Respiri (ASX:RSH), maker of ‘wheezo’, a device that claims to detect wheezing in people diagnosed with asthma, will kick off a trial of its technology in India next month.

In May this year the company announced a joint venture to gain market entry into India, the world’s second-most populous nation, via a partnership with MedAchievers, an Indian integrated platform for global healthcare.

Today, Respiri announced a pre-market use of wheezo involving three large healthcare institutions with more than 4,500 beds, covering north and south India. The company was initially targeting sales of wheezo by October and November, but this has been pushed out.

Commencement of the trial will be the first week of October, with 50 wheezos facilitating clinical acceptance and treatment protocols in the lead up to complete roll out of the product to patients.

Dr Harsha Vardhan, founder of MedAchievers, visited Respiri’s Dandenong manufacturing facility recently, planning for large demand requirements in India and the process of delivering the product. He said India and Australia need to share the most effective possible ways to advance clinical management.

“With Respiri, MedAchievers firmly believes that we will provide an avenue to improved asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease care. Our studies and market entry activities using the Respiri technology and MedAchievers clinical strength are forming a very important partnership which will improve patient lives,” he said.

Mario Gattino, Respiri CEO, said the latest developments put the company in good stead.

“Respiri is pleased with the continued progress and integration with MedAchievers since the May 2019 commencement of the relationship. The clinical entry into the Indian market is a significant milestone for the company,” he said.

Respiri is also planning on obtaining regulatory approval for device sales in the Australian, European and US markets, fortify its manufacturing processes and undertake clinical trials to provide confidence in the performance of the device, and the app, in a number of clinical situations.

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