Special Report: Following news that MGC Pharmaceuticals-formulated cannabinoids might hold the key to treating aggressive brain cancer, the company is already prepping follow-up studies ahead of hopeful in-human trials.

MGC Pharma (ASX:MXC) last week revealed, in a study with Slovenia’s National Institute of Biology and University Medical Centre Ljubljana, that certain cannabinoid formulations can inhibit tumour growth as well as cause cancer cell death.

Glioblastoma is the most aggressive brain cancer and the survival rate is very low — fewer than 5 per cent of patients survive longer than five years. It’s most commonly treated with surgery followed by chemotherapy and radiation, with temozolomide. However, many patients do not respond to temozolomide.

MGC Pharma on Monday provided additional detail outlining the impact of compound cannabinoid formulations, telling investors they were even more effective than single cannabinoid preparations.

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The in vitro (petri dish) study also looked at whether treatment could be personalised.  Research included testing cannabinoid preparations in compositions that can be adjusted to individual patients.

This would mean a patient could receive a targeted treatment plan specific to them, and would aid doctors in assessing whether a patient will respond prior to treatment.

Buoyed by the results which have shown that the company’s intellectual property had an impact in the lab, MGC Pharma is now preparing follow-up laboratory and pre-clinical studies in order to find the best cannabinoid formulation and combination with other treatments.

New studies, for which MGC is creating a cannabinoid compound matrix, will look at the tumour volume and survival rate and guide the company towards eventual Phase II and III in-human trials.

“This research is a major breakthrough for the treatment of tumours with cannabinoid-based compounded formulations and has wider implications on different cancer treatments” Roby Zomer, co-founder and managing director of MGC, said.

“The full research report successfully shows that compounded cannabinoid formulations can have a positive effect on the treatment of glioblastoma, reducing the growth of a tumour cell and killing the cancerous stem cells, superior to single cannabinoid preparation. We are now creating a cannabinoid compound matrix which we can utilise to target a wider range of cancers and significantly advance our R&D capabilities.”

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