Cancer pain sufferers are a step closer to treatment via a cannabis mouth spray, after research from the University of Sydney validated life sciences company Medlab’s drug delivery platform NanoCelle.

NanoCelle delivers medicine as tiny particles in a spray to the buccal membrane, or the inside lining of the cheek. Its aim is to make it easier to deliver medicine as well as increase the speed and rate of absorption into the bloodstream.

Medlab (ASX:MDC) announced today it had received preliminary results from University of Sydney’s Nano Institute, which conducted the research with Medlab’s cannabis medicines NanaBis and NanaBidial.

NanaBis is intended as a complementary or replacement treatment for opioids in advanced cancer pain. NanaBidial is for cancer-induced nausea and seizures. Both are in clinical trials.

NanaBis is currently available under the TGA Special Access Scheme.

The research “concluded positively” that molecules of the two medicines showed a consistent, uniform pattern in nanoparticle form. NanaBis’ formulation is 1:1 CBD:THC, while NanaBidial is 18:2 CBD:THC.

Medlab (ASX:MDC) shares over the past year.

Dr Sean Hall, Medlab’s CEO, told investors the research was critical as the company furthers its research for accepted and approved pharmaceutical products.

“The NanoCelle platform is designed to bypass traditional routes of delivery such as the gastrointestinal/hepatic, ingested route,” he said.

“These results provide a significant level of confidence in NanoCelle and further confirms specific proposed functions for our cannabis medicines.

“In conjunction with the early positive feedback from doctors prescribing NanaBis under the TGA Special Access Scheme, these results give us great confidence in our NanoCelle research.”

Medlab is not the only ASX-listed company with a spray. Suda (ASX:SUD) cannot be accused of a narrow focus, as it develops sprays for indications as different as viagra and anti-malaria.

Zoono (ASX:ZNO) makes anti-microbial sprays designed to kill germs and treat acne, while Avita Medical (ASX:AVH) is developing spray-on skin for burns and chronic wound victims.