Osprey Medical (ASX:OSP) says its heart imaging technology will be made available to healthcare professionals across both Australian and New Zealand for the first time after the Minnesota-based company signed a deal with Regional Health Care Group (RHCG).

The three-year agreement means RHCG will exclusively distribute Osprey’s products in the two countries, the company said.

Osprey produces a medical device called the DyeVert system that allows doctors to precisely control how much X-ray imaging dye they inject into the body of patients undergoing heart imaging scans, allowing them to use less.

Too much dye puts patients at risk of kidney injury, especially patients with kidney disease.

“We are excited to enter this agreement with RHCG which will see the Australian developed technology coming to the Australian and New Zealand markets,” Osprey president and chief executive Mike McCormick said.

“Our technology originates from Australia and it has been a long-held desire to offer it to Australian healthcare professionals.”

The technology was invented by Professor David Kaye, a world-renowned heart failure specialist from Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital and Baker Heart and Diabetes Research Institute.

As previously reported, Osprey received European regulatory approval for its second-generation DyeVert Power XT device in August, and announced a strategic alliance with GE Healthcare in July.