 5.

Cowan was spun out of Tawana Resources (ASX:TAW) earlier this year and launched an IPO to raise $8 million selling shares at 20c each.

The Perth-based company has two main lithium projects, Cowan and Yallari, in the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia plus an iron ore project in Liberia.

Norwest Minerals has also extended the closing date of its $6.6 million IPO and is now aiming for a November 29 debut.

The company was spun out of Australian Mines (ASX:AUZ) with its WA gold and base metals projects in July and was initially hoping to be listed by October 29.

Perth-based gold and lithium explorer Golden State Mining reached its $4.5 million IPO target late last week, managing director Mike Moore told Stockhead.

“We are working hard at the moment and the target is a listing next week,” he said.

PINCHme, a website that sends out free samples in return for reviews and personal data, was expecting to list on Tuesday, but is yet to light up the boards.

The New York-based company launched an $8 million IPO in September to help drive membership growth.

Started in Australia in 2012 by former hedge fund manager Jeremy Reid, PINCHme “intelligently matches” consumer brands with PINCHme members who have provided “comprehensive personal data about themselves and spending habits”.

Members (who have to live in the US) receive free samples which they are then asked to rate.

Israeli slushy-machine maker Nice-Vend has dropped its ASX listing. The company was hoping to list on October 2 following a $7.5 million IPO.