Special Report: HeraMed’s fast-tracked development process has paid dividends as its flagship product nears pilot testing.

Medical technology company HeraMED’s (ASX:HMD) proprietary hybrid maternity care platform, HeraCARE, is now fully functional and poised to begin pilot testing and clinical trials.

The platform is designed to transform the prenatal care market by using patient data to accurately monitor the pregnancy, predict potential scenarios and decrease the number of pre and post-natal complications.

The company is now focusing on initiating pilot projects, beta testing and clinical trials for HeraCARE several months ahead of schedule, following the early completion of the development and initial testing phases.

Full commercial launch of the HeraCARE platform is expected in the first half of fiscal 2020. The platform will be available globally but HeraMED will initially focus on the US, Australia and Germany as regions of strategic importance with significant growth opportunities.

“I am extremely proud of our team who has been working with tremendous diligence, devotion and persistence to deliver a unique, proprietary and clinically-backed platform in record time,” CEO and cofounder David Groberman said.

“We believe this is the first, successful and crucial step in our transition from being a hardware-only offering to a much wider, comprehensive service-based and recurring revenue company.”

Partner feedback crucial

Completion of development of the HeraCARE platform follows the company joining forces with the Mayo Clinic to co-develop a new platform based on the Mayo Clinic’s successful OB Nest project.

OB Nest is a service model that was designed in collaboration with Mayo Clinic Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and the Centre for The Science of Health Care Delivery. The program offers a tailored approach to in-home monitoring of patients leveraging technology and providers expertise.

Groberman says HeraMED has been working closely with medical and professional partners to ensure the HeraCARE platform is developed in line with their exact needs and feedback.

“We have also made a substantial effort to create a flexible and configurable solution which can be seamlessly integrated into all existing IT systems within global healthcare organisations as well as be optimised and localised to adhere to geographic and organisational prenatal care guidelines,” he said.

“We are excited to move to the next monumental stage and start piloting the platform in real world scenarios while increasing our business and commercial focus to initiate deployment of the solution right after that.”

The company will continue to work closely with its professional distribution network to build relationships and integrate with hospitals and healthcare centres globally in order to fully integrate its four-dimensional HeraCARE platform.

World-leading AI-based obstetrics tech

HeraCARE was developed in collaboration with leading healthcare providers around the globe, leveraging years of obstetric research.

The solution further incorporates an AI-powered algorithm and a combination of a digital platform and smart connected devices to assist expecting mothers as well as healthcare professionals to accomplish the triple aim goal of:

  • Cost reduction: optimising pregnancy outcomes, reduction of unscheduled prenatal visits and reduction of pregnancy-related absenteeism and presenteeism
  • Better clinical outcomes: lower rates of prematurity and low birth weight, reducing postpartum depression, fewer caesarean deliveries and improved breastfeeding outcomes.
  • Increased maternal satisfaction throughout the pregnancy, delivery and first months postpartum.

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