• CannEpil App enhances MGC Pharma’s intellectual property and patient treatment experience
  • ‘Patient real-time data allows doctors to monitor patient treatment and dosage’
  • App provides medical professionals with access to International Library of Cannabinoids

MGC Pharmaceuticals (ASX:MXC) has enhanced its intellectual property with the launch of its CannEpil App for patients of its cannabinoid medicine products.

The CannEpil App is available for download from Apple’s App Store and Google Play, and is designed to be used by patients prescribed its CannEpil medicinal cannabis treatment.

The App is designed to record patient responses to medical questions as part of their treatment plan, providing their medical practitioner with real-time responses.

“Data is extremely important in the healthcare industry and is something that is not widely collected or stored at this time within the medicinal cannabis sector,” co-founder and managing director Roby Zomer said.

Dr Nadya Lisovoder, MGC Pharma clinical research officer, said the company was staying ahead of the curve in industry innovation for cannabis-based medical treatments and related technology.

The active collection of medical data through the App will support the personalisation of treatments for individual patients, facilitate research and development for new treatments, and encourage dialogue with the medical community.

“The efficacy data will be evaluated with tools which are validated by regulatory agencies and medical communities,” Lisovoder said.

MGC Pharma’s CannEpil App


App also provides access to International Library of Cannabinoids

Medical professionals can access the International Library of Cannabinoids (ILC) through the App, as part of the company’s continuing collaboration with the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT).

The library is the world’s first centralised platform containing a diverse range of data on the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoid medical treatments, including clinical trial information.

The benefits of the ILC platform were recognised in an academic paper, Automated Gathering and Analysis of Cannabinoids Treatment Data, published in the Journal of Procedia Computer Science.

“The App and the ILC provides the medical community with access to what doctors need the most in order to start adopting and implementing phytocannabinoid treatments into their treatment toolkit: validated patient-based data, collected according to globally recognised standards, available for efficient comparative medical decision making and prescription,” Zomer said.


CannEpil App data allows MGC to tailor products

MGC Pharma will be able to access App data on an anonymous basis to evaluate and report the usage, dosage and efficacy of CannEpil as a treatment.

The data will enable the company to provide comprehensive and transparent information on cannabinoid treatments, driving growth in the industry and enabling MGC Pharma to tailor future products to patient needs.

“In this age of digital health and precision medicine, collecting patient data real-time allows the doctors to monitor treatment and titer dosing as required,” Nitin Mantri, RMIT University associate professor and co-designer of the App and ILC, said.

“It also benefits industry to understand the various outcomes expected from the medicine and use this knowledge to further develop products.”

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