Holista Colltech (ASX:HCT) shares are up more than 30 per cent after the Perth-based natural wellness company announced tests have shown its Path-Away plant-based aerosol is effective against the virus that causes COVID-19.

Tests undertaken in a British laboratory in April had already shown Path-Away was effective against a feline coronavirus that serves as a SARS-CoV-2 surrogate, but these latest tests were performed by a US lab against the actual novel coronavirus.

The tests by Microbac Laboratories showed that Path-Away destroyed 99.9 per cent of the virus on a hard surface within two minutes.

While there’s no shortage of disinfectants that are effective against the virus, Holista Colltech believes this was the first cleaner so proven that is completely natural and all-organic.

“There is a big need for natural and human-friendly disinfectants that can be used frequently and safely without long-term health side effects and while being environmentally safe,” said Dr Roscoe Moore, chairman of the Holista scientific advisory board.

Holista chief executive Dr Rajen Manicka said the company was preparing a submission to the TGA for approval for its products.

Holista is working on bringing to market a nose sanitiser balm and an aerosol disinfectant fogging system.

Just before noon on Monday, Holista shares were up 30 per cent to 9.4c, their highest level since July.