Snorers begone: Oventus has managed to cut incidences of sleep apnoea almost in half.

An 18-month trial of 32 patients in Brisbane showed Oventus’s (ASX:OVN) “jaw advancement oral appliance” reduced sleep apnoea by 40 per cent, compared to traditional jaw therapy.

“They’re really important,” Oventus boss Neil Anderson said of the results.

“It’s validating our airway technology as a benefit over the traditional mandibular [jaw] advancement,” Mr Anderson told Stockhead.

“These are results that are building and emphasising a significant benefit.”

Results from a similar study of 13 to 15 people by NeuRa in Sydney should be out in the coming week, before Oventus heads to a major US sleep conference.

Results from an 18-month study in Perth are due by the end of September.

Oventus sleep apnoea device
Oventus’s sleep apnoea device

About 5 per cent of Australians suffer from sleep apnoea, which means they stop or struggle to breathe as many as 100 times per night.

It’s usually caused by people breathing through their mouth when they sleep.

Usual treatments include a CPAP machine, or continuous positive airway pressure, that treat sleep apnoea by pumping air into the mouth and nose to prevent the user’s throat from collapsing.

The air is pumped in through either a face mask or “pillows” that fit into the nostrils.

Oventus sleep apnoea device
How the Oventus sleep apnoea device works.

Oventus’s design is a mouthguard, designed by dentist Dr Chris Hart after he felt like he was “being gassed” when he used a CPAP, because of nasal obstruction.

The idea is that Oventus’s device reduces nasal pressure and doesn’t require a sufferer to wear a strap around their head to keep their mouth closed. It’s designed to treat patients where other options have failed.

Oventus banked just over $100,000 in cash receipts for the March quarter, up from $35,000 in the December quarter as the company started selling through the Modern Dental Group.

The company’s shares rose 2.8 per cent on Tuesday morning to 37c, but have been trundling around historic lows.

Mr Anderson says there’s no reason for this to be the case.

“We’re on track to do what we said we’d do and that’s build sales in the second half of this calendar year,” he said.

“Everything is on track.”

The company has hired a sales team in the US as the company seeks to ramp us sales there, via Modern Dental.

Oventus’ shares since it listed in 2016.