Cannabis Access Clinics is rebranding to distance itself from the stigma of the word “cannabis”.

The new name will be CA Clinics, to “de-emphasise” the marijuana part of the business, says Jason Conroy, chief of MMJ Phytotech (ASX:MMJ) which has backed the fledgling startup with a $1 million investment.

Last week Stockhead reported that doctors were uncomfortable with the fact that Cannabis Access Clinics appeared to be set up to provide access to a single drug, rather than look after all aspects of a patient’s health.

Mr Conroy says he understands doctor concerns, and will have systems in place to make sure people who are trying to “dupe the system” can’t access medical cannabis through the clinics.

He also confirmed that Cannabis Access Clinics chairman Giles Craig had left, as family in the UK and other commitments pulled him away from the business.

They are looking to replace him with a long term CEO in the next month.

Cannabis Access has a clinic in Sydney and one in Melbourne and has been treating patients since April.

As a specialist clinic, they charge $300 for the initial consult and $80-120 for follow-up sessions.

The idea is the clinics will help people who have conditions that fall under the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) special access scheme for medical cannabis, such as chronic pain or epilepsy, to access certified marijuana drugs.

Currently, access to medical cannabis drugs is limited as many doctors remain unconvinced by the limited data available, the amount of paperwork required to get someone on to the special access scheme, and the cost benefit for their patients compared to existing medications.