Special Report: Strong conditions in Malaysia have seen share prices for leading glove manufacturers climb to record highs.

As the COVID-19 pandemic extends into August, companies globally are positioning to capitalise on a long-term shift in demand for hygiene products.

Protective glove manufacturer VIP Gloves (ASX:VIP) is one example, and increased investor interest has seen its share price rise from 3.5 cents to 10.5 cents in July – a gain of 200 per cent.

One of the catalysts for VIP’s move has been the surge in global demand for nitrile disposable gloves – widely viewed as a step up from traditional latex gloves with improved longevity and less skin irritation, though the demand for gloves has been increasing even before COVID-19, as seen in the below graph:

Malaysia has established itself as the global manufacturing hub for the sector, and VIP Gloves’ existing operations there have given it a leg up on the competition.

The company is now racing to expand capacity and its existing facilities, as it ramps up production from around 480 million pieces of gloves to a year-end target of 840 million and 1 billion by 1st half 2021

Malaysian market share

The gains in VIP Gloves can be put into context when measured against other Malaysia-based companies in the space that have benefited from the broader tailwind.

As a case in point, Kuala Lumpur-based company Top Glove Corp — which is listed on the Bursa Malaysia (previously the KL Stock Exchange) — has posted a gain of more than 400 per cent year-to-date.

The increase means Top Glove, which has current production capacity of 78 billion pieces, is now the second largest listed company in Malaysia by market capitalisation, with a market cap of $RM70bn (~$23bn).

As a measure of investor confidence in the space, that valuation now places the company between two listed Malaysian banks – Malayan Banking and Public Bank Corp.

The broader industry sentiment highlights the opportunity for a nimble competitor such as VIP, which currently has a market cap of $61.9m and isn’t facing any capital constraints given it already has production facilities established with further room to easily expand at current site.

With a sales pipeline encompassing a broad range of jurisdictions across Europe, South-East Asia and the US market, VIP is looking to further entrench its competitive advantage from the global tailwinds for hygiene products created by the pandemic.




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